How You Can Pass a Saliva Drug Test? 3 Ways To Pass a Saliva Drug Test

How You Can Pass a Saliva Drug Test? Ways To Pass a Saliva Drug Test

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Published On 25-10-2021

How You Can Pass a Saliva Drug Test

Passing a saliva drug test is not too difficult. Even if you are a regular drug consumer and your body is filled with drugs, getting a negative result is easy. If you are panicking about an upcoming drug test, you can use methods to pass it easily.

Oral drug tests are effective in detecting the recent use of THC. Many companies need their employees to go through mouth swab drug tests. It is quite normal to feel anxiety and stress before taking the test. If you are someone who enjoys cannabis, then chances are you will get a positive result.

Although cannabis became legal in several countries, many people were seen consuming cannabis in the workplace, so they banned its use anyways. Within a few years, saliva tests became prevalent. Nowadays, thanks to advancements in technologies, you can get immediate results from a test.

A drug test doesn't differentiate between recreational and medicinal purposes, so you have to pass it regardless. To do so, you need to clear out THC from your system.

What is a saliva drug test?

A saliva drug test is not like a cotton swab test. Experts do not use a cotton bud in your mouth but a soft sponge stick or a special pen with a soft swab in its end. A small amount of your saliva is then collected.

The experts are trained to collect the saliva sample from your gum line and tongue. These locations store the lingering drug metabolites. The collected swab sample is then stored in a container, pressed against a panel. Alternatively, the swab can analyze the sample by itself.

In any case, you will get your results pretty quickly. The swab test is a panel test, just like a urine test. Therefore, if you want to take a saliva drug test yourself, you will find many drug test kits in dispensaries, similar to the experts' ones.

Anyone can take a saliva drug test, and the results are ready within thirty seconds. Moreover, the test can be done anywhere, so avoiding it might not be an option.

Detection times

Although the saliva test is quite effective, it is important to understand that drug metabolites do not stay in your saliva for long. When smoking cannabis, the active ingredients that get you high convert into metabolites. They stay in your bloodstream and work their way out of your body through the bowels and bladder.

Detection times vary depending on how long THC has been in your saliva. As an aside, they also vary depending on the drug. For example, cocaine lingers several hours, while marijuana remains for up to 36 hours. Heroin and amphetamines remain for 48 to 72 hours, respectively.

So, if it's been six to seven days since you used cannabis, you will surely pass the test. But if you are a chronic user, then probably not. The more metabolites in your body, the longer your body will need to cleanse itself. So if you are a daily weed smoker, the THC will have been building up for some time.

Ways to pass the saliva drug test

There are a few useful and cost-effective strategies that can help you clear a saliva drug test, even if you are a regular weed smoker. Here are a few methods to consider.

Cleaning your mouth - If you are not a regular smoker, you might not face many issues. Just use a cleansing method before the saliva test.

Note that cleansing your mouth works only if you are a light user. If you are a regular smoker, you'll have to avoid consuming cannabis for a few weeks before taking the test.

Brush your teeth three to four times a day, focusing on your gum line. Practice mouth washing and increase cleansing times to get rid of the metabolites.

Another effective method that you can try is consuming fatty meals for at least a couple of days before the test. Since THC binds to fat, this might help you flush it out of your mouth.

  • Avoid smoking for a week

A good break is the best solution to pass the test. Some experts believe that 24 hours is enough, but if you want to guarantee that you won't get caught, avoid consuming cannabis for at least a week. However, keep in mind that everyone is different, so results may vary.

For example, if you are a heavy user, you have to wait more than seven days before taking the test. If taking a break from smoking doesn't sound too appealing, then try doing edibles instead.

  • Opt for a specialist mouthwash

There are various special saliva neutralizing mouthwashes. They come in small and discreet containers, so you can carry them around with you. If you have to go through a sudden drug test, then you can try using the mouthwash. In a worst-case scenario where you can't spit it out, then swallow it.

No matter how many metabolites were in your system, you should be able to pass the test after using the mouthwash. The specialist mouthwashes are specially curated to remove any traces of THC in your saliva.

However, note that you might not be able to use the mouthwash if you don't have access to a private environment, like a bathroom. Using it in an open space increases the chances of being seen.

  • Saliva detox gums are useful

This is undoubtedly one of the best and most subtle ways of passing a saliva drug test. Saliva neutralizing gums work like detox mouthwashes, getting rid of the THC in your mouth within thirty minutes.

However, keep in mind that saliva detox gums are a specialist product, so they are quite pricey. There are many available options in the market, so make sure to invest in a potent and renowned brand that sells quality products. Otherwise, you might not be able to clear the saliva drug test.


For how long does THC remain in your saliva?

Marijuana metabolites, or THC, stay in your saliva for almost 24 hours. However, the average detection time for THC is six to twelve hours after usage. As an aside, note that drug tests are not used for detecting cannabinoid oil (CBD).

Are saliva drug tests accurate?

Saliva drug tests are quite dependable. Moreover, the professionals always use saliva drug test kits specially designed for candidate screening. These are much more accurate than home kits.

How can you produce saliva for an oral drug test?

Experts use various oral fluid devices that encourage saliva flow. These are useful for those who have dry mouths. It also expedites the oral test turnaround time.