How Much Weed Edibles Do I Eat? The Secret to Dosing Edibles

The Secret to Dosing Your Edibles

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Published On 20-01-2022

Many cannabis users have started making edibles at home after discovering that it's quite easy to infuse cannabis into your treats. Now the most asked question up to this day when making homemade edibles is: "How do I dose these edibles?" It's a very difficult question, as everyones body is different. Be sure to visit your nearby dispensary and speak with a budtender for their advice.

Edibles you buy at your local dispensary already have the THC content printed on the label; that's not the case when making your edibles at home. Before you start making your edibles, it's important to know the THC content going into them to fit your tolerance. You wouldn't want an edible that gives no effect, and you certainly would not want to go overboard. Achieving the right potency is key. Knowing the exact THC content is a difficult process requiring your cannabis to undergo lab testing. We know you don't have the time for that, and while it's hard to get the exact percentage, we're here to help you get a rough estimate. So let's get you started.

The Formula to Knowing Your Dose

Math can be pretty challenging, especially if you don't have a guide to help you out. With this formula, you'll be able to have a rough estimate of how many milligrams of THC is in your edibles. All you'll have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Figure out the average THC percentage of your cannabis. When going to your local dispensary, they'll have the average THC percentage listed on the label. Low-quality weed can have around 3 percent THC content, while higher quality ones pack up to 25 percent and more.
  2. Multiply your weed's THCA percentage by 10. Let's say that the THC percentage of the weed you'll be using for your edible is 10%; multiply it by 10 to find out the mg/g amount of THCA. The equation will look like this: 10% THCA x 10 = 100mg of THCA per gram of cannabis.
  3. Multiply your answer from step two by 0.877. 0.877 is constant and is the conversion rate of THCA to THC. With the answer from step two, your equation will look like this: 100mg of THCA x 0.877 = 87.77 mg, which means there's 87.7mg of THC per gram in your cannabis.

Therefore, with the formula used above, one gram of 10% cannabis has a THC amount of 87.7mg. Now, let's say before activating your cannabis, it already has 0.2% THC, then you'll have to include that into the equation. Here are the steps to do that:

  1. Multiply the THC percentage by 10. Your equation should look like this: 0.2% THC x 10 = 2mg
  2. Add your answer from step one to 87.7mg. Your equation will look like this: 2mg + 87.7mg = 89.7mg. Meaning that per gram of cannabis, you'll have 89.7mg of THC.
  3. Divide your answer from step 2 by the number of servings. Doing this will give the dose per serving. For example, you made homemade cannabutter using 1 cup of cannabis (about 7 grams) and a cup of traditional butter. Your equation will look like this: 7 x 89.7 = 627.9mg. Therefore, your cannabutter has 627.9mg of THC.

Now, let's say you've decided to make a batch of cookies (24 pieces), and you used half the cup of butter; the batch you made will contain around 313.95mg of THC. If you'd like to get how much THC is in each serving, all you have to do is divide 313.95 by the number of servings, in this case, 24, which leaves you with 13mg of THC per cookie.

The Tips and Tricks to Homemade Edibles

Having a few tricks up your sleeve won't hurt! Making edibles at home means that you'll undergo several trials and errors until you master the art of making homemade edibles. These dos and don'ts will be, without a doubt, beneficial throughout your edible-making journey!

The Dos

  • Always test the potency of your cannabutter. There's no specific way to make cannabutter; the potency always depends on the strain and THC levels of the weed you used to infuse into the butter.
  • Tweaking is good. If you find that the edible you're making doesn't have enough THC, go ahead and add some more. If the recipe you made seems too potent for you, add some traditional butter or oil to balance it out.
  • Stir, stir, and stir. Need we explain more? When it comes to incorporating cannabis into your edibles, wouldn't you like to have it distributed evenly? We hope so.

The Don'ts

  • Avoid turning your weed into powder. When it comes to making cannabutter, you'd only want it to have the subtle taste of weed, not too overpowering. Grinding your cannabis into a coarse consistency is the way to get some balanced cannabutter.
  • Avoid using cannabis straight out of the pack. There's a reason why weed is smoked; you know that, right? Heating up cannabis activates it, giving it the effects of smoking it. If you don't activate it before throwing it into your recipe, there isn't any point in adding cannabis at all.
  • Avoid adding too much cannabis. Adding too much cannabis than needed doesn't make a difference since. You'd only end up wasting the extra cannabis you could've used differently.

Making homemade edibles is rewarding and fun, but we always have to think about our tolerance like every other way we choose to use cannabis. This article and all of our other articles are sure to guide you to make the most out of the weed you have.