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Published On 05-09-2021

How Do I Roll a Joint? | Learn How To Roll a Joint Easily

How To Roll a Joint? | How Do I Roll a Joint?

Have you ever tried to roll a joint and failed miserably? You're not alone. You might have often seen some experienced smokers rolling the dried cannabis leaves into a paper and then making some twists and boom! A perfectly rolled the???

This activity is called 'rolling a joint, and it's by far the most popular and casual way of consuming cannabis. The reason why people call it a "joint" is still unknown. Some say it's called a joint because the dried leaves are rolled in paper, and both sides are joined. There are few steps to roll a joint that ensures a nice smoke, let's get into it!

What products do you need before rolling a joint?

Before rolling a joint, you will first need cannabis of your choice and a handful of rolling papers. The rolling papers are readily available in the market.

You will also need a crutch to be used as a filter at the beginning of the joint where the mouth hits it. You may need a cannabis grinder to grind the weed from the leaves. However, experienced smokers grind the nugs with their fingers and crush the cannabis by hand.

Grind the cannabis; this is the first step of rolling a joint. The cannabis has to be dried well so that they crush easily. A cannabis grinder is easily available in the local market or dispensary if cannabis is legal in your country. If you do not have a grinder, use scissors to crush the cannabis. Sometimes, delicate mashing with fingertips also helps in crushing the cannabis.

  • Make a crutch

A crutch is something that acts almost like a mouthpiece for a joint. Many filter papers come with a crutch but you can always make them at home. A crutch is necessary as it prevents your lip from burning leaves. If your filter paper does not come with a crutch, you can easily make it at home using some cardboard pieces or business cards. Just cut it in a small circle and place it at the end. Cigarettes come with a crutch at the end which acts as a hard substance.

  • Add the cannabis

Now that the crutch has been made, it's time to put the crushed cannabis into the rolling paper. Pouring 1-1.5 grams of cannabis at a time in a rolling paper is standard. Overloading the rolling paper will push the cannabis out and lead to wastage. Tuck all the contents inside and roll the paper gently.


  • If you are new to rolling a joint, try placing the rolling paper on a plane surface and then pour the contents. Expert ones can do it without a plane surface.
  • Rolling papers come in many varieties and flavors. Usually, the experienced ones prefer hemp paper as it is light and easy to roll. It also burns for a longer time.
  • If you are a first-time buyer of rolling paper, do some research or visit the shop with an experienced one.
  • Roll the joint

Now it is time to do the essential part of rolling a joint, actually rolling the joint!. After grinding the weed and pouring the cannabis into the joint paper, you slowly roll each side of the joint paper. The crutch will help keep the round shape. The rolling paper itself comes with a little bit of edible glue at one side of the paper, and you need to lick this side when sealing the joint. People prefer licking the glued end as it will help in securing the joint properly.

  • Pack the end of the tube

It is important to tap the end of the joint so that the cannabis is distributed evenly inside. This also prevents an unequal burning of the cannabis joint. Just twist the end, tap it, and you are ready for a good smoke, you joint-rolling pro!

  • Rolling Blunt From a Cigar
  • Take a cigar and lick one of its horizontal sides to make it wet. Now gently use a scissor or a small knife to cut it. Make sure that the cigar wrapper is intact.
  • Use the innermost layer of the cigar so that you get less nicotine.
  • Fold the wrapper down the center to get an even space and spread the cannabis into it.
  • Do not pour very little quantity of cannabis into the cigar body as it can collapse. Try pouring a generous amount into it and wrap it by licking.
  • After the rolling is done, the blunt has to be baked under a flame. Now the cigar is secured with cannabis, and you can smoke.

These were the basics of rolling a joint. However, there are many other ways to the role of a joint into different shapes.

L shaped joints

These joints are made when two rolling papers are placed, one horizontally and one vertically to resemble the L shape. This is good for a large audience. However, be extra careful while rolling an L joint as it is very fragile and tends to break.

Tulip Joint

As the name suggests, a tulip joint resembles a tulip flower. Three rolling papers are needed to prepare the shape of it. One rolling paper filled with marijuana is made into the stem of the tulip, and the other two papers are rolled to create its body. It is just like making a cone with it.

Pro tips for rolling a joint

  • Do not roll the joint too tightly or too lightly as it may tend to break. Try watching your friends roll joints (who know how to roll joints) before learning how to roll a joint yourself.
  • A cone-shaped joint burns better than a straight joint. However, rolling a cone-shaped one is a little tricky.
  • Rolling a joint is an art, and the more you do, the better you'll get at it. Learning how to roll a joint doesn't happen on your first try!

Dont's Joint's

  • Always avoid the temptation of smoking a joint and driving. Even if your country has legalized cannabis, you must smoke at home.
  • Do not consume large quantities at a time.

Frequently asked questions on how to roll a joint

The internet is overwhelmed with questions on how to roll a joint. We have picked some of the most critical questions about rolling a joint.

a.What is the Easiest Way To Roll a Joint?

How to easily roll a joint is by far the most asked question. Rolling a joint comes with the basic steps. First, you need to grab cannabis from a local vendor, crush it using a cannabis crusher, or pour it in a rolling paper and roll it using your hand. Remember to secure the ends of the paper using glue in the paper or lick the ends. Twist it and tap it, and you are ready.

2 Do I need tobacco in a joint?

Well, a joint consists of cannabis only. However, some people tend to mix tobacco into the joint; these are typically called "spliffs.". If you are rolling a joint in a cigar, some amount of tobacco gets mixed.

3. What Makes a Joint Harsh?

It can either be a result of using high-quality cannabis or inhaling too much at a time. Some people tend to get high even if they have smoked the same joint. If you inhale too much at a time, you can get high.

a.Is it bad to pre-roll joints?

If you can keep the pre-rolled joints in a secured place, they will remain intact. However, if you roll it and place it in your pant pockets, it tends to get crushed, and it won't burn properly. In that case, you again need to remove the rolling papers and prepare the joints.

a.How long should a joint last you?

Well, it again depends on the person and the quantity of cannabis in the joint. If it is a cigar joint and you are a new one, you will probably give up in three to four puffs because a cigar joint tends to contain more. Usually, a standard joint will last for 10- 15 minutes. However, the effect of a joint will last for a longer time than the joint itself. It can last for 7-8 hours if you take the whole joint.

a.How long it takes to roll a joint?

    1. How long should it take to roll a joint?
    2. How long can it take to roll a joint?
    3. How long does it take to roll a blunt?
  1. Rolling a joint with live resin

As rolling a joint is an art, it will take time. Make sure you get the correct rolling papers and check for all the preferences available in the market. For a good joint, cannabis needs to be dry and crushed so that it fits the joint tube. If you are an amateur, we hope you've enjoyed this article on how to roll a joint!