Reviews of The Botanist - Egg Harbor Township
3.4 (5 reviews)

amanda milton (Powered By Google)
15 Jul 2021

Love the staff! The selection is pretty good most of the time but not as good as the AC location. It is also very hard to get a time slot for pick up. Other than that, I have been really happy here, haven't had to wait long at all. Very clean!

John Clarke (Powered By Google)
03 Sep 2020

The process time and wait is way too long. Theres not enough staff to handle the volume. After you finally get to the front door , you still have 20 minutes to go.

Kevin Haughey (Powered By Google)
02 Aug 2021

Wow! Very secluded and safe. Super knowledgeable and friendly staff. If it's your first time they will help you every step of the way. Great selection of cannabis. They offer tinctures, lozenges, and vapes. As well as flower and shake.

gcantell (Powered By Google)
28 Aug 2021

I personally love The Botanist. The staff recognizes me every time I walk in (even after stocking up and not shopping for a couple of weeks) and knows what I like. As someone who deals with seizures, I’ve asked many questions about their products and am always given an answer. Thanks to them, I’ve been having less seizures than normal because of what they’ve recommended to me. The Botanist isn’t just for people who smoke, it’s for people who actually are seeking help. I’m so glad that they’ve shown me what they have in order to help me!

Mick916 (Powered By Google)
24 Aug 2020

Make your menu match with what you have in stock as you only seem to have shake lately anyways

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I think maybe your used to the nitrogen stuffed trash that Bellmawr sells. Excess N leads to leafy buds and has shown, when vaporized, to release ammonia. The flower at CCF is legit. It's cultivated properly and manicured properly. So the terps are probably something new to you since Bellmawr doesn't take the time to develop terps.