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Thorough Guide to Indica Strains

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Published On 20-01-2022

Cannabis products that you can find in most nearby Marijuana dispensaries are categorized into three different types. Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid are all Marijuana strains that provide different effects to their users. Among them, Indica is commonly associated by many people to being 'high' or 'stoned.'

You can find out if a plant is Indica dominant through how it looks. Its leaves are thicker and have a leathery texture. Also, they are bushy and will grow at a faster rate than other Marijuana strains like Sativa for example. Then you can also look if the plant has a darker color. It is a major characteristic of an Indica dominant Marijuana plant if it is darker compared to Sativa dominant ones. Sativa dominant plants are also commonly taller than Indicas and possibly have double the height.

Even though most Indica strains will get you to that sensation, not all of Indica strain products will be doing the same. Indica strains are not only for recreational purposes and have a potent medicinal value. In this article, you will find most of the known information about Indica strains, how they can be beneficial and harmful, where they came from, how they are discovered, and more. Be sure to read until the end so you are well-informed about anything Indica strains- related.

All Known Indica Strain Effects and Side Effects

Some Cannabis users will prefer Indica strains whenever they want to feel relaxed and feel happier. They are the most commonly known effects of the strain. However, there are other effects that you have to know about. Sedation can immediately take effect after using Indica. It means that you might get sleepy after consuming one. Also, they are mixed or included in pain relieving oils, lotions, and more because of its pain relieving properties.

It can also be used by people who experience anxiety often. Many Indica users said that the anxiety that they have experienced before was almost gone after a few uses. And then there's the Euphoria, which is almost expected if you are using any Cannabis products. For people who don't know, Euphoria is an intense feeling of happiness and excitement one can experience. It can come to a person naturally or can be induced by products like Indica kush or anything related.

It is great to see how Indica truly helps a lot for some individuals. However, there are also side effects of continuous use of Indica strain products. First, depending on the person, Indica also increases one's appetite. It is advantageous for individuals who need help with their low appetite. But if you don't have any appetite problems, you should be aware of this effect. It can cause your weight to increase rapidly if you are not careful. Also, it is one of the reasons why Indica is regulated more in some places.

You might have known about the anxiety treating effect of Indica, but some users have experienced paranoia and more anxiety with continuous usage. Not only that, some have even experienced mild palpitations due to increased heart rate. All of the side effects when consuming high THC products are all present in Indica like redness of eyes, dryness of mouth, being off-balanced, and more.

Still, it is important to note that every Indica user's body will react differently when consuming Indica products. If you want to try Indica, you should consult with experts first and then start from small amounts.

Finding the Correct Indica Strains for You

There are factors that you have to consider first like THC and CBD levels of Indica before making a purchase. Different levels of both THC and CBD result in many different effects on the body. There are also proper ratios between them and this is strictly observed by Indica product manufacturers. That's why there are guides you can find in stores or the internet about it. It is a safer choice to go and consult with some experts from a dispensary or maybe someone you know who is knowledgeable about Indica. Or you may try Indica strain samples and see the most suitable kind. Still, this section can provide you some helpful ideas in choosing Indica strains.

Mild Indica Strains

The mild Indica strains are the ones which are recommended for beginners. Sometimes, they can be slightly more Sativa dominant as well. Around 15% THC levels are the Indica strains that you can find as balanced.

Argyle is perfect for first timers because it has low levels of THC and CBD. The body will still have to adjust to the sensation for a bit, so introducing small amounts is the way to go. The THC level of Argyle is approximately 7% and CBD is 8%. For beginners, they might experience slight dizziness after use, and note that it is completely fine and normal. A few minutes and they will know and experience the calming effect of the strain.

It is an Indica dominant strain that is said to be balanced. The THC levels and CBD levels of this strain is near the 1:1 ratio. Its THC content is somewhere between 8 to 15 percent while the CBD is approximately 12%. And since it is an Indica dominant strain, stronger sensations might be experienced by some first time Indica users.

Strongest Indica Strains

These are the dominant Indica strains that you can find in stores and dispensaries. There are many of these kinds and only few and popular strains will be included in the examples. Generally any Indica strains with 20% THC are considered to be in the stronger category. And it is rarely recommended for beginners.

The Purple Kush can be easily found in many Cannabis stores. It is one of the purest Indica that you can find today. Also, the origins of this strain is from mixing Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani. The more potent a strain is, the faster it can take effect on its user. The Purple Kush will give you instant euphoria which is perfect for reducing high-stress levels. The effect can also be felt in your entire body as a sort of therapeutic sensation. Some Insomniac users have also used Purple Kush to aid them from it and the effects were as expected. Also, you don't have to consume a lot if you only want it to help get some sleep fast.

Another Indica strain with a high Indica content percentage. It is a popular Indica strain not only because of its catchy name, but also the strong immediate effects that it provides. Similar to most Indica strains, it has a sedative effect on the body. Users describe the effect starting particularly behind their eyes and then goes to most, if not all parts of the body. It is not surprising how strong the effect is because Grease Monkey is 70% Indica, which is in the higher range of Indica concentration. The THC level is approximately 27% and numbers that reach those percentages are more than enough to get someone high.

Skywalker and OG are different kush that when crossed, it will result in this particular Indica strain. Compared to the previous strain, it is 85% Indica, which is closer to being a pure one. However, it has a lower THC level, approximately 25%. If you want a fully relaxed state with a unique experience, you can try this strain. Some individuals only use it for its medicinal properties. The most common usage of Skywalker OG as treatment is for reducing depression and stress.

There are more kinds of strong Indica strains and there are only three of them mentioned above. It is important to note that the effects of strong Indica strains are almost similar to each other. The different flavors of each and the specific sensations are the ones which are the most sought after by Cannabis users.

Key Takeaway

Indica strains are known to be potent and have a lot of medicinal value as well. However, these kinds of substances should be used moderately and are not to be abused. You have to also make sure that the place where you are consuming the strains are legal so you can avoid trouble while enjoying your session. With that said, you should use your knowledge carefully and try to educate others about the benefits of Indica strains.