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4.4 (8 reviews)

Lauren N. (Powered By Yelp)
22 Dec 2017

Not only does this place have absolutely amazing atmosphere with places to sit and relax while you browse the menu but, they provide all the info online and have an online ordering system, they always have water available as well as a wealth of information, products priced incredibly reasonably and a great selection. The thing that makes this dispensary the absolute best place you could ever go is THE STAFF! Flat out. They are so caring and compassionate and empathetic that it's one of the few technically doctor visits I have to go to that I look forward to because they actually make me feel better when I go there. I'm incredibly sick. I have to see lots of doctors so I have to deal with lots of office staff and even though like at most of my doctors I am struggling because I'm dealing with my condition and my body's reactions, unlike at some other doctor's offices, at Arrow I have never once had a single staff member make me feel even like I've inconvenienced them in any way shape or form; even if it's busy or whatever they remain so kind and patient and if they need to help another customer even the way that they ask/imply that doesn't ever come across like they're trying to rush you (which is really important to me). Every single one of them always has a smile and a kind word or something nice to say. Even if I am running late or holding them up or whatever the case may be they never make it an issue or make me feel bad b/c I currently need more one on one time to figure out what's best that week as it changes for me. Plus I have to be incredible limited and careful because I'm so sensitive and they are so much more understanding of that than anywhere else I go! It's unbelievable I honestly would never go anywhere else. Ever. I feel like I hit the dispensary jackpot because someone told me hands down this was the place to go and I wouldn't have normally even given it a chance because there were no reviews for me to know what the experience it would be like and that's incredibly important for my current situation.

Jackstraww 0. (Powered By Yelp)
05 Jun 2020

Love this place. Friendly, knowledgeable staff.No rush, you can browse around. If they don't have exactly what your looking for they'll try to get you something similar, while they check on availability going forward.

Jessica N. (Powered By Yelp)
11 Apr 2018

Love this place and not just because I walk in with cash and legally walk out with great products. Everyone who works there is kind, compassionate, patient, knowledgeable, helpful and professional. I am super glad I picked this place as my dispensary.

Peter J Kopchik (Powered By Google)
03 Jul 2021

I think they got the new system all sorted out because last time I went it took way too long for my order to be ready and then when I got there I was passed by people that had come in after me. This time was in a Tuesday morning and it was ready super quickly.

Sylvia Church (Powered By Google)
05 Aug 2021

I love this place. Everyone is so friendly. Ordering and picking up is definitely easy.

Allyson Lambert (Powered By Google)
23 Jun 2021

This Curaleaf location has the best prices and the best staff. They’re always helpful and want to make sure patients are taken care of. The manager, Telly, is especially kind and cares about the patient experience. Thanks for everything!

Jon OKeefe (Powered By Google)
04 May 2021

This place was amazing when it was Arrow. The pharmacists and staff were above and beyond caring, compassionate and helpful. Now that big ole Curaleaf is running the place none of those things. I've been a patient there for years. Only reason I gave it two stars instead of one is because there are a few of the old staff still there. They remember

Amber Winslow (Powered By Google)
25 May 2021

These people are so kind and patient. Some times they have to handle some very challenging situations and they always handle them so well! Lines could be a tad long sometimes but hey what can you do about that? Hours are pretty decent

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Curaleaf - Milford

  • 4.4 (8)
  • 255 W River St, Milford, Connecticut, 6461
  • Sunday 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
  • In-store purchases only