Reviews of Hazy Bulldog Farms
4.8 (5 reviews)

Bryanna Renteria (Powered By Google)
02 Mar 2021

They are a little pricey, which is the only reason for 4 stars instead of 5. The staff and management there is very friendly and helpful. Anytime we’ve gone in for something specific we told them exactly what we were needing help with and they are quick to recommend the best for what you need. So far every recommendation for a specific product has worked exactly how we needed it too.

Linda Pugliese (Powered By Google)
16 Aug 2021

My Dr suggested CBD oil for pain. They had several and will discuss those with my Dr, but did get a rub to help with arthritis pain. Very friendly and helpful as my first time going to a dispensary.

William Johnson (Powered By Google)
18 Jun 2021

This small shop has great service and the employees seem on top of their knowledge game. They also have had to take on a gnarly surge in sales. First problem is the lack of cooling available to store the dabbing concentrates so certain brands are missing . Second…. The prices!! In general they are double, but often 110%. Maybe it is the logistical cost of operating such a business here. Or maybe it is some gnarly way of lining the coffers before competition moves into town? I know I’m not the only person with a harsh taste in my mouth over the prices.

Denika Brenner (Powered By Google)
29 Mar 2021

The tenders are ALWAYS happy and in a good mood when I come in for my medicine. They're willing to talk about what's available in detail without trying to rush you to make your purchase and they have a different deal every day so that everyone gets an opportunity to save on the medicines they prefer. I worked in many facets of this industry and know what to expect from someone behind the counter. Hazy Bulldog employees exceed my expectations on a regular basis and it's thoroughly impressive that it extends to the entire staff. ?

Mike Ulloa (Powered By Google)
14 Aug 2021

This is a great small dispensary. Their selection is not vast, but it does not disappoint. The budtenders are knowledgeable and extremely welcoming. Their customer service is really what sets them apart from the rest. Also, they just moved into a bigger venue, so I'm sure their selection will grow. I would also like to add, after reading other reviews from a few months ago, to a year ago, those persons making those statements about mask regulations, cleanliness, and over all care for customers could not be anymore wrong. I have frequented this establishment for almost a year now. I live in the central coast of California, and in comparison to the many dispensaries available down there, this facility is on par with that of more trafficked and scrutinized ones. Cut them some slack and if you are unhappy with something that you think should be changed, talk to them first, because I'm sure they would be willing to come to a resolution with you. Don't just put them on blast, especially if you haven't even shopped at the place.

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Hazy Bulldog Farms

  • 4.8 (5)
  • 1243 Mono Way Sonora, Sonora, California, 95370
  • Tuesday 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • In-store purchases only