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4.4 (5 reviews)

George (Powered By Google)
17 May 2021

Staff is always great and service is always great. However, everything is double the price of even places like Illinois and Michigan. And for stuff that is way lower quality, tastes like a shoe, and the carts always clog before you are half way through. They HAVE to fix their prices to match the extreme low quality, 125$ for a clogging, shoe tasting cart, can’t help but feel like I’m always being taken for a ride.

Etienne Powers (Powered By Google)
15 Apr 2021

I have never shared a more pleasant experience with a more enthusiastic staff before I found Green Goods. They're such good people, and the atmosphere is stigma-less and non-judgmental. My life has improved greatly due to my local cannabis pharmacy. Best thing to happen to duluth yet.

Jim Ranso (Powered By Google)
01 Sep 2021

Excellent experience all around. I've bought 2 refills since switching over from another company, and I must say the potency, duration, etc of this product (for me the oils are all I can speak for) is well worth the cheaper price; to emphasize, amazingly, it's cheaper. The staff are warm, friendly, upbeat, and very knowledgeable about different types of medicine that they sell. They also are keen with knowing their products to dose said medicine, and are very straightforward without all the fluff, just like their products. I have only worked with a few people, one man and two women, on separate occasions. They are courteous, respectful, concise, and genuinely are passionate about what they do. Julie was the name of the lady I was on the phone with and she was kind, an active listener, and helped me quite a bit without having to look at her notes. She knew it right off the top of her head. It was timely, refreshing, and I have been more than satisfied despite the cynical critic that I am, every time. I can't recommend this place enough! The other place (in Hibbing) I went through didn't have any issues really, I just needed something different, but still the same or a higher potency for my complex PTSD and possibly being on the spectrum (undiagnosed on the last bit). It helps with pain, physical and emotional, grief, PTSD symptoms, anxiety, depression, eating struggles, all of it. People try to tell me it's not a "miracle cure" but ya know what? It saved my life and/or sanity a few times, in fact, probably consistently, when I used it legally or not...for 13 years. I'm 31 now. I found it, so thankful that I did, when I was 18. I could calm down for probably the first time. As a caveat, as an honest blunt consumer, to cut to the chase, it's cheaper for more strength in the medicine, to me. I feel I benefit more from the products here, but I don't want people to not get what medicine they need that they can affordably acquire. Here, it's worth the extra gas every two weeks or once a month to drive to Duluth vs Hibbing, nothing against them. You can't argue with savings when it's more potent (maybe not for you, it depends), in my opinion. Cannabis is complicated. This is a simple solution, to me. Don't ever let distance stop you from advocating yourself and getting your medicine. It changed my life when I found a way to make it work. It'll only get cheaper as time goes on, especially since the program is being "re-done" this next spring.

Ashley Elizabeth (Powered By Google)
15 Jul 2021

Super friendly people. Easy to order and purchase. Love them!

Ashley Mancini (Powered By Google)
17 Jul 2021

So over due in this area! Great customer service & very knowledgeable staff! Changing daily life for so many people who were suffering unnecessarily... now, if only the mainstream medical community in this area could be more informed and able to point patients in the right direction at least...

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