Reviews of Minerva Canna Group - Los Lunas
3.6 (5 reviews)

Jocilynn Reis (Powered By Google)
07 Aug 2021

Last time I was there, after making a purchase, I was illegally stopped by the police claiming to received a call on the drunk driver hotline that I was driving drunk. I hadn't started the engine and he was parked across the street watching and waiting. No sobriety test. He wanted to know why I was there, why I have my med canibis card, what kind of and where my pain is, and if I had used my medicine today or in the truck. He even asked my friend. An employee was in the parking lot watching everything. She even spoke to to officer. They tested my truck for drug residue and didn't find any. So they towed my truck for VIN inspection under suspicion it may be stolen. I don't know if the Minerva employee called them on me or if they were pulling a sting on the dispensary. I got my truck back like I knew I would. I hadn't done anything wrong. My truck is legal as am I. It was an illegal stop, it was unnecessary and emotionally tramatic . I don't think I'll be going back there for my medicine.

Joe Bell (Powered By Google)
17 Aug 2021

I've been shopping with Minervas for 7 yrs. Staff is friendly and helpful. Especially Gigi, and Kayla.

Dee Men (Powered By Google)
02 Aug 2021

I recently started buying carrot cake and the chocolate power and I am.very happy. I know visit few times a week.

Chelsea Roberts (Powered By Google)
16 Aug 2021

Two months ago, my review would not been very positive. My personal medication preference is Minerva, I value their products to be the best quality but the Los Lunas location had a lot of short comings… that was until someone got the bright idea to promote Gigi to manger?? Seriously- huge improvement! This store now has the best customer service, compassion, & product knowledge! Keep up the great work guys!!!

Rachel Dworkin (Powered By Google)
20 Jul 2021

Wow. This place used to be among my favorite. It has REALLY gone downhill. They have 2 or 3 strains instead of 15, and the potency is also way down. Their prices went up. They only let a few people in at a time and you have to stand 2 feet away from the counter. The staff is friendly. I will give them that. And they still have the best edible selection around. I wouldn't go there for any other reason. It's a shame.

About Minerva Canna Group - Los Lunas

At Minerva Canna, we believe that nature provides the best medicine, we are a medicinal cannabis dispensary with a wide range of medicines. We have everything from the tastiest edibles, to delivery systems, vapes, to high grade flower, and more! As always, A knowledgable budtender will be there to greet and help you find the right medicine for you! Hope to see you soon!

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Yes credit cards and cash.
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