Reviews of 99 High Tide Cannabis Marijuana Dispensary
4.4 (65 reviews)

Cecilia B. (Powered By Yelp)
06 Jun 2019

Parking isn't so great but their selection is. Not a bad place to hang out if you have to wait to go back--chill waiting room, not like a doctors office. Got that Malibu type price so keep your head on when you come in.

Elijah Z. (Powered By Yelp)
05 Sep 2019

Are used to be an avid customer at high tide but as of recently the service has really plummeted. My las are used to be an avid customer at high tide but as of recently the service has really plummeted. My last Three interactions at this establishment has been quite poor. From walking in the front door, to checking in, to trying to make a transaction, Whole process took around 30 minutes. I am unsure if this is because they are the only location in Malibu which gives them the ability to treat customers this way. I walked out without purchasing anything and plan not to return.

Jody S. (Powered By Yelp)
17 Oct 2019

This is one of my favorite shops in all of Southern California!! The energy that these Angels have created in 99 High Tide is just amazing, it makes me happy and relaxed, just walking thru the doors!! Now that they are rec, they have delivery too, but I'll never use it caused I'd miss the wonderful staff!!Their selection is only the best of the best, and pricing is very reasonable, especially for Malibu!! Highly recommended!

Jayson R. (Powered By Yelp)
28 Aug 2017

Super amazing space!The staff made me comfortable as I looked through all the wonderful products.I love how easy my experience was and I recommend Hightide to anyone who wants a quality medicine perching location. Best in LA hands down!!

Isaac D. (Powered By Yelp)
07 Oct 2020

Yo I drove all the way down from Hollywood (really Texas) thinking that I didn't need to stop anywhere for bud before I got to Malibu. I got a 30 dollar pre roll and even left a f**king tip and it didn't even hit. It was hard to even open and the cashier said that "I'm gonna love it"... well I didn't. In fact I hated it this place is shit. Buy your bud in la. On top of that it's like a 30 min wait. Wrong shop to stay in business during these times... I wish I could give them a no star :)

Mars A. (Powered By Yelp)
12 Feb 2019

Great quality Recently noticed their prices have lowered So now it's a package dream team. The place itself has a very calm and relaxing vibe to it. The workers are very very nice and helpful Been here more than a few times and more coming...

Maggie Y. (Powered By Yelp)
26 Oct 2019

This place has awesome people working here, from the moment you walk into the door they greet you with friendly smiles and ask if they can assist. We love their product selection and knowledge, if you are in the area stop by you won't regret it!

Art M. (Powered By Yelp)
20 Nov 2019

I would have given 5 stars BUT....the so-called mermaids all were either totally stoned or had zero personality. Maybe both. No smiles and no personality. I felt like I was bothering them and they seemed totally uninterested in answering any of my questions. The only friendly people I met who even acknowledged my existence were the guy at the front desk who was very friendly and another guy with shaved head. One of them was named Steve. I'd go back because the shop had a nice selection but the mermaids need to work on their customer service skills. And I was there at noon on a Tuesday and it wasn't busy at all.

Ryan R. (Powered By Yelp)
07 Mar 2020

High prices wax  " batter " garbage . Make you wait super long outside . Dont go here

Emily A. (Powered By Yelp)
18 Dec 2020

I can't say enough good things about this place they're so professional and they can take care of any questions concerns or ailments that you have they are so educated in the product and I love all the particular products that they have I'm so great at sourcing unique and special ones!

Matthew R. (Powered By Yelp)
13 Sep 2017

Place was dope had a good set up People were nice pretty visibleWeed was strong put me to sleep Name was black magic but sure did the trick ... Better deals on 8th is the only complaint but first time is always the best deal recommend checking it out

Juan D. (Powered By Yelp)
13 Feb 2019

Love this shop! Great selection of products. Asia is the best! I come here almost every week to restock. Recommend the select cartridges

Büke B. (Powered By Yelp)
14 Feb 2019

Just the absolute best high vibe nom noms!!! Best in LA 100000% the women are amazing and so knowledgeable. The shop is stunning and it always smells and feels so good.

Margaret C. (Powered By Yelp)
21 Dec 2018

99 High Tide is the best weed store in LA! They are knowledgeable, kind, and so chill. The space is beautiful and serene and feels like home. They have good specials everyday so check it out. You can always find something new to try as well. I love it here!! You mermaids rock!

Helen G. (Powered By Yelp)
02 Aug 2019

Great place! I love coming here :) Asia was super helpful and i got everything i needed! I definitely recommend this plce to anyone who is looking for great weed!!

Adrienne G. (Powered By Yelp)
09 Dec 2018

Amazing products this place has to offer I will def be coming here on a regular I just love the wonderful energy this place has and all of the folks that work here are very knowledgeable and tentative thank you for you guys!!!!

CaroKulraj P. (Powered By Yelp)
16 Feb 2019

My family has been member of this collective for 6 months now and not only do they have an amazingly extensive selection of tinctures at great prices, but they have the best staff around. They are all super knowledgeable and compassionate. There are a lot of options for dispensaries in LA now but I highly recommend 99 High Tide. We come from Redondo Beach every month because they are totally worth the drive!

Zachary E. (Powered By Yelp)
17 Mar 2020

TERRIBLE customer service. They had their hours listed wrong online and I made the trip all the way out to the shop only to be told in a very rude, dismissive way to leave...no apology for the mix-up...nothing...Very poor customer service, especially given that their prices are wayyy higher than other places....Definitely will not be coming back to this place. There are many much better dispensaries out there. Stay away!

Jenna J. (Powered By Yelp)
17 Jun 2019

The High Tide Collective was amazing. It's all great happy vibes inside with super friendly people. I love the style and layout of the "joint" (and dad jokes) which were also provided. The products are great quality, beautifully packaged, and reasonably priced. I really enjoyed the experience and will definitely be back.

Vince C. (Powered By Yelp)
13 Aug 2019

Got caught up in Malibu with no weed and found this spot. Right across from Soho house! My 1st visit, the girls gave me 20% off, which, equaled me leaving the shop with 3 full gram pre-rolls for $22. All quality and great customer service. I recommend!

Charlie F. (Powered By Yelp)
28 Oct 2017

I LOVE THIS PLACE SO MUCH. MY FAVORITE CANABIS HEAVENS DEN!!! Love the people there and love the organic content them display so many choices from flower to salts to soak in every type of pen Everything. I olive to go in right before my cramps come. So once a month big spender;) -olivia

Gregory K. (Powered By Yelp)
18 Feb 2020

found this place after being in the area with the wife and in the random mood of wanting to light something up which doesnt happen often these days. the place is clean the vibe is chill and the gurl who helped us was super kool. their prices aren't bad either considering it is malibu but like most of LA at this point the cost of weed is becoming too high. average 1/8s are the price of illegal street prices in nyc in 2005. shit dont make sense. $65 an 1/8 is od. $40 kool but all dispensaries need to chill out at these rates. not just these guys. probably why I always said Decriminalize and not legalize cause costs would rise and taxes woukd sky rocket whoch is happening. anyway the only reason didnt give 5 stars is the online menu has lack of what they really carry. proces are not listed and 8pm closing is wayyyy to early. but overall good spot fosho n will be back.. and maybe get that 5 stars in.

Veronica S. (Powered By Yelp)
09 Apr 2017

This dispensary is one of the best I've been to in LA, and I've been to many. They take medicinal marijuana very seriously and have introduced me to some new products that have been super effective. Very knowledgeable, fast and friendly. And the quality is top tier. Quality and customer service are too notch. You won't be disappointed.

Mitchell P. (Powered By Yelp)
13 Aug 2017

Stay far away. I live in Malibu and this is a beach weekend tourist trap. The prices are absurd and the weed not even that good. Add insult to injury, they are very disorganized and all over the place anytime you go in, and myself, and anyone else local, only goes in here when we are very very very desperate. So weekenders, have at it. Locals. Steer clear.

Hollywoodguy H. (Powered By Yelp)
04 Dec 2018

Everybody has that go to place in their neighborhood that is worth reviewing or near their neighborhood that is worth reviewing and giving  a high star count to. Then there are the go to destinations those places that are a little farther away but are exceptionally exceptional and this place is a GTD (go to destination) and if the gods are smiling upon you Denlin will help you.

Alastair H. (Powered By Yelp)
15 Oct 2019

Dope spot for the beach, super helpful and beautiful bud tenders. Will be back for sure

Dannt H. (Powered By Yelp)
19 Feb 2019

Really great vibes, employees are chill, dank stuff... They have vegan cbd edibles which are very chill because they make your body feel really relaxed without giving off the psycho active effect of thc. Cbd is good for fighting off diseases and they use organic ingredients that are safe for me which is important for me when making a purchase. They have a variety of products to choose from ranging from wax, flower, concentrate, edibles, topical, and many more. And the waiting room is just amazing vibes. There is real plants on a wall and lights and candles that create and ambiance that makes you feel chill and relaxed. I recommend coming here if you're in Malibu and looking for high quality products!

Whisper R. (Powered By Yelp)
13 May 2018

This is the most high-vibe and high-end a dispensary can be! What can you expect?! This beachside oasis is nestled above a surf shop with elements creating the essence of a mossy, oceanic mermaid tavern. The quality is 'high' in every aspect, and divine healing services are available for your mind, body and soul. I cannot wait for the 99 Hightide Healing Center to open next door! Word is that they will dispense traditional, alternative and advanced technological healing modalities including Crystal Infrared Saunas (with no EMF!), Reiki, Massage, Rife, Sound Healing, Somatic Therapies, EMDR, Hypnosis, and more!

Grace M. (Powered By Yelp)
12 Nov 2016

Almost too precious. If you want the experience of joining a cannabis collective to feel like you're joining a luxury spa this is the spot for you. Browse the books, jewelry, Nag Champa, and Himalayan salt candle merchandise in reception while a handsome polite gentleman in a suit creates your "member profile" Just relax and enjoy the familiar formalism of it all.As others have pointed out, the parking spots are a bit tight but maybe you could focus on something else for a bit? Maybe focus on the fact that cannabis is legal, and be grateful that you're rolling up to the Burke Williams of dispensaries in Malibu. The prices are higher than industry standard prices in LA, but again, you're shopping in The Bu so what did you expect? I probably won't frequent this spot because I live in the city, but if I'm ever in the neighborhood I'll definitely pop in to say hi :)

Angela R. (Powered By Yelp)
28 Feb 2017

Amazing collective! Could double as a boutique spa it's so full of all things healthy and precious! Essential oils, candles, crystals, etc. plus, the decor feels like you just stepped into a Southeast Asian dream! Their greens selection is vast and the gal who helped me was so sweet and friendly! I love this place! They give you a free gift as a new member and have specials going on different days of the week. The prices were very reasonable, especially considering they're in Malibu! Stocked with CBD oils, edibles, keif, joints...you name it! Upstairs, small parking lot and ATM available.

Michael N. (Powered By Yelp)
16 Dec 2018

Love the service love the products love the vibes and love the mermaids who work here. Winning.  Best weed shop in L.A.

Yvette V. (Powered By Yelp)
03 Nov 2017

I have been a member of this Collective since our days on Abbot Kinney they always have the highest quality meds and are knowledgeable and compassionate. Wide variety of everything to choose from and the atmosphere is healing ! I take the trip fromDTLA and it's worth it

Hannah G. (Powered By Yelp)
03 May 2019

So many great choices! Amazing environment and very helpful ladies! One of the most positive experiences I've had in a dispensary! Also great parking lot!!!!

Penny F. (Powered By Yelp)
04 May 2017

Great place to get higher end products. It's my go to especially when the run the deals on holidays. I like that they treat you like a real patient and seem to care about the products they sell. I will def be back

Destiny M. (Powered By Yelp)
02 Jun 2019

This is by far the best dispensary ever great for locals and now for anyone over 21 you are greeted very welcome and the girls know there bud

Terry M. (Powered By Yelp)
22 Feb 2019

Buke is the best and this collective is wonderful. Vibes are great, and I love all the crystals and Incense.

steve m. (Powered By Yelp)
14 Feb 2017

This was my first time here. Actually, my first time in a dispensary.  Yea, as a previous reviewer said, the parking lot is tight. You can park close by though and walk 2 blocks. The doorman was welcoming & efficient. Once inside, the young woman helping me knew the product I needed & checked me out quickly. As a first time visitor, I received a free gift. Are you ready for this? The product I needed is called "Vet CBD." It's to help my 15 year old arthritic dog. It has trace amounts of THC so it's only available in dispensaries. I had to get a medical card to shop for my dog..LOL...As far as the free gift goes (edible sativa cookie) umm, not for the pooch ;-)

Patricia S. (Powered By Yelp)
12 Jun 2018

Great service. No sales push just lots of knowledge they're willing to share. It's a pleasure to shop here.

Lisa D. (Powered By Yelp)
07 Jan 2017

Love this place! They're extremely nice and patient with the patients, well organized, and professional. Parking might be a tad bit of a challenge.

Maria C. (Powered By Yelp)
11 Jul 2017

My colleagues and I came to LA on a business trip and visited this beautiful place. The staff was very kind, attentive, and very knowledgeable. The selection is top notch and loved all the women's products, specially the Rose petal pre rolls! We will definitely return to this location. -- The Ladies of MJ Lifestyle Magazine.

Sadie M. (Powered By Yelp)
10 May 2015

Hippies take forever and pause to take selfies, (not kidding) lady at front desk did this before helping me.  the bud is okay...way too leafy or way too expensive for regular quality. The wait is literally the worst part,  45 min per convo, way too slow please hire real bud tenders. Every dispensary I've been to gives freebies on occasion this one NEVER. SAD.

Michael S. (Powered By Yelp)
17 Sep 2017

I am so grateful this collective exists! They have such a friendly and knowledgeable staff, and the most peaceful, welcoming atmosphere. As a new patient, 99 has helped me so much, and I feel in great hands with them. Thank you, 99!

Damien L. (Powered By Yelp)
04 Oct 2017

Way overpriced, we're talking about weed here let's not make it out to be something that it's not. Parking situation is bad. Worst of all the "security guy" operates in slow motion.  He'll hunt and peck at the computer trying to enter in a new patient for 20 min. before letting returning guests go back.  This happened to me twice. Staff is nice besides him. He should go back to CVS. I'll take my business to the new place down the street.

Margo P. (Powered By Yelp)
17 Dec 2017

Professional, clean, knowledgeable, respectable- all things wanted and appreciated from 99 High Tide! Great people!

Butch W. (Powered By Yelp)
08 Jul 2015

These folks RULE. very helpful and courteous. HIGHly recommend. When I walked in on crutches fresh from my surgery they were so concerned and very very helpful. It was a very classy place that takes CBD and medicinal marijuana very seriously.

Amber A. (Powered By Yelp)
09 Jan 2015

I've driven past this place a few times on my way from a clients house and decided to stop in! I loved the atmosphere and the people were warm and friendly. It is more of a wellness and healing center. They had beautiful dream catchers and jewelry as well as many forms of healing aids!! They are a bit pricy but the quality is awesome grade A!

D.j. C. (Powered By Yelp)
29 Jun 2016

Friends tell me all about it, and haven't failed me. Thanks for the great service and good bud

Holiday H. (Powered By Yelp)
30 Nov 2015

Such a great group of caring people in this Collective. Lovely atmosphere. Good parking. Great medicine in all different forms. I especially love their Urban Apothecary cookies!

Mandyjane J. (Powered By Yelp)
04 Jun 2016

I can tell right away that with they work with cannabis as a powerful form of alternative medicine. From informed cannabis consultants to feeling like you've just met your life long tribe, 99 Hightide is holding up the bar! I care for my mom who has liver cancer and has been able to survive and now thrive with this for 6 years as her main source of pain relief and healing. They have so many options for CBD, THCA in edible form, strains, vape pens and topicals. Hashman Sativa chocolate has been my favorite treat to nibble on when on my cycle. . .  major anti depressant!!

Stephanie L. (Powered By Yelp)
01 Jan 2016

This place is awesome!  The line is often short; everyone is so friendly, from the greeters to the bud tenders.  They have an amazing ambiance with candles, crystals & a private healing room.  The bud tenders are very knowledgable, kind, patient and friendly.  They have a great selection of cbd massage oils and tinctures.  I've enjoyed the flower, pen cartridges, and edibles. This place truly is a healing center, and often offer complimentary reiki, massage, etc.  The prices are actually LESS than many Santa Monica places.

Jonathan A. (Powered By Yelp)
19 Apr 2019

Life is great under the sea. Great interior atmosphere and staff. They got errthang. Play connect four while you're here. Great shop. #mermaidflow

Sam B. (Powered By Yelp)
02 Nov 2021

I have been making the 30 minute trip down from Oxnard to Malibu for years because this is hands down my favorite shop in So Cal. The vibe, the mermaids. the product all exceptional. If you are in Malibu this is the place to visit.

Kayla S. (Powered By Yelp)
19 Jun 2021

Just went to this gem. The girls were super sweet and helped me find exactly what I was looking for and the prices were super decent. Thank you

Linda W. (Powered By Yelp)
17 Sep 2019

I want to deeply Thank the good people of 99 high tide who have really looked out for me and my significant other over the years.As locals/regulars they remember us, as well as our needs and preferences.They are educated about the products they carry and they truly care for the people they serve. Of that much we are convinced!.The raw fiddlers greens tincture in a ratio of 2:1 is so effective as an anti inflammatory, that I took 2 droppers every four hours in lieu of prednisone when I had full blown bronchitis. I had energy and was able to make a Target run & an errand or two before I had to hunker down & heal.It is a game changer for symptoms of my vasculitis and feeling a bit more balanced mentally. (Always a plus with or without a chronic illness!)I'm including a picture of the card that came with a sample of the tincture in my 4/20 bag of 2018.Good info! The ratio can vary for the user's specific needs.We appreciate you good ladies and gentlemen giving a face and a heart to one of the best dispensaries in the story of Malibu. Love & Cheers!

Marc G. (Powered By Yelp)
26 Apr 2019

Clean and zen and everything good about Malibu. Roderick at the front is the perfect introduction to this great, calming space. And Hemsa is so patient and knowledgable. She spent a lot of time with us, and was so great and easy going. They have a small but well curated selection and weekly specials. The lot can be a bit tight, but once you are inside it is all peace and calm.  Just a fun and relaxing experience. Thanks!

Tony O. (Powered By Yelp)
24 Apr 2020

I'm extremely happy with my experiences with 99 High Tide, their staff and, their Mermaids. After decades of reliance on Ambien for sleep, I asked the owner if cannabis can act as an alternative. His honest answer was yes but I'd need to play with the type and dosage to achieve sleep and avoid a hangover the next morning. His knowledgable Mermaids had me try a sample and it worked on the first night. On my next visit they offered another similar product called Sleepy Time. One tiny drop under my tongue, along with dissolving melatonin and hour before I plan on sleep turns out to be the perfect fit for me. My adult stepdaughter has tried the same plan and viola, it works for her too.  Also, during this stressful, CV19 crisis, their protocol is very reassuring. I thank the owners and staff at 99 High Tide for their professionalism!

Benjamin P. (Powered By Yelp)
09 Sep 2021

What can I say.  They are great.  Guys are cool, women are even cooler.  Product is alway top quality.  The even deliver.

John B. (Powered By Yelp)
27 Dec 2020

I was upsold a blunt from this dispensary which did not breathe whatsoever (zero smoke was coming out from how tightly it was packed) and the manager rudely and condescendingly told me I was to blame for not knowing i was supposed to massage the entire blunt top to bottom in order for the filter to work which was news to me and the 20 avid smoker friends I asked this about afterwards.When I asked her why this wasn't disclosedon the package or by the person who sold it to us, she patronized me a valley girl stricken "well I mean it's just kind of like common knowledge by like everyone, so".I was respectfully on board and understanding of her simply doing her job until she dropped this comment.After asking for some kind of compensatory product (for the loss we were upsold) she educated us on the fact that she would be losing a great deal with offering anything beyond a $5 joint from her dispensary on PCH in the heart of humble malibu.A lack of quality in product designed to chill you out should come as no surprise here considering how uptight everyone was.It was truly bewildering to see such attitude coming from a place that specializes in literally selling happy inducing drugs.Customer Service: 0/5Weed: $40 later, I couldn't tell youMalibu Superiority Complex: 12/599HighTide has 99 problems and a _____ was most certainly one~

Thomas P. (Powered By Yelp)
23 Nov 2021

I have been to dispensaries all over Cali, there is nothing like 99 High Tide. The parking is tight but then your experience radically improves. The security guys are always professional, yet friendly. And then the staff- wow! A dynamic group of lovely, soulful budtenders are there to guide each guest through the experience. The ladies are all cannabis connoisseurs that help the customer find what they need. And the selections are tremendous. This is simply the most delightful shopping experience in cannabis.

Shawn M. (Powered By Yelp)
27 Nov 2021

99 High Tide is the best. Excellent quality and great service. Beautiful beachside malibu location.  Their products are top notch. I've been to many collectives. This one is by far the best. Strongly recommend.

Benjamin Elias (Powered By Google)
10 May 2021

Good prices and they have some cool pieces

Claire Reavly (Powered By Google)
09 Nov 2020

Lovely and kind place, the staff are very friendly. One thing people should note is prices listed are often with the Malibu tax included and while their actual flower is kinda pricey you pay only the state tax while else where in LA the sales tax ends up being well over 30%. So I actually found this dispensary pretty cheap especially if you're just picking joints. They're also very LGBT+ friendly too in my experience! Malibu is lucky to have em!

Zach Hix (Powered By Google)
24 Aug 2021

Dispensaries great but there's an awesome girl there named Heather and she hooked me and my friend up 10/10 will come back

Sunday Skincare NYC (Powered By Google)
04 May 2021

Super nice staff. Very kind. My partner and I had the best time. We worked with an incredible woman that really took the time to make our experience fantastic. She even recommended beautiful places to go in the area. Great experience all around.

Chris (Powered By Google)
28 Aug 2021

The shop is really nice but the price and service is not. If overpaying for product is what you're into, this is the spot for you. $80 1/8?? Maybe they getting hi on they own supply with rates like that.

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