Reviews of Curaleaf Ware
2.8 (6 reviews)

Nancy M. (Powered By Yelp)
21 Nov 2021

This place has plenty space for social distancing and take the precautions to keep everybody safe. The people are very friendly and prices are reasonable. Give this place a try

Matthew Lovely (Powered By Google)
18 Jun 2021

Prices are absurdly high. I moved from Worcester County where there were many more dispensaries, pricing was much better. Out in Ware these are the only guys in town so they charge as much as they want. It's horrible, I'd rather spend the gas money to go to cheaper dispensaries out of principal.

Kyle Rego (Powered By Google)
05 Sep 2021

Some of the worst I’ve ever seen. Purchased two prerolls. Durban Poison and Lord flower. First wouldn’t smoke or pull. Could not get a single exhale of smoke. Loosely rolled poorly rolled. I stopped before it was finished. Ended up cracking open both prerolls to see why the weed was smoking so poorly. They were filled with weed dust. Not kief. Just the bottom of the barrel. Clearly stems were also in the dust mixture. Very shocked and disappointed that Curaleaf is putting out such bad prerolls and sending them out for wholesale to be sold medically to people across Mass. 0 out of 5 stars. Would not recommend.

Blue Sky View (Powered By Google)
10 Apr 2021

The price was a little high, however not really any different than other dispensaries. But the quality was great, nugs were good size, and scent was as potent as it should be. If you are in the area or close, try it out. Worth every penny

Bryan Boboddy (Powered By Google)
20 May 2021

The staff are nice, door staff are always awesome. Never leave without double checking your order though. This is the second time I received the wrong thing in my order within a few months and the first time it was a big enough difference to call and they can't do returns once you leave the store. Make them double check every time.

Heath Christiansen (Powered By Google)
27 Jul 2021

Almost everything that was displayed I wanted was out. They talked me into getting more than I wanted which would have been OK but what I got was considerably weaker than what was on display. I can get better stuff from my local weed dealer for a better price.

About Curaleaf Ware

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FAQ's of Curaleaf Ware

They take cash and debit.

They take cash and debit.

Must be a debit card

Recreational and Medicinal Cannabis. I go here weekly. Best staff

I'm sorry we been having some technical problems with the phones I I apologize about this ????


Masking is mandatory plastic shields are up between registers. Only a few people are allowed in the store. This store is very Covid friendly. I'm usually the only customer when I visit the store. It is a very safe and friendly environment.

Do you deliver

Monday-Saturday 9am-8pm and Sunday 10am-5pm. For the Ware location

Yes you can pay online before picking up.

Up to an ounce. Or the equivalence in concentrates or edibles.

John, our Ware dispensary is Adult Use only.

No, we are not medical. We are recreational. :)
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Curaleaf Ware

  • 2.8 (6)
  • 124 West Street, Ware, Massachusetts, 1082
  • Monday 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • In-store purchases only