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Published On 18-10-2021

Ways To Get Rid of Cannabis Smell and Smoke Odor From My Car

Ways To Get Rid of Cannabis Smell and Smoke Odor From My Car

How to get rid of the cannabis smell odor from the car?

Cannabis consumption has a tempting feeling and a strong smell, but you should never forget that consumption of Cannabis inside any vehicle is illegal. But you may fall into various situations where you don't have any other option rather than having it inside your car. This situation can be precarious because if you're smoking on that strong super LOUD, getting the smell out of your car can be challenging. You can try storing the Cannabis in an air-tight container that will reduce its strong fragrance it, and then you can consume it. You can also keep the windows down for a while and can get rid of them; this can help you get rid of the weed smell from a car.

Masking Bouquet

Masking fragrances help to cover the foul odors. It has properties that only cover the smell but don't assure a permanent getaway. Marijuana has a powerful scent that can be covered temporarily by masking fragrances. You can try various masking spays from the retail shop, or you can make your spray at home by mixing essential oils with water.

Masking fragrance does not stay for a long time. It lasts for about 4-6 hours but needs to be applied daily to get rid of the smell.

Odor Absorbers

Activated Charcoal is the best thing you can use as an odor absorber. Activated Charcoal helps get rid of smells like pet odors, cooking odors, garbage odors, and also helps in Cannabis smells. Charcoal or carbon filters are frequently used at dispensaries to keep odor to a minimum level. They contain a negative charge which helps it to attract dissolved gasses and toxins towards its surface.

The activated Charcoal itself does not contain any smell but helps prevent the formation of mold and bacteria inside your cars. This removes allergens and harmful pollutants from your car. These are eco-friendly and are very affordable in price.

Baking soda, Vinegar, and Vodka are also considered the best odor absorber. Baking Soda is something you can easily find at your home. Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate is an excellent odor absorber. All you need to do is sprinkle on the seats and carpets, wait for 10-15 minutes, and clean the area. You will notice an instant change in the smell of the car.

Vinegar and vodka together can be a great odor remover. All you need to do is mix both of them, measure one cup each, add water, pour it in a spray bottle, and directly use it in the car to get the best results.

Odor Eliminators

Odor Eliminator is a bit time-consuming method to get rid of the bad smell from the car. Ozium Air Sanitizer and Stash boxes are very good and productive odor eliminators. Ozium attracts airborne bacteria with the help of chemicals like trimethylene glycol and propylene glycol. It not only removes the bacteria and the odor but also reduces pollution and purifies the air.

This needs a long period, so it is recommended to wait hours after applying this eliminator or use it at night when you don't need the car.

Vape that Smell

You can consume various vaporizers available in the market. The vaporizers do not create any foul odor in the car and are much healthier than inhaling joints. If you are a daily smoker and want to get rid of the foul smell then this is the best way you can try.

Ozone Generator

Ozone Generator is a device that takes out the blunt smell. This creates an Ozone gas layer which is highly dangerous for you to consume, so it is better if you do not stay in the car while this generator is plugged in the car. This ozone generator works according to the amount of smell your car is affected.

Pet Odor Removers

Pet odor removers can remove any smell from the car, including smoking. Many Companies produce these removers and are not very costly. These odor removers come in powder format and can be used with ease. But this contains some toxic elements that can be harmful to you and your friends and family, so don't forget to clean the car thoroughly after applying this.

Home Remedies

The Coffee powder works like magic to remove any odor from your car and effectively removes the cannabis smell. All you need to do is sprinkle some ground coffee in the car, give time so that it sits properly, and then clean it. Coffee has a strong fragrance, just like Cannabis, so it works incredibly over the Cannabis odor.


  1. How do I get the cigarette smell out of my car?

Getting rid of cigarette smell is the easiest way. You can use white vinegar that works as an excellent defense against cigarette smoke. Other valuable means like baking soda or car freshener will help you get rid of this problem and allow your car to be fresh.

How do I get rid of the hotbox smell?

You can get rid of the hotbox smell by using different kinds of deodorants and car fresheners. You can also keep your car's windows open to circulate the smell. Many products are available in the market like Febreze that most people usually prefer to get rid of from any smell.

What kills the smell of the smoke?

White vinegar, activated charcoal, baking soda is some effective products that will kill the smell of smoke in your car. Not only this, it will kill all the bacteria and toxins, and pollutants present in your car and make your car feel fresh with nice fragments. You can also go for ground coffee to remove any kind of smell or odor.

How long does the smell last when you hotbox a car?

There are various elements available in the market that provides quick results and are highly effective. Hotbox smells can last for hours, but you can get rid of them faster if you use productive measures. You can use febreeze or airing out or any home remedies and leave it for 10 minutes. You can feel the smell gets fade away from your care.

What is the best odor eliminator for Cars?

You will find many odor eliminators for your car at affordable prices. Some of them are

  • Armor All Fogger Rapid Odor Elimator
  • Car Air Freshener
  • Activated Charcoal Air-purifying Bag.
  • Smoke odor Eliminator.
  • Odor Removing Gel

You can avail of this from the online market or any retail shop. You can also go for home remedies.

Will cigarette smell go away from a car?

The Cigarette does not have a dark smell so it is easy to get off this smell. You can check online and find several items that will help you get rid of these smells. These smells do not stay for a long time.


Maintaining a sober car is very important as it can tell your personality. It would help if you always went for the best and affirmative techniques to remove the cannabis stank. The ultimate way of avoiding a weed-smelling car is not to smoke in the car or at least exhales at the rolled-down windows. If you just have to get high in the car, the most efficient way of preventing unwanted odors is simply by purchasing a vaporizer. If that's not an option, afford odor neutralizing spray. If neither the vaporizer nor the odor-neutralizing spray is an option, go with the other methods above. Also, consider that weed itself smells quite a bit, so keep that in mind. Enjoy your ride, and keep it fresh. And be safe while you drive.