A Visual Guide For Buying The Correct Quantity of Cannabis [How Much Weed To Buy]

A visual guide for buying the correct quantity of cannabis

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Published On 25-10-2021

A visual guide for buying the correct quantity of cannabis

Buying cannabis — also known as flowers, buds, or weed — can be challenging to those new to the scene. Knowing what type of cannabis to buy is only half the battle; the real concern is how much to buy. Not to mention that the names of the weed quantities can be confusing, as the weight is calculated per density and size.

This guide will detail the different quantity names and calculation strategies for those new to buying cannabis. Since the weight depends on multiple factors — like the plant type and its liquid content — one must know the correct proportions. Users can compare one gram of cannabis to quarters, ounces, halves, and eights. This will help you when buying cannabis to visually determine if you are getting the right amount of product.

How cannabis is calculated

The quantity of the weed being sold depends on multiple factors, like its density. For instance, a dense cannabis flower may look smaller compared to a fluffy bud. However, when it comes to weight, they may have the same mass. Moreover, the moisture of the plant also contributes to its weight. An aging cannabis flower starts to lose its moisture with time, so it weighs less than a fresh cannabis flower.

Multiple producers and cannabis stores utilize digital scales to calculate the weight of cannabis before packaging it. That said, consumers should still invest in a digital scale if they want to calculate and verify the weight of the product they bought. A scale can also be helpful if one is growing their own weed.

Different cannabis quantities

When it comes to cannabis quantities, there are grams, eighths, quarters, ounces, and halves. Let's see how much you're really getting with each variety:

1. Quantity — One gram

You might notice that some high-quality cannabis appears to have a loose and fluffy texture, while others look heavy and dense. It's possible that two nugs that are similar in size might not have the same weight.

A gram of cannabis is usually the smallest quantity available. This is the most suitable proportion for complete newcomers to weed or those who are sampling a new strain. To give you an idea of how much a gram constitutes, it essentially fills up 3-4 bowls or about 2 joints easily.

Most weed producers sell cannabis in full gram or half a gram amounts. For two people, half a gram is more than enough. It takes a larger group to finish up an entire gram of cannabis in one session.

2. Quantity — One ounce (28 grams)

This is the largest proportion of weed available in the market. It's around 28 grams of cannabis. Compared to the other quantities, this one is very easy to recognize due to its size. Weed users can prepare approximately 60 joints with an ounce of nugs or fill up to 100 bowls.

3. Quantity — Half an ounce (14 grams)

Visually, this is the second-largest quantity that consumers can buy. With this much cannabis, one can make up to 30 joints or fill 50 bowls.

4. Quantity — Quarter ounce (7 grams)

Also known as a “Q” in some circles. This amount of weed lets you smoke around 14 joints or about 25 bowls.

5. Quantity — Eighth of an ounce (3.5 grams)

The second most common quantity name for weed is “an eighth.” Users can smoke this amount for several sessions, at around 7 joints or 13 bowls.

A short overview of the quantity conversion

We're including an ounce-to-gram conversion list for quick reference, presented from highest to lowest:

● Full ounce (1) - 28 grams

● Half ounce (1/2) - 14 grams

● Quarter ounce (1/4) - 7 grams

● Eighth ounce (1/8) - 3.5 grams

When it comes to pricing, the cost is determined by where the sale takes place and the product quality. Some brands offer more pricing variety than others. The price of one gram of pure cannabis flower ranges between $4-$20, approximately. Users who purchase in bulk can get a price discount in most markets.

How to visually determine weed quantity?

After knowing what all the available quantities of cannabis stand for, it should be easier to differentiate them visually. Just remember that some strains will look fluffy, and others will look dense. So, while the former may look bigger, it is likely to weigh less than the latter.

It is important to understand this to ensure that you are not paying more than you should for an eighth or quarter ounce of cannabis. Note that smaller quantities are not easy to discern through plain sight, so measuring them with a digital scale is crucial.


1. What is cannabis?

The broad term of cannabis covers three plants with psychoactive properties. These include Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Ruderalis, and Cannabis Indica. Out of the three, the Cannabis Sativa plant is most commonly used for its psychoactive properties. It has healing properties and comes in multiple forms, including dried leaves, flowers, extracts like shatter or oil, hash, and edibles.

2. How can one use cannabis?

People can use cannabis or weed in different ways, like smoking, dabbing, or direct consumption. One can roll the weed into blunts and joints to smoke it or use a pipe. Some prefer to drink it in tea form or use it as a food ingredient. Other options include cannabis extracts and smoking oils.

3. Are cannabis and marijuana the same?

Most people use the terms interchangeably. While there is not much difference between the two, marijuana is actually the plant species, while cannabis denotes the genus. In short, cannabis is the broader term that includes all types of marijuana.

4. How much cannabis is safe to smoke for beginners?

As a beginner, you have to know what THC concentration is safe for you. If you want just a small high, the cannabis product should have less than 10% THC content. Products with 16:1 or 24:1 CBD levels are suitable for those who do not want to feel any high. Meanwhile, a THC content between 10% to 20% gets you a notable high, while anything above 20% HC level produces a potent high.

5. How much weed is necessary to get high if I'm on a budget?

You can get moderately high on 1-2 grams of cannabis in a day if you are smoking it on your own. Cost-wise, it is the most budget-friendly option out of all the quantities listed. An entire ounce of cannabis is far too expensive in comparison. However, if you're looking to make a one-time bulk purchase, some stores offer discounted prices.