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Cannabis flower or "cannabis bud" is hand-trimmed marijuana cured and ready for you to roll joints, or take bong hits from. Marijuana Flower buds have a strong fresh flavor. Research, and discover the best cannabis flower for you.

Frequently asked questions

The shelf life of weed and Dried cannabis flower can last for between 3 months and 12 months. As time goes on, the cannabis flower will lose potency. Anywhere from 10-20% of the cannabis flower potency will be lost after 12 months.

Cannabis flower is the most basic, commonly consumed part of the cannabis plant. A more advanced term for it is "bud." Traditional weed strains feature flower with an abundance of THC but low levels of CBD. The cannabis flower is the only part of the plant that can be smoked as it contains moderately high levels of THC, lower levels of CBD and other cannabinoids, and terpenes.

If you're wondering how to consume cannabis flower, the best way is smoking the cannabis flower from a pipe, or rolled up in a joint. You can also consume marijuana flower from smoking it out of a bong, or vaporizing the cannabis flower.

The term cannabis flower refers to the entire plant, whereas the word bud refers to the flowering part of the plant. Many different parts of the cannabis plant can be consumed, such as the flower, leaves, stems, and seeds. The term bud refers to the flower clusters or heads of female plants. These flowers contain the highest concentration of cannabinoids. Buds also have sticky trichomes on them that will produce more cannabinoids as they age and dry; however, even dried buds have a lot of value and have been used for thousands of years to treat pain, nausea, anxiety, etc insomnia.