Reviews of Etain Syracuse
4.6 (5 reviews)

Priscilla Kaiser (Powered By Google)
14 Aug 2021

Very nice people and I would go back

Rob Fischer (Powered By Google)
12 Jun 2021

The front desk staff has a problem, or some comment to make every time we're here. Unless things change, Etain's style of customer service isn't going to be compatible with the level of good customer service other medical and recreational dispensaries on the way will have. If Etain is going to label themselves as a medical dispensary, they should treat their patients and caregivers accordingly.

David Mcgriff (Powered By Google)
20 Aug 2021

Best product ever..☝️??

Doreen Livadas (Powered By Google)
20 Apr 2021

I’m very satisfied with the products Etain offers, I’ll be returning; 1st 3 days for muscle tightness and spasms!! Much happier without a doubt...professionalism was top notch! I feel very comfortable going back!!!

Jesse Lanning (Powered By Google)
28 Mar 2021

I am not a patient, so I can't really speak on their products, but I am a caregiver. As a caregiver I have been to several dispensaries in NY and Etain is the ONLY place that DOES NOT make me feel like I am doing something wrong or shady because I am there picking up medicine for patients that can't always do so themselves. Staff is always friendly, knowledgeable, fast, and professional. Literally the only dispensary in NY that has ever made the effort to make me feel welcome.

About Etain Syracuse

Women-owned and quality-obsessed, Etain crafts medical marijuana products that make a difference. We're the only local women-owned cannabis business in New York.

FAQ's of Etain Syracuse

It depends on what you get. I use the powder, two different types, because it gives you more bang for the buck. The Forte powder, highest THC with almost no CBD, is $75 for 60 doses. The Balance powder, about half THC and half CBD, is $105 for 60 doses. I use the Forte for daytime and Balance to sleep. Since I use one dose of each per day on average, I spend around $90 per month. I could cut that to $75 by using only the Forte powder. Taking powder is easy at home, but not when you're out somewhere. I've learned to make gel capsules containing the Forte powder for when I really need pain management, it's easy to do and much cheaper than buying the capsules directly. Good luck!
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Etain Syracuse

  • 4.6 (5)
  • 2140 Erie Boulevard East, Syracuse, New York, 13224
  • Sunday 12:00 am - 12:00 am
  • In-store purchases only