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3.1 (12 reviews)

Don K. (Powered By Yelp)
09 Sep 2021

They no longer do curb side or walk in's. Weed maps says the opposite. Also if u preorder and at all early get ready to wait in the car. I was 20 minutes early for a few tonics only and was told to wait up to 50 minutes and check back. Twenty minutes later after a drive of  6 miles and I checked out at Lazy  River . LWay better selection and cooler staff. They are now my goto.

Gia F. (Powered By Yelp)
25 Jan 2021

Love their covid drive up method.  If you're Paying w/ card you stay in the car and drive up to the upper parking lot, if you're paying cash park in the lower lot and walk up to the store. I NEVER WAIT MORE THAN 5 MINUTES . Can't beat the price of the edibles, definitely recommend the strawberry blonde bar. The girls working inside were super nice and asked me to leave a review since they don't take tips.

Kelly D. (Powered By Yelp)
29 Mar 2021

7 months later and I still love coming here. It is much busier than ever before, but still really convenient. I still love the curbside service and their products are really good, especially horchata. I did have an issue with a product (the carts)  that wasn't full all the way when I opened the package and what was in there disappeared after three hits.  When I asked one of the employees about it during a visit what their policy with defective carts, the employees was super helpful and very nice about it. He assured me next time I had a defective product to call them and bring it back. Great place, great product and great customer service.

Jeff J. (Powered By Yelp)
30 Nov 2021

Better variety of bud, would recommend always paying with cash to avoid processing fees on debit card. Make sure you order online before you go, you should be in and out in 10 min or less

Allison B. (Powered By Yelp)
27 Apr 2021

Check your carts before driving off!!  I had 2 carts that were underweight manager was kind enough to take them to the back to be re weighed agreed they were under weight and gave me new ones so I chalked it up to a one time mistake until I went back Sunday morning and bought another cart... I opened it and it was half empty AGAIN!! At that point it wasn't worth the hassle because it took so long to get fixed last time but I will not be buying anything from them in the near future lesson learned!! For reference the first 2 were the NR Maui Wowie .5g and the one pictured here was the NR Grape Ape .5G

Erich G. (Powered By Yelp)
12 Nov 2021

Online ordering only. Website says open until 8. Raced there from work only to be told they stop talking orders at 7:30. Nowhere on the website does it tell you that. The place had been open for over a year now and you'd think by now they would figure out how to open the doors and let people in. Everyone else has figured it out and some of them are busier than you!

Sara P. (Powered By Yelp)
28 Dec 2021

Man this place was amazing! Showed up and didn't know an online order  was need but Josh hopped right up and placed it for us! Super friendly awesome. Keeping us company was Caroline was also incredible. Super knowledgeable of the area . I'm from out of state and wish I could be back. Amazing thank you guys!!!

Stephen Braswell (Powered By Google)
31 Jul 2021

Quick and easy. Very professional and polite staff. Good prices and a quick stop for Southern NH residents looking to purchase medical grade flower.

Jason Amaral (Powered By Google)
19 Mar 2021

Ya, you can think they are nice an that there products are nice but they skimp you on vaporizers. Be aware of that. Specifically the ones that cost 60$!.

Sneakysnake (Powered By Google)
15 Apr 2021

I love this place so much! Super cool staff really friendly and really helpful. The appointment system is so good I love knowing I get my bag when I need it and they always have variety. Best buds I've smoked in my 12 years of smoking. I'd rather this slightly more expensive bud than street weed where I'm not guaranteed to get anything and I'll never fully know what I buy off the streets. Cool spot definitely a 5 star in my opinion

Local Jedi (Powered By Google)
23 Aug 2021

Hard to get a time slot at night. Low stocked menu with repeat items for months. Regulars treated like anyone else. Used to be better. Some of the employees give me anxiety. Would only go again if options were limited. Bad experience today. Not a good manager.

Asad (Powered By Google)
17 Aug 2021

Easy in and out. Never had problems. Great staff and some of the cheapest, best THC carts I’ve ever found. Only thing I wish is they restock more often, because I love their stuff!

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Recreational Cannabis Dispensary open for curbside pickup. Flower, joints, concentrates, vape, edibles, and more!

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  • 3.1 (12)
  • 420 Middlesex Road, Tyngsboro, Massachusetts, 1879
  • Wednesday 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
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