Reviews of Farm Fresh Medical Marijuana Dispensary
5.0 (5 reviews)

Karen Thaler (Powered By Google)
28 Jul 2021

The employees are friendly educated and ready to assist you with all my needs and questions. Excellent product and a feel good experience.

stacey walton (Powered By Google)
24 Jun 2021

Cassandra was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I wanted something other than edibles and she helped me pick out other items. Very friendly and I'm excited to go back and give feedback on those items.

Erin Beebe (Powered By Google)
28 Jul 2021

A very positive atmosphere from the smell to the employees. A++++++++ in customer service. I know nothing about the art that is weed but you'd never know it, that's how good I believe the staff is.

Dillan Nelson (Powered By Google)
22 Aug 2021

I wasn't disappointed, very cool staff and tasty buds! The taste was as if it had been grown with a little extra love and a dash of passion ?

Melanie Sudeta (Powered By Google)
17 Aug 2021

Can buy flower by the gram, 15 dollar house wax is excellent for the price. Good bud tenders. Good experience every time

About Farm Fresh Medical Marijuana Dispensary

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FAQ's of Farm Fresh Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Yes they do. Credit and Debit.

This is changing shortly. Maybe as soon as today now??

They do but cannot remember what. You can look them up on Leafly and it tells the current ones.

Well if you have a card, you walk in, if theres a line, you wait your turn, they will ask for your card and then ask what you're looking for. I absolutely love the staff at this dispensary. They are sooooo welcoming! And you don't need your card to purchase only cbd items. Just let them know when you get seen at the window that it is your first time and you are unsure of how things work and they will be more than happy to accommodate you.

Yes they are open


Typically 150 for doc and 150 for state. Some places the doc is 100.

No ..The CBD oils and some products there can be bought without a card...


Everyone 21 with ID EASY and they are super helpful

Farm Fresh is #1 but if all fails check out Harvest of Havasu..good luck

Like just flower? Ya you can get anything there.

not sure i will after that rebuking

Hello. We have added an Air scrubber which removes contaminates and cleans the air constantly. There are no Mask requirements but we encourage you to wear one if you feel it is necessary.

The Doc charges $125. The State charges a fee also of $150 to process the docs paperwork. This is for a 2 year card. You can also purchase with your valid ID if you are 21+. Med card is no longer necessary in AZ.


Recreational is 24%

Lowest wax is 30

Both now

You do know that the quality of the weed is not going to be as good as the weed you can get with your license so it's better to have a license if you want to get the good stuff

Yes they are recreational, thank you for your interest

You need a med card to purchase at dispensaries in AZ.

You can go to any medical marijuana doctor in arizona to get your recommendation.

To purchase anything containing THC, yes. Anything that is ONLY CBD, no card is needed. Arizona is still medicinal.

You can also Google mmj drs near you

Go to your doctor and get a printout of your medical history. Set up an appointment with Farm Fresh (every Sunday the Kind Connection has a doctor that comes in). You can talk to them, show them your medical records and get qualified.

There is a minimum but for me I live in Parker and I think it's like 100 bucks. For bullhead I'm not sure but they would answer it over the phone.

Go thru farm fresh



Yes, except CBD

Colorado is, also


Yes. Contact DOMM (Delivery OF Medical Marijuana) @ 928-412-1419

Cash only now.

Yes they do to the address on your card

Problem with Nevada is that you still need a card to use or carry it. Penalties are still stiff

Yes they are new years day from 1pm-5pm

You need a card to buy anything but you can go in there