Reviews of The Syndicate - Lake Elsinore
3.6 (50 reviews)

Mike Chelsea W. (Powered By Yelp)
19 May 2021

This place is wack ! Peace ! Earned this review! Never go here ! F*%#k this place  I'm good  weed sucks ! People suck ! Wanna be cops ‍

Antonia S. (Powered By Yelp)
27 Nov 2020

My first time here, I got the baby nugs & sour OG. My first impression of it was pretty good as you can't touch it due to covid; only seeing & smelling is allowed right now. Decided to go with the Sour, had been smoking it for a few days and each time, I really didn't care for the taste or scent of it. I looked closer unto the stems & they had small, white, fuzzy fur on them. Disappointed yet not really surprised, try the Healing Tree!

Jeremy K. (Powered By Yelp)
30 Dec 2020

This place is junk. Their products are sub par and their staff and their professionalism is far lower than that. Bring an issue to their attention and they will verbally attack you and  threaten you physically. They hide behind the security while antagonizing you. You'd be far better off bringing your hard earned money elsewhere.

Rae W. (Powered By Yelp)
29 May 2021

I don't think I said Thank-you enough to the sydicate staff for a  nice third visit.  It makes it easy with your menu on line in shopping.  I prefer to go inside and become social again.  The last place lost me on the 3rd visit with, (i BELIEVE) chemicals in their 'strains' of which you could not see.  Tossed IT.sO THANK YOU!and I like the ashtray I got with my points :)

Amy P. (Powered By Yelp)
28 Jan 2021

My friend and I went into their store yesterday. Everyone is normally very friendly and helpful.  Well I had asked for non THC gummies and only CBD ones for my bf since he is a driver. I was offered some and after leaving noticed there is some THC in it. So my friend called them for me and spoke to someone about that. That girl kind of spoke to her in a somewhat rude and demeaning way.  Then she said she will put manager on the phone. She spoke to Jose and he repeatedly apologized and said to come back to make things right. We ended up going back and seen Jose (manager) he was so helpful and educated us on the difference in the products. He was very nice and professional and upgraded my order and threw in some freebies.  That is how you take care of customers! We left with a good impression and will continue to be returning customers.

Ryan W. (Powered By Yelp)
22 Jun 2021

Good selection, friendly staff and a clean store. I don't smoke too often but this is a place I will come to whenever I need some flower. They even gave me a coupon for a free shirt on my next visit. The bookcase entrance was super cool and speakeasy style!

John S. (Powered By Yelp)
06 Apr 2021

Even though I grow and process my own, when I'm lazy I come here. Tried the fancier shop nearby and here you will get the same quality product or better for less.  My third visit, quick easy and painless and friendly,  bring cash.

Susan T. (Powered By Yelp)
01 Nov 2021

I only go here regularly for their VetCare CBD products. Our large dog is getting older and she's having some joint issues. This product seems to be pretty effective in controlling her pain and mobility.The staff has been helpful and service quick. Only once did I have someone with a little attitude on the phone when picking up. When I brought it to her attention she came around. It can be a busy place, still...

Brett B. (Powered By Yelp)
04 Apr 2020

I'm not a big pot head, so i need a little help. As soon as we walked in we were abruptly met by a young female cashier... "do you know what you want?" we replied "well i'm not actually sure". "well we have a 5 minute limit so you better hurry up". Crappy customer service insures i'll never be back again. Went to the nice place in anaheim, better selection, parking, location and customer service.

Madighan A. (Powered By Yelp)
13 Feb 2021

If you aren't shopping here, you're wasting your money! The surrounding "competitive" dispensaries are not even a competition. The syndicate is even upping their game by collaborating with Karisma... HEAVEN! My fiancé and I have been hooked on their 'fs live ROSIN (OMG x O Face)'. We have boughten this strain 5 times in a row now, so I thought it was worthy of a review. My fiancé and I are both anxiety prone and tend to stray away from sativa dominant strains but every strain the syndicate has collabed with thus far (Karisma, Bear Labs, etc.) is impossible to get an anxious/unpleasant high. Everything here is perfect. Love your loyal customers, Jack + Madi

Lucy C. (Powered By Yelp)
21 Jul 2020

Worst first experience ever! It was great checking in - the gentleman was very nice and informative. Once they gave us the okay to go back it was a different story. The cashier Ashley was rude and consistently asking us "are you ready? Anything else" it was like she was rushing us along, then gave us ATTITUDE when we said "not yet" or had other questions. Being our first time there we wanted to look around and check out what they had to offer but we couldn't handle being pushed and rushed out of the shop. We were referred here by a friend who is highly satisfied when we goes here, but we will not be returning after this experience. Shame that they rushed us along, it definitely shortened their sales..

Mike T. (Powered By Yelp)
18 Apr 2020

I've come here once, I was impressed with the front door and how it is hidden to actually enter the area of products. The staff was great and helpful and seeing how I like everything I always ask if they partake and if they do do they use any of the product here. Based on recommendations I make purchases and they tender was spot on with the recommendations. I'd definitely come here again.

Richard E. (Powered By Yelp)
12 Sep 2020

Affordable and Friendly.  They have a large selection.  No complaints.  Turned out to not be my thing but, if it were I'd definitely come here again.

John M. (Powered By Yelp)
15 Oct 2020

The place you want to be, where no one knows your name. This is the anti-cheers place, if you are old enough to get that reference. Just be careful of which book you pull, when you open that magical door! Pick the wrong title and it maybe your last! Awesome people work there!

Lizzie S. (Powered By Yelp)
21 Oct 2020

I really like this place. The few times I've been in It's been a great experience. Most people have been very patient, knowledgeable and helpful. I do want to point out that tonight, that wasn't the case. Management-be aware that one employee can really ruin someone's experience there. I live in Orange County but often visit friends in Murrieta so I try and make a stop here because you guys have an excellent selection of tinctures. I went in for edibles today. I got there a little after 820pm. I'm aware you guys close at 9pm so I knew it'd be a quick stop. I was greeted by a young female and I told her I was in for edibles. She looked annoyed but I over looked it because I know it's close to closing time. I was looking for kushy punch and she told me they don't have those. Typically any other employee would have suggested something similar-not her. I mentioned I was buying for a friend and he liked gummy bears. In the most condescending tone, she says , "well gummy bears are for kids so you're not going to find that here."  In my head I'm thinking, what the?! So not entertaining what she just said I say, "well I'm looking for something sort of like the taste/texture" and now in a very judgmental tone answers, "well gummy bears are full of sugar and additives that are really bad for you." I was about to ask for someone else when the phone rang. She came back and I just told her what I wanted. I'm glad I'm not a total newbie to edibles otherwise I would have been really discouraged to shop there again. I wish I would have caught her name and really put in a complaint because I feel like people like that really give this whole industry a bad image. I can't imagine someone giving cannabis products a try and having an experience like that! I would go back because one bad apple won't spoil all the other times I've been there and have had excellent service. Girl, do better!

Carley H. (Powered By Yelp)
14 Jan 2021

I absolutely never leave reviews but I have to for this one. First of all, EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON that works here is so nice, happy and so helpful. This is not a rushed shopping experience which I love because other dispensaries always seem so hectic. By far my favorite!

Rebekah I. (Powered By Yelp)
14 Apr 2021

Worst customer service, first time ever being to a dispensary and will never be back here. I was yelled at by the staff for touching a bag even though NOT ONE person told us NOT to touch. If you don't want product touched then put it behind a counter. Also kindly ask don't yell at customers. Remember its OUR money that pays your bills and paycheck. Without your customers you aren't a business.

Avery M. (Powered By Yelp)
26 Nov 2020

I come here regularly and enjoy pretty much every product I have ever purchased. The only problem I've had is this one female budtender who is always giving attitude. I am helped out by her almost every time I go in and I always try to be as nice and cheery as possible so I don't piss her off more lol. I always thought I was the only one, but upon further inspection other customers and reviewers on here have shared the same experience as me. I will continue being a regular customer, but it just sucks having my experience dumbed down once I come into contact with her.

Nicholas C. (Powered By Yelp)
04 Feb 2020

Cool spot, a bit pricey but they have a decent selection and carry Moxie..Make sure to check the date on your extracts. They sell 6 month old product here. Every gram I got is pretty old and the king's garden that they said, just came in was sugared up

Mitchell M. (Powered By Yelp)
16 Jun 2021

Always something here if you are trying to order without going in and standing in line. Could not remove two items from my cart  from the ordered from last visit. Coincidently after 9 the website starts kicking ass and let's me remove it but the location is closed. Other times it's order online and go to call for curbside and the phones are down. It's frustrating but also the way it is. Emily has helped me tons of times and is very friendly so I don't want to give 1 star.

Barry M. (Powered By Yelp)
10 Nov 2020

This place was great. Every one wore masks (employees and customers) and it was clean. The guy who helped me was very patient and friendly. I even got a free shirt for being a new customer. They offered 15% off everything and actually did it. This was not the seedy place one is used to when visiting this type of business.

Steve H. (Powered By Yelp)
10 Aug 2020

If I could give them 10 out of 5 I most definitely would. Really helpful staff. Visited this place numerous times and left happy every single time. We drive from Temecula to use them. They have a really good range of products and are always willing to help out if they don't stock a particular item.

Monique S. (Powered By Yelp)
20 Dec 2019

OMG!! I'm so bummed out! Went to get half oz sativa and nothin. ‍ It's the first time my husband I left without buying any.

Jo M. (Powered By Yelp)
17 Jan 2020

Nice setup but the prices are out of control! I paid $40 for 1/2 gram of live rasin vape,It's exactly double the price then any other dispensary in the area, so my review is only 2 stars just for the greediness

Malinda P. (Powered By Yelp)
07 Aug 2020

fabulous..thank you.. to all that wear a mask..distancing...no touch...clean..very much appreciated.Everyone is very knowledgeable abt products..good prices..friendly..

Leaky P. (Powered By Yelp)
21 May 2020

Huge pot head, first time here ... over priced ! Quality was a miss , their top shelf looks the same as their mid quality ... bought an eighth of zookies. When I opened my bag they sent me out with ; bud looked completely different / as well as one of the nugs looking moldy and yellow. Will never buy syndicate flower again, first time was my mistake.

Ruth M. (Powered By Yelp)
26 Jun 2020

I love this place, they are always helpful and free delivery over $100 is a lifesaver. I love the rewards and discounts, they really add up. As long as I live in the area, this will be my go to spot. I have only had one other place that I liked this much!

Karen G. (Powered By Yelp)
23 Jun 2020

Alright! Syndicate is back on top of list in these trying times! They are professional excellent team ! I used to go to rogue places,but thought could get mugged in parking lot! It happens! But always feel safe at Syndicate! Thanks for your excellent service! See you soon!

Ed L. (Powered By Yelp)
27 Feb 2020

Nervous trying a new Dispensary but felt welcomed and secured from the get go About time hope they open a second store at Promenade Mall

Terry J. (Powered By Yelp)
25 Dec 2019

This place is Legit! Very nice inside and the people are super cool. Prices are good. Pretty good selection including CBD products. I highly recommend!

Derick A. (Powered By Yelp)
01 Sep 2020

every single time i go in the budtenders are awesome so are the managers  and security from the moment u walk in ur treated with 5 star service  they have an amazing selection good prices  and there isnt a long wait by far one of the best ive been to and highly recommend

S R. (Powered By Yelp)
01 Nov 2020

Very nice entry. The budtender here are very friendly and knowledgeable. I'm finally glad we got a legit dispensary in Elsinore. Great Variety and great prices too.

Joe A. (Powered By Yelp)
12 Apr 2019

I'm the time I walked in the door to register and also entering into the dispensary I was greeted Like a Rockstar. The gentleman behind the counter inform me of all of their product that They Carried and that's what I was looking for. After suggesting a few strains of incredible flowers along with the free t-shirt and I thank you I walked out of their store completely satisfied. I would recommend The Syndicate in Lake Elsinore tell anybody who's looking for a quality product what's an honest budtender.

Ray S. (Powered By Yelp)
05 May 2020

Great dispensary with a nice assortment of products.  The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable.

Alyssa H. (Powered By Yelp)
22 Dec 2019

They are so helpful here! They are so efficient with the way they run things. Definitely making a second trip before I head out of town.

Sharon B. (Powered By Yelp)
13 Jul 2021

I really enjoy how friendly these folks are.I also enjoy the comments about how nice the store looks and how clean it is.But what I really need to know is how good is their product?People are going there only to buy product. So when leaving a review could someone please talk about the product?Are they selling good stuff?Can anyone write a review about that please?There are several places in this area but who has good product?Appreciate any help that I can get, Thank you.I have a friend who goes here and he did not think their product was very good.He is injured and this is his medicine and I have been driving him around and this can be very frustrating.Please help and thank you!!

Ally B. (Powered By Yelp)
30 Jun 2021

Absolutely love this place kind of pricey but will not stop going here!!! Everyone is wonderfully knowledgeable and understanding to what my needs our for the product!! Ppl should try this place out!!!

Malee P. (Powered By Yelp)
19 Jun 2021

Whenever I order from the syndicate, I always do pickup order. Grace has always helped me out and she's such a sweat heart! Always smiling and her positive attitude! The syndicate was the first place we came to and they have some great product. I have never had a bad experience and they get online orders done quickly. I normally order before I leave my house and head straight there. It's always done without 10-15 mins. I have never had to wait longer than 10 minutes when picking up curbside. They are on their A game and I don't know how they do it, especially when they're super busy. They are taking care of multiple pick up orders and then the customers who are walk ins. It's a great and dependable establishment. I'm still not over the fancy interior though. I'm still in awe whenever I walk in. It reminds me of this cafe I went to in London ..

Candiss H. (Powered By Yelp)
11 Jul 2021

They honor loyalty points when they feel like it.  I won't return.  Go to Medcare or kindness. These people should visit too.  Maybe they'll learn something.

Analisa A. (Powered By Yelp)
10 Jan 2021

For prices it's pretty good most of the time. The bud tenders are friendly and I appreciate their help. The upper management needs help. I called about a product today, SFV OG, and told them that I was experiencing high amounts of seeds in my nugs. I was told that this is the first that they were hearing of this and I was a little surprised because if you find one nug with seeds, you are bound to find another. So I let it slide that he was basically calling me a liar. He told me to crack open another one and I did and I told him I found another seed. He was still skeptical and he was weary of giving me a discount for my next purchase because I had bought premium product. I explained to him that I live out in riverside and I don't want to come out again when I already came out there yesterday and planned on buying their product after shopping around at other clinics. I chose this one because it was priced as top shelf and I like top shelf. He told me that they couldn't guarantee the quality of the weed and that I am most welcome to go somewhere else and they don't discourage people to go to other shops.... I was just like ok so your telling me that you don't want my business when I give you feedback on your top shelf product? You got to be kidding me. You are so rude Jose and I will remember you.

Alaa A. (Powered By Yelp)
25 Dec 2021

I just got there I'm a regular I spend thousands of dollars every month I asked for a special she recommend one special for me I got to the cash to pay they told me no more the special why they recommended from the beginning I'm not coming back

Lorena O. (Powered By Yelp)
25 Dec 2021

They don't know what's going on the employees when you give someone a deal and you going to the cashier to pay and they change The whole price definitely I'm not coming back

Mehdi H. (Powered By Yelp)
25 Dec 2021

Hello, I come to this place everyday, Monday- Sunday, today the cashier recommended me a special that I liked and I yea said I'll take it, as I got to the register to pay some ass*** came and told her to change the price on me and she said oh sorry the special Is not available.... Idk what the guy told her but that's not cool, I definitely won't be coming you got lost a real customer.

Blake J. (Powered By Yelp)
26 Dec 2021

Come here only for Smokies. Never have had a problem. 1 time the chick only let me grab the More CBD content for my 2 Free Packages. No big deal. Every other time it's just grab whatever packs you want - Buy 2 Get 1 Free. Up to 2 times. I picked out the flavors and Guy rang it up to a total of $105 & some change. It should be $73 with some change. Not only is the deal all over the signs in there, that is what I know this place for. I won't be returning because they did not Honor it.

Kalea K. (Powered By Yelp)
07 Mar 2021

My review goes to syndicate but specifically the staff! Every single person is so nice and personable. Always get a " how's your day going" "what are you up to this weekend" love that! Marylin Brian Brady Jack the security guards always such a pleasure to see them. Today I came for a pick up order which I usually do at least every other day and today I had a flat tire that I didn't notice I had and Brian came out and let me know and also grabbed a pump for me and helped me pump it up right in the parking lot to unsure I got home safely. I wasn't only impressed at the usual service here but the fact that he took his time to help me and make sure I was ok to get home. Thank you Brian! Thank you syndicate for having not only the obvious awesome weed but an even more amazing staff

Shanice Patterson (Powered By Google)
17 Jul 2021

I love this place! However some of the bud tenders aren’t as friendly. I feel like this isn’t a job for a bad day as it is customer service and if employees have an attitude they should be removed from the floor until they have it under control it kills the vibes. As to the products it’s ok. They have a decently large variety of edibles. Most of them have a horrible after taste. They do daily deals and a points system so you can earn free stuff after you’ve spent so much in the store.

James DeRyke (Powered By Google)
12 May 2021

I've been to other dispensaries all around the area I live and this is my favorite hands down. They are the most customer friendly, easiest to get into and fastest wait times even when it's packed, and in my opinion their product is the best. Their mid shelf flower is better than most places too shelf. And their prices are GREAT. There's even a reward program for the return customers like myself. I like em so much I rock their t shirts and hats. 2 thumbs up from me!

Tehisha Fitch (Powered By Google)
22 Jul 2021

Very nice atmosphere! If it’s your first time visiting The Syndicate, you get a free T-shirt . They were having a 15% off sale. Their prices are reasonable already so an added 15% off was great. Edibles, flower and dab form available. Great friendly staff.

Tre L (Powered By Google)
16 Aug 2021

Need to mix up or expand the Concentrates area. More brands out there with better terps. I Show up for a deal day and they are conveniently sold out of deal brand. However they offer other brands at full price. I see the scam. Hard to catch the deals before they sell out. Crumbles for $30..... Other clinic have Live resin/sauce for $30. Again, get Better concentrate brands.

Karen Giles (Powered By Google)
11 Jun 2021

I've been coming there a few years now! They are the best in Lake Elsinore! I have tried other places but it always come back to Syndicate! Great staff, security, management! Fast and knowledgeable! Plus great discounts! Chris and Marilyn are favorites but everyone is excellent! Bravo to Syndicate!

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