Why Didn't I Get High My First Time Smoking Weed? Facts, and Info

Why Didn't I Get High My First Time Smoking Weed? TELL ME

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Published On 25-10-2021

First Time Smoking Weed: Why Didn't I Get High?

Marijuana works differently in different people. While some people are sensitive to it, others are tolerant to even the most potent strains. It often depends on your genetics and biology, but these are not the only reasons some people don't get high.

Some of the common factors that can affect this are tolerance, weed quality, and the right mind. Let's dive into some of these issues.

You are a beginner - First-timers often have a difficult time getting high. Many users have to try three or four times before they feel high. If you are new to the scene, don't give up and keep trying. You'll eventually experience a great feeling.

Give the process some time. Keep calm, and don't rush it. Maybe your body's cannabinoid receptors are not accustomed to external cannabinoids. These receptors take time before becoming active.

You might also be too anxious, preventing your mind from absorbing the fun experience. Relax your mind and body and adjust to the atmosphere.

  • Improperly inhaling the smoke.

Properly inhaling the smoke is a must, or else you will not experience any effects. While you might feel uncomfortable if you are a beginner, you'll start to feel better soon.

Begin by doing small hits. You might not be able to handle the high with bigger hits. Moreover, make sure to lead the smoke to your lungs and not your stomach. If it goes to your stomach, then it will start to hurt.

Many people believe that holding the smoke to get a better high is necessary, but this is completely baseless. Just exhale after the smoke hits your lungs. Keeping it in will not do you any good.

  • Poor quality weed

Weed quality plays a significant role in this aspect. You have to use a lot of low-quality weed to get high. So, instead of consuming more, try investing in good-quality weed. Not only will this help you get high, but it will also save you some money.

That said, finding good-quality weed is not always easy. The cannabis market is filled with all kinds of strains, so choosing the best for you can be daunting. If you are a beginner, try to seek the help of someone with experience. If this isn't an option, then it is crucial to do some basic research first.

For instance, consider the seeds in cannabis. If the marijuana you bought has a lot of seeds, then it is low quality. A few seeds here and there won't make a difference, but too many will ruin its quality.

See if the weed you are choosing is sticky. If the cannabis sticks to your finger, then go for it. A high resin content — that which gives it the sticky texture — is a very good sign.

Another important thing to check is the smell. Break the bud and smell it. If it gives off a strong and pungent smell instead of a moldy odor, then it is good quality cannabis that is sure to give you a strong high.

  • The cannabis is not potent enough

Make sure to check the THC levels of the weed you are buying. Low levels of THC mean less potent cannabis, leading to a weaker high.

If the state you reside in has a zero-tolerance policy, then you might have to resort to buying cannabis in black markets. It is almost impossible to get good quality cannabis from these places since the sellers only think about their profits.

They are likely to hand you a simple CBD flower instead of a spectrum cannabis flower. You cannot expect to get high from CBD products. Contact an expert who has a reputation for selling good quality and potent marijuana.

  • Incorrect consumption method

There are many ways to consume marijuana, from pipes and bongs to blunts and joints. Not to mention, edibles and vaporizers are quite popular these days.

To begin your journey, try smoking joints since they are a very effective way of getting high. If they are not working for you, however, go for edibles or pipes.

Changing the way you consume cannabis can help you get high. Keep experimenting until you find the consumption method that works best for you.

  • Extremely high tolerance

Developing an extreme tolerance is one of the most common reasons behind not getting high. This is only an issue that regular users might face. The more they consume marijuana, the more their tolerance will increase.

You might have become too tolerant to react to cannabis anymore. If you are facing this issue, then the best solution is to take a break from smoking.

Alternatively, the problem might lie in something called strain tolerance. Consuming the same strain for too long gets you used to it. Try switching to another strain entirely and see if you can get high again.

Whether you choose to stop smoking for a while or change strains, lowering your tolerance will help you get a better high next time.

  • An active medical condition

Having an active medical condition could be one of the reasons why you're not getting high. Although marijuana helps treat a few medical conditions, some disorders can prevent you from feeling its effects.

A study on the pregnenolone hormone found that this hormone works like a THC blocker. So, if your body is producing high amounts of pregnenolone, you won't feel high even after smoking potent joints.

If nothing else on this list has worked, even after checking your pregnenolone levels, then it is best to consult with a doctor.


What can I do with old weed?

If you don't want to throw your old weed, some of the best ways of reusing it are by making edibles or utilizing the weed for your vapes.

Is indica useful for increasing your body's dopamine levels?

Yes, indica has been known to boost your dopamine levels, stimulating the pleasure and reward centers of the brain.