Reviews of RISE Dispensaries Naperville [Medical]
3.4 (24 reviews)

Chris B. (Powered By Yelp)
24 Oct 2017

3C dispensary was clean and professional with a positive, educated and friendly staff.

Suzi M. (Powered By Yelp)
06 Aug 2019

This is the best place EVER!! The staff.just rocks and are so incredibly knowledgeable on any subject for what your shopping for. I will never go anywhere else period. I'm completely impressed every time I go there. Just AWESOME!! Clean, good energy, and great service!!! What more could you possibly ask for

Silk W. (Powered By Yelp)
31 May 2017

Very informative. Excellent selection. Great location. What a great place. You will definitely get great service over here. Any question will be answered. You will have many. This place is highly recommendable, and I highly recommend it. Try it out. See for yourself. The menu is unreal. There is an overwhelming amount of choices. The people are very informative and welcoming. Enjoyable visits. Thanks, for your time.

Neil R. (Powered By Yelp)
20 Jul 2019

An excellent experience. Very knowledgeable staff and a very good product selection. My wife suffers from chronic pain and limits her use of opioids due to their side effects. We thought that she would qualify for legal cannabis but we were not sure how to start the process. A friend recommended 3C in Naperville. I called 3C and spoke with Beth who could not have been more helpful in walking us through the legal and procedural steps to obtain a Medical Cannabis card. After we met with a doctor who provided the needed approval, we met with Beth. At that time, Beth handled all the paperwork that had to be filed with Illinois. She filed the forms electronic and my wife received the state's approval within a few minutes. (If the forms had been mailed to Illinois, it might have taken a month). A few days later we went to 3C and Nick W. spent the time to explain the various options available that would help control my wife's pain. We strongly recommend 3C for those individuals who need guidance in obtaining a Medical Cannabis card and who want to deal with employees who treat the customer in a friendly and professional manner.

Jesus C. (Powered By Yelp)
27 Feb 2020

Knowledgeable staff. Emily took the time to help me find what products best suited me and I was not disappointed. Every recommendation was amazing. I would highly recommend this location. The only thing they could work on is more concentrates but most locations are low on them right now so I can't really knock them for that.

Kevin M. (Powered By Yelp)
30 Sep 2019

The people that work here are awesome & extremely knowledgeable. They usually have a great variety of products if you're looking for real small quantities. Rarely if ever can you buy a decent sized quantity to get a fair price. Each time I inquired about getting larger quantities I was told that 3C wasn't to blame & the producers simply weren't supplying them very often. After switching to 7 Point in Oak Park I've never had that problem. 7 Point is by far the cream of the crop when it comes to dispensaries.

Connie P. (Powered By Yelp)
24 Nov 2018

Love the staff at 3C, they are professional, knowledgeable and extremely friendly.  From day 1 the staff at 3C helped us navigate through all the delivery methods available to patients, they took their time we never felt rushed.  Love the new general manager, under his leadership the supply of top quality products have been more readily available and morale of the staff is so positive.  Everytime we interact with the staff we leave smiling.

Gordon J. (Powered By Yelp)
24 Jul 2019

Heaven on earth. Awesome place awesome staff. Never been disappointed.  I would suggest 3C to everybody.

Ann A. (Powered By Yelp)
12 Apr 2018

I love 3C Naperville so much!!!! They have great sales, a wonderful selection of medicine, and my budtenders are always so nice, helpful, and patient while I make my selection of amazing products.  They are open 7 days a week which is wonderful.  Going to 3C is one of the highlights of my week! Robert, Eugiene, Daniel, and Peyton are some of the agents that help me regularly, and they are amazing!

Brian H. (Powered By Yelp)
30 Mar 2020

Neil does not follow thru!  My wife is disabled and entered a new state program to see if Medical Marijuana would help. We went to the 3c website to get information and it stated they would recommend an appointment. We filled out the form and received a response from Neil that stated we didn't need an appointment and gave their hours of operation. So my wife and I made the trip Sunday and surprise we were turned away stating we needed an appointment!  So we called back Monday and no one has returned our call. Very frustrating as we purposely went to a medical only facility but they don't seem to have their act together. Neil is still not returning calls.

Matt H. (Powered By Yelp)
28 Dec 2019

1 star is based on operations of this location. I would give 0 stars if it wasn't for the staff who is amazing and super knowledgeable especially Danny. I won't be returning because they never have consistent inventory (especially flower) and there is always problems with express orders.  Competitors are cheaper and have better selection

Amanda L. (Powered By Yelp)
02 May 2020

There is a whole lotta Guys and Dolls who are currently, or claiming to have been, patients of 3C Naperville that are complaining about the shortages that are taking place. The Dispensary is not at fault. That'd be Illinois and the Cultivators (which I would now just say are buisnesses) that is making it hard on ALL the Dispensaries in IL. The state admitted out right that they had absolutely no infrastructure ready for January 1st and the strange distribution that is taking place between the Cultivators and the Dispensaries around IL. People can uproar and be angry at me, but I really could care less, I did my research. The Buisnesses that sell the weed have absolutely no legal ramifications around anything they do financially. They can charge what they want and dispense to whomever THEY choose.  Well as I'm sure of a lot of people from Illinois can see the cultivators are now much bigger businesses and businesses work on money. It's all about that final dollar; the bottom line.  Please don't get me wrong I am not saying that all distributor distributors are this way, but what  I am saying is there are a couple of very large companies in Illinois I'm sure most people know them I'm not going me many but there are a few that are huge and then some that are small and then some that are very very small. When it comes to the much bigger businesses it's not about the love of the plant like we have now.  Most people who come upon money like that, especially so quickly, want to make more as fast as they can.  It's nothing personal against them it is natural human behavior. I would hate to be rich because I homestly don't know who I would be then and neither do you if you were rich.  There is a reason the saying money is the root of all evil exists. Most of the Big Companies,  which unfortunately are the companies where most Dispensaries were getting most of their medicinal product for the last YEARS that Med Weed has been legal are now being put in a bad position.  If the supplier is gouging the market and making it a Shark Market.... whoever pays the most is GONNA get the product... I don't think that most little dispensaries, like 3C Naperville (which opted out of Rec due to it's small size well before it was a municipality thing) are having problems with their supply. It is NOT only 3c, but whatever. The patients who go there for MEDICATION they need..not to just buy shtick to get high will not leave there unless they stop operating. IF they are out of someone's choice in meds they always have a product to introduce you to that is nearly exactly, if not better than, the product you've been choosing yourself. Once the dust settles and IL starts to regulate, just like EVERY other legal state, it will calm down. Price wise, availablity wise, and a multitude of new Canabbis products to fall in love with. OK..now about the actual Dispensary ITSELF:I effing love the PEOPLE who work here. Like... come on... the same products (or lack there of) can be found in a WHOLE LOTTA of places in IL.. all at about the same prices. With the obvious tax differences for Recreational. So then you work it down to the PEOPLE who you will be working with, to decide where to go and what to do, yeah? Yea. The people here are INCREDIBLE. In their knowledge, in their kindness, just as people... they are fantastic. You will never leave 3c without a smile on your face and a little paper goodie bag of "yippie skippie!" I promise you. MEDICAL ONLY. N0 EXCEPTIONS.2

Jessica G. (Powered By Yelp)
16 Apr 2021

REVIEWED on 3/29/2021The first failure! I drove 25 mins all the way to your Naperville location yesterday and the doors got locked on me more than 5 minutes before closing, I even saw two employees outside when I pulled up; I went to the door and they locked it. I was supposed to leave town this morning and now everything got screwed up and I wasted my time and gas to drive all the way out there for them to close early...if you say you are open until 5, then that should be the case; or you should emphasize coming 15 mins before closing.  Now, I already drove all the way there yesterday, pushed back my trip, and now they do not even have what I wanted in stock of course and I am completely disappointed with this type of poor customer service at this location and how they handled (or failed to handle) this situation. I am completely dissatisfied with this whole situation, was a complete waste of my time,  And now you guys do not have what I ordered online in stock today (when I would think they would have put it to the side considering the situation).  Nobody reached out or anything.  Looks like I am going to have to start going back to a whole different company.REVIEW CONT' 04/15/2021I just visited Rise in Naperville 2 weeks ago and again besides the friendly staff, it was another disappointing visit and bad experience yet again.They don't seem to even have a system or strategy in place to keep things moving or serving their customers (particularly for us Recreational customers), or the system that is in place is obviously not working. Because you have people who do NOT have a medical card all of your recreational customers that already made orders in advance and it doesn't matter what time you get there or how long you have been waiting in "line, "The Recreational Line", you just Never know how long you could actually be waiting in line to get served due to ALL of the medical patients that pull up, walk up, or are waiting to get curbside delivery get priority of course and are able to go right on in and then right out. But all of the rec people have to stand outside in the cold until they take care of every medical patient that pulls up before you are able to get service.  It just messy and unprofessional for the business not to have for instance certain days/times/ times of the day in which are solely for medical patients only, like other dispensaries do in order to effectively & efficiently provide just as much help/customer service/attention to your recreational  customers as you do for the medical customers. I do NOT understand it, but it is extremely disappointing,  irritating, and again just unprofessional!REVIEWED CON'T on 04/16/2021WRONG ORDER NOW?!! So, I made a order online of a total of 3 quarters, a quarter of grape stomper (7g) and also qty #2 of the lemon cake (7g) that were on sale for $80/quarter online on 04/15/2021.  I went to pick my order up and they first brought out the grape stomper (3.5g), went back to get the correct one and I guess he did not realize that the 2 other items were also the wrong weight. Of course I did not realize this until I just got home to find out that I was given the wrong order?!  I came home to realize that I only received 1 of the 3 quarters?! I got the 1 quarter of grape stomper, but then was given qty 2 of only (3.5g) lemon cake eighths instead of 2x 7.0 quarters of lemon cake! This is my at least 3rd issue I have had only at the Rise location in Naperville. I want to get this fixed the right way, so I need somebody to reach out to me ASAP to get this taken care of professionally and properly. I rated my purchase yesterday and nobody reached out to me again!

Cathy B. (Powered By Yelp)
06 Dec 2021

I hesitate to say how great this place is!  Usually not terribly busy and you are in and out if you order ahead online.

Santana O. (Powered By Yelp)
28 Sep 2021

It's okay.. not the greatest but also not the worst. Work in the industry and the manager jokingly asked if I wanted to switch to work over there.. weird but alright

Russell M. (Powered By Yelp)
29 Mar 2021

Went here as were passing through town and would advise everyone not to come, especially on a Monday I maybe a little bias since I use to live on the west coast and have seen much better places, without the ridiculous mark ups and taxes but I wont return hereWe went to a Rise dispensary before and bought some edibles to help for sleep, and wanted to get some more. We arrived here at this location and used the self service order kiosk in the shop, placed our order and got in line. When a medical card holder arrived they moved him immediately in front of us, saying something about medical mondays but not explaining it further(Also side note, because not everyone has to pre order on the kiosk a lot of people take a long time at the register. So you better hope the people are quick and the line moves fast so you can get up before another medical patient arrives... on the west coast the shops are open you can look at and browse the stock before you get to the counter as to make the experience effecient)Anyways we waited and watched as 3 seperate people came in for medical and were given our spot in line, and we were asked to move back to the end of the line. Who knows how long we could have waited for our purchaseIt's ridiculous, if medical patrons are that important they should have a seperate line and or counter, otherwise why would anyone wait?

Maggie L. (Powered By Yelp)
22 Dec 2021

I went here recently, and while I have been a customer for over a year I am extremely disappointed in the customer service I received this time. Despite coming in person to order and showing the cashier my medical card, I was charged recreational taxes totaling in over $30 more than it would have been with my medical card. This is the whole reason I have the medical card. An hour after my visit I realized the mistake and called customer service. They promised they would get back to me that day, but nothing. The next day was Thanksgiving so the following week I called again with the same promise- still no response. I finally DM Rise on instagram, asking for any possible way to get my order resolved. Still nothing. Needless to say, I am extremely, extremely disappointed in their treatment of medical patients who rely on this as an affordable form of medicine, and will not be taking my business here again.

Jacquess Q. (Powered By Yelp)
05 Apr 2021

Very arrogant, nasty, and vindictive owners.  I complained about them scrubbing my review.They banned me for life.Very nasty, angry people manage RISE, not the budtenders or lowlies, the MANAGEMENT at this company should be, in handcuffs --- oh well, one day......

Erika N. (Powered By Yelp)
19 Oct 2021

Very helpful, a great go-to, has a great selection, their online ordering is helpful, ATM on site, knowledgeable staff. Staff member Teven was very sweet, articulate on the product and the business itself.

Debra Wolcott (Powered By Google)
20 Nov 2020

I really love the staff. I've only been to this dispensary, three times. I received an incorrect product I don't even know how to use. The phone staff was unhelpful and actually rude. Honestly the four stars are based completely by my awesome in-store experiences. Expensive lesson to learn.

Carlos (Powered By Google)
01 Nov 2020

This place is nothing compared to what it use to be. 3c was better. It's not the staff just the company itself. Since they went rec ive felt a change and don't feel comfortable going in anymore. Idk maybe its just me but products are still good and seem to be more stocked now that they are rec. Definitely miss 3c.

Aiden Ocun (Powered By Google)
05 Sep 2020

Long lines expect to be there 30min for a a box of prerolls??

C S (Powered By Google)
15 Oct 2020

Checked the newly recreational Rise out. To my surprise, there was no wait on a 2 pm weekday. The staff was very friendly, especially my budtender. There are markers on the floor for social distancing. The self use kiosks are simple and kept clean. I would absolutely recommend this dispensary.

Kyndal Keener (Powered By Google)
07 Nov 2020

I love this place! Clean and open environment. Plenty of parking. AWESOME EMPLOYEES. Quick and Easy.

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Visit RISE Dispensary in Naperville, Illinois for Medical and Recreational Marijuana products. Our Illinois Dispensaries are open now and nearby. Located in the former 3C Naperville location, RISE Naperville has high-quality medical and recreational marijuana products for Medical Marijuana patients and guests 21+ in Naperville, IL. Recreational Marijuana sales will begin on October 7th, 2020. RISE Naperville Dispensary has cannabis flower, medical marijuana vape cartridges, extracts, edibles like THC and CBD Gummies, tinctures, and topicals. Stop by our Naperville Pot Shop and weed dispensary! Order marijuana online for pick-up at RISE Naperville Dispensary nearby.

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