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3.3 (8 reviews)

Victor A. (Powered By Yelp)
16 May 2019

Y'all really think you guys have the best shit anywhere in this world fuck you guys and the high prices we're all better of going to Trinidad fuck y'all again $32.00 for half a gram of wax y'all be lucky I wasn't the one who got down for it

Don B. (Powered By Yelp)
03 Jun 2021

This business went downhill in a hurry. From conveniently calling in my credit card number  after ordering online, to being told,while in the store, to announce my PIN number aloud for all employees and other customers to hear.  This is not right.  After being icily told "we don't do that anymore " in regard to payment over the phone, I was spoken down to in the most insulting manner when I arrived at the store.  After 20 plus years in customer service, let me tell you these young clerks have plenty to learn.In addition, they steer customers to an ATM machine directly in front of the store." There is a $3.00 ATM fee and additional bank fees may apply," it says on their web page.  I wonder what kind of a kickback the store gets from this.While attempting to use a debit card, I was informed there would be an additional 2 or 3 dollar charge. I said no to that.  Rip off!  These people are in it to get rich, it seems to me.  To the owners I would say this:  staffing  your business with uncaring young people is a mistake.Put in some people with life experience.

Kirk W. (Powered By Yelp)
02 Feb 2019

A great place with great service. Been very helpful with my various issues. Especially the high cbd oil.

Glynda Newton (Powered By Google)
14 May 2018

What a great group of Bud tenders/Staff. They have helped me so much, always offering the newest info. Selection is awesome. All medicines are consistent in quality. The atmosphere is relaxing and the store is always immaculate. Thank you all!

Pamela Lopez (Powered By Google)
22 May 2020

Employees are friendly and quick at gathering up your ordera.

Daniel Aleman (Powered By Google)
16 Mar 2020

I am a new member of the medicinal program in New Mexico. This was my introduction to how the program works in San Miguel County. It was a pleasant experience...although this pandemic situation had me experiencing high levels of anxiety.Flowers are a bit expensive and I was unable to visually see the flower before purchase. Overall there were enough options but I would like to see more options in bulk. Buying by the gram can be too expensive.

Glynda Newton (Powered By Google)
29 Nov 2019

Very kind, helpful staff, always excellent product, well stocked, great variety and great prices. Love the happy hour. Very nice space, well decorated and ALWAYS spotless clean!

R S (Powered By Google)
02 Jan 2021

Went for the first time today. Staff was friendly, but product was horrible. I bought 50.00 of shake, but got crumbled leaves. I was so disappointed when I got home. They need to specify on their flower list, if it’s actual shake or the stuff from the trim room.

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