Reviews of Zen Leaf Evanston
3.3 (39 reviews)

N Z. (Powered By Yelp)
21 Jul 2020

This is the best dispensary period. The staff is beyond nice and their stock is great. Someone posted about a hair... Cultivators package the weed so the anger at Zen Leaf is misguided. Also who cares, move it and let's be ok with our day. Did it hurt the weed? I love the people, the products and the fact that they have it together. Shout out to Arial, Nick, and Sam!

Stephanie S. (Powered By Yelp)
13 Jun 2020

soo like 3rd time there, bought an 8th of flower, and  without opening the packaging.....   what's do i see???? omg. is that.. a womens hair i see laced in the flower ??? no way. WTFI am BEYOND disgusted. WOW.i saw that clearly through the glass underneath the sealed unopened jar. imagine that.  extrasensory. "so so sorry for the hair in your flower.. definitely not the norm!" - zen leaf "we can add a credit back to your account in the total of 60 dollars. you can get any verano product you'd like!" "have a lovely day!"so no, i won't be buying from zen leaf or verano ever ever again!!    look, if you want clean good quality cannabis, do not go here!!

Evelyn Q. (Powered By Yelp)
13 Sep 2020

One of the most seamless dispensaries in the area. They have glass separation rows and you are in an out in less than 10 mins.  They accept debit cards and have an ATM. Tablets are provided at the cashier so you can check out the menu. Friendy budtenders too.

Dan L. (Powered By Yelp)
05 Sep 2021

I changed to this location but I messed up on my computer or something. I talked to the manager and person at front desk. They both were extremely helpful and polite I forget their names but it was 10:45 Sunday morning thanks again I got it figured out now

Alina T. (Powered By Yelp)
20 Sep 2020

Great service. Fast and easy way to get what you want, just grab your ID. Always on top quality. Thank you

Jacob F. (Powered By Yelp)
14 Nov 2020

Huge fan of Zen Leaf! The staff is always friendly and helpful and medical patients can use curbside pick-up. They have a great selection available at a decent price. If you go, sign up for rewards!

Michelle L. (Powered By Yelp)
08 Sep 2020

My first time visit as a rec buyer and it started out great until checkout. I was told the one item I wanted wasn't caught & didn't register & I couldn't buy it separately because you are only allowed was purchase per day. Ok no biggie I can get it on another trip.I was told that there was an item on sale for $20 ( regular price 31.45) so I said great I'll try it.When all was done I looked at my receipt when I got back to my car & realized I didn't get the sale price - really? Walked back in & I didn't get the credit - I provided all my information & was told someone would call me to let me know when I could come in & use the credit........ have not heard from anyone yet. So first impression - ‍‍‍2 mistakes in one transaction....... I'll advise when & if I get that phone call!

Tim K. (Powered By Yelp)
20 Oct 2020

Ru was awesome! In town for a funeral and needed a variety of items. Very helpful to a first timer at a dispensary. Gave me recommendations as well as personnel preferences for flower, edibles, and concentrates and I got exactly what I needed. Thanks Ru :)

Patrice D. (Powered By Yelp)
18 Nov 2020

Always nice. As s medical patient prior to rec sales, happy the menu has expanded. Must say that I don't care to go during hours of "open" sales. Way too busy. I don't feel quite as safe with large crowds.

Jeff R. (Powered By Yelp)
12 Aug 2020

I bought 4 ten packs of Verano gummies from Zen Leaf in Aurora. When I got home one pack had only 7. I  opened the pack before I saw if the seal was broken or not. I followed the instructions to get a refund or credit as per the card I was given at the dispensary after driving back to their store. Although I was pleased with how quickly they responded, I was not at all pleased with the response.  They gave me a 20% credit. Which makes no sense since I only got 70% of the product I paid for. I really think that since it's undetermined if the package was opened before I bought it I should get credit for a new package as I don't want gummies from a pack that might have been tampered with. I expressed my displeasure with the refund, but have not heard back.  Very unhappy with their customer service.

Mary Joe K. (Powered By Yelp)
24 Sep 2020

I visited Zen Leaf dispensary in St. Charles for the first time this morning.  The check in was efficient & easy (a shout out to the nice ladies @ the check-in desk...they couldn't have been nicer!)  My wait time to get to the ordering window was less than 2 minutes, where I was welcomed & greeted by Lo, who was most kind & most helpful to me.  She answered all of my questions & explained the benefits of many of the products the dispensary offers.  I was given a folder, explaining the process of how to go about getting a medical card, as I have arthritis.  All in all, a WONDERFUL experience.  I will definitely return to Zen Leaf!  A big thank you to all the helpful employees there!

Jesus C. (Powered By Yelp)
18 May 2020

Anyone who complains about this place is a joke. They're by far the best dispensary in the area. Anyone complaining get out. You obviously know nothing about product. And if you're so concerned about price grow your own plants. A bunch of you have first world problems get over yourself. The staff is by far the best and I've tried almost every dispensary in the state. You snobs giving them a bad review need to not come here because no one wants those bad vibes. And FYI they're cheaper then almost any store in the state. Educate yourself before you speak

Nick C. (Powered By Yelp)
24 Aug 2020

I love this place!! Everytime I go it's the best experience but I stopped in today and got 2 5 pack pre rolls and they were so lose and burned terribly

Katie G. (Powered By Yelp)
17 Jun 2021

the best place!! quick service, good prices for their products, and the staff is always beyond friendly & helpful

Sean C. (Powered By Yelp)
02 Sep 2020

Great place. Good people. Prices are higher then other places but there seems to be a decent stock even when people are running out.

Coby A. (Powered By Yelp)
25 Sep 2020

Curbside pickup reminiscent of the old days, cheapest selection until you hit Springfield, it honestly feels like going to the best plug in town. Even though you're getting taxed (medical are exempt from extra taxes in this case but flat cost didn't used to be this high last year) you're still getting the best on the low. Friendly staff. Never been inside nor needed to. Love them.

Xavier A. (Powered By Yelp)
14 Nov 2020

The product selection never disappoints and checkout process is made nice and simple. My only complaint is the security they have here. Although it's necessary, they seem to be more intimidating than anything. The first time I came here I went inside and the security walked up to the car I left and tried to look inside. Another time I had to come back in for a 2nd purchase and they said, " didn't you just go in? " and basically made me explain to them why I was going in again. They ended the conversation with, " next time let us know. " Pretty passive aggressive for no reason at all, not to mention they stand right in the door way blocking the walkway and don't apologize. The least you could do is hold the door open if you're standing there.

Kristine S. (Powered By Yelp)
04 Apr 2020

The team members there are always so helpful and pleasant. They usually have a good stock of stuff. I love the points system too. You get some really great deals!

Jason H. (Powered By Yelp)
08 Oct 2020

Zen Leaf is by far the best, and nicest dispensary I've been in yet. The people are incredibly friendly, and informative! The selection is fantastic. They get through the line lightning fast. I've never had to wait longer than 15-20 min to get in. Especially lately I'm in and out quickly. I've never had a bad experience at Zen Leaf Saint Charles. This is my go to Dispo.

Richard M. (Powered By Yelp)
19 Feb 2021

Compared to other Zen Leaf locations this one kind of sucks. I used to go 4-5 times a week. Now I only go maybe once a week. The rec hours suck so there is always a long long when they open up for rec sales. The rec menu is mediocre at best. Not alot to choose from. The bud tenders are friendly and most of them seem to know what they're talking about. The girls at front counter should be fired lol.

Tonya S. (Powered By Yelp)
03 Jan 2020

To add to this I have to keep switching from the Medical dispensary since they can't keep my products in stock..  it's like going to a pharmacy for antibiotics and they say " sorry all out". Only difference here is they will NEVER tell if or when it will be in stock.  But again the people are beyond AWESOME.  They just need to have better product availability.

Meghan B. (Powered By Yelp)
09 Jul 2020

Zen Leaf lost me today when I went online to check their Labor Day hours, see their rec hours were the same as every other Monday, put in my 'reserve' order (that may or may not be there when 4pm arrives anyway as they sell first-come-first-serve), just to walk up at 4pm on the dot and find the door locked and the bouncer-like security guard peaking his head out, pointing at a teeny tiny sign on the building door that (I guess?) was meant to alert the public to their Labor Day hours change. Like in 2020 this is what we're doing? The rec hours there are already irregular compared to other dispensaries, the least they can do is keep us updated when they change. There were so many other people that showed up at 4pm like me just to be turned away, it was really disappointing. Especially since I easily could have come earlier given the information. It made me feel like they really just didn't and don't care about their customers and patients beyond a business transaction, and that's sad cause I actually love their budtenders! However, I gotta go elsewhere based on principle, this was all around avoidable. (Plus side: found a new dispensary that sells more than 1/8 flower quantity to rec users! Yeee)

Lauren S. (Powered By Yelp)
23 Jan 2021

We must do better! Be nicer! Jeez, these young girls are so mean. Front desk seems to have more control than the manager. I requested the manager and she went to the front desk for confirmation. Funny, because I asked front desk to get the manager. lol. We were in a situation and these girls were letting the whole room know my business. I had to ask them to 'shh' I was getting so much anxiety at the one place I'm not suppose to. Employees that take my order seem to be nice though. This is a business just like anything else. Customer service is important. If I tell one suburb mom something she will tell 20 other moms. Just saying and If Zen leaf doesnt increase the way they want to maybe rethink training. People don't like giving their money to bullies. These kids have to articulate themselves better. To the kids that work there, don't be a subject like they're turning you into. Stay human and realize there is always an exception to the rule and treat people nicer. It's all about how you say things.

Justus F. (Powered By Yelp)
12 Apr 2020

Staff is friendly over the phone, but very rude in person. This is like a military style operation with a "hurry up and buy" mentality. Buyer discretion the actual contents they sell can be short as was the case for my purchase I was short a .5 then they tried to insult my over my email to them. Very unprofessional company. For the price point and overall experience,  it is not worth it in my opinion.

Santana O. (Powered By Yelp)
27 Sep 2021

UPDATE: You guys replied on my Yelp review, I just want to say and point out you guys are breaking so many rules, allowing your cashiers to tell customers they can't do something then proceed to allow others around to do the same thing right in front of them. On top of that you have people picking and choosing who they are nice to and who they aren't nice to.. and honestly it's just ridiculous. You guys are so disorganized and it's just stressful because you all don't care. And it shows. It makes sense that there are way more bad reviews over good. I'm not going to email you information that doesn't matter that you guys were asking for. You have numerous people telling you your customer service sucks and still don't fix it.

Dennis M. (Powered By Yelp)
06 Jun 2021

Verano has turned to corporate greed.  Fall of 2020 the quality tanked. Used to look for Verano but now I avoid.  St charles local is mediocre in selection for recreational. I'd drive a couple miles for better selection.

Angie M. (Powered By Yelp)
16 Jul 2021

Went with my fiancé to the new zen leaf dispensary in st. Charles, we wanted to see what st. Charles has to offer, at first glance, it's looks bleak. We didn't expect it to be in an industrial park.  We walked in, it was very prison like, which is kinda shocking because all the dispensarys in Schaumburg are pretty awesome. So seeing this from st. Charles is very shocking. Their set up is like get your shit and go. Not one of workers looked like they wanted to be there. Kinda looked like the DMV.  My fiancé went up to the counter and was following all directions. Gave His drivers license and waited for his order. Upon paying he asked to see if they do military discount. He then pulls out his Government issued Military ID, and gave it to the cashier. She took his ID and brought it to her manager. After waiting a few moments, she came back and told us "I'm sorry but that discount is only for veterans." My fiancé and I we're stunned to say the least. Then the manager came over and told us that they needed a DD2-14 (which is a piece of paper that states you're in the military and when you get out or retire vs A GOVERNMENT ISSUED MILITARY ID) instead of his government issued military ID. We were in shock and confused by a worker saying that he was not a veteran. Bottom line, Never going back, military please take your business somewhere else. The disrespect is real. Merica

Sara B. (Powered By Yelp)
12 Nov 2021

Horribly unorganized layout and process, not to mention rude workers. Tried this location as its closer to my house, but so disappointed. If you want a good dispensary go to Sunnyside in Schaumburg. It was a million times better

Sarah F. (Powered By Yelp)
05 Jun 2021

Unassuming from the front, this dispensary is in an industrial space. The parking is pretty tight, but it's a great location. The gals at the front desk were awesome and hilarious, really nice. I felt safe and welcome the whole time.Three ATMs inside, great service at the counter. My receipt said Judith was the cashier's name, so shout out to you, Judith -- thanks for being so nice and lovely to buy from. We talked candy bars and she was just kind and lovely. Secure location, I was in and out in less than 5-10 minutes. I would absolutely return!

Michelle S. (Powered By Yelp)
17 Dec 2021

I really don't like this location. They usually don't have a great selection and have really long wait times. The St. Charles location is probably one of my least favorites. Naperville and Lombard are much more organized and quick. The last couple of times the wait was well over 30-40 min. They have some decent sales from time, so it's not a total loss.

Cade C. (Powered By Yelp)
30 Dec 2021

prices are better than most places. The only issue i have with this place are the lines. The way they prioritze medical patients makes the lines back up. Even though they have a designated medical line and cashiers they still send medical to the recreational check out. They also have two booths for online order but there is no separate line so you end up waiting 45 min in a line and are constantly being cut by medical customers. The lines and how they do it need to be changed especially with it being cold. It should not take 1hr and half for someone with an online order to get their product.

Hailey M. (Powered By Yelp)
28 Dec 2021

St Charles IL location---- If you like waiting 2 hours to get your drugs then go here! Plus all the employees are sick with the v1rus and the company doesn't seem to care. Pretty sad. Sad to see sick employees working because they can't stay home. Find a better dispensary that's properly staffed and cares about their employees. I will never support a company who doesn't take care of their employees health. They also keep removing my reviews on google.

Samantha C. (Powered By Yelp)
16 Aug 2021

OKAY LET ME TELL YOUThe staff here are so amazing!! I'm so grateful for what they did when my mom was having a vertigo attack. I lost my patient AND my caregiver card ‍ So we placed an order under her account for some 1906 tablets and a swift lift pack. Because she was considered a new patient and she had to fill out the new patient forms therefore we made the order for pick up, not . We were getting ready to walk in when she got hit with vertigo. A lady in the parking lot saw what was happening and came to assist. She then went inside to ask for help and that's when Jenna came out. Jenna grabbed the new patient form from inside for my mom. She went back inside to retrieve my mom's online order and came back outside with her order. She was more than willing to help and very nice!

Elizabeth S. (Powered By Yelp)
31 Dec 2021

First off, friendly staff! They carry specialty cannabis items, like the "iced" pre-rolls. If you are a smoker, I highly recommend you try. I also love the Dynamite Stix (both pictured). Other dispensaries usually only carry speciality items like these during special occasions, like Lollapalooza but Zen Leaf tends to have it much more often. Warning; they sell out fast!!! I have been there when there was a line. However, it moved very quickly. They are organized, staff is very knowledgeable, and great customer service. Been to many dispensaries but I HIGHLY recommend this spot.

Mumferd A. (Powered By Yelp)
13 Nov 2021

I Love this dispensary in west loop! The selection is also of grand variety and service is friendly. Budtender Pretzel was so helpful and knowledgeable on many of the different type of strains. Will be coming back!

Karl R. (Powered By Yelp)
23 Oct 2021

What a joke.  Placed an order with their phone order system as the prior day I did an online order and the item I ordered wasn't as described.  So I figure I play it safe and use their live ordering system.  I explained to the person that I want to make 100% sure that the item I was wanting is a Live Resin vs a Live Flower.  I was put on hold for several minutes while they checked and was told yes we have confirmed this item in stock as described on the website and the location.  I placed the ordered to drive 40 minutes to find out it's NOT the right item again.   The "AGM" and the budtender attempted to convince me that they are the same and they are not even remotely the same.  No resolution was offered other than it's a system error.  I called the order line back and got the same agent as when I initially called to be told my manager will get back to you if something changes.  I wouldn't go back to a Zen Leaf ever again as I wasted 2 hours the first attempt and the same amount of time the second at this location.  I even have a $80 credit that they can shove it you know where.  Not worth my headaches or time.  Poor customer service.  Terrible product knowledge as well.  I can only image how many suckers they screw over with bad product advice as if you don't know the difference in product lines how the hell can you safely recommend anything to patients and recreational users alike.  Stay far away so you don't get scammed by these shams.

Jacob J. (Powered By Yelp)
16 Sep 2021

One of the first Zen leaf locations in the state. When the pandemic started, business was conducted online with pickups in their lot. For some months now they have been open to the public. Of the dispensaries I have been to so far in our state, this is one of my favorite locations. Each customer is addressed by a budtender. The shop is welcoming, modern looking and customers can feel at ease when browsing products and deciding on their purchases. Menu's can be seen on your phone or Internet prior to visiting the location OR you may surf their menus on iPads made available at the budtender station. One of my last visits I was attended by "Iggy." Nice guy, we had a fun conversation about strains and he upped my spend by showing me some of their available specials. I was able to make use of an often special they offer, two eights for $100 plus tax. If you consume, you may be aware of how unbelievably costly cannabis has become in IL. The average 3.5 g selling for over $80 with applicable taxes for recreational. (Prior to the pandemic, the same volume was only $30) To have a deal offering two different strains in that volume for a "Benji" is a sweet deal if you can choose a likable strain. Beyond cannabis products they also offer accessories, vaporizers and tools used to imbibe. Accessories like chillums, bongs, one hitters, lighters, humidity packs and cones like King Palm. On one occasion I decided to pickup some one hitters and a tiny bong. Price-wise, not a bad spend. Quality wise, I would/ could have been better off buying at a glass shop. It's for the sake of convenience and to be able to one-stop shop is always an opportunity. Because of my good experiences at Zen leaf locations, this is a dispensary group I often recommend to fellow fans of the "flower."

Pam G. (Powered By Yelp)
17 Dec 2021

I was disappointed with the attitude of the young man behind the counter. When I asked if as a medical patient, was the 15% applied appropriately because it seemed unusually high. I've been a medical patient since 2016 and have never seen attitude like his. I don't need to be reminded that this is a recreational business (I certainly knew this). And his responses needed to be less gruff in my honest opinion. Only wish I had gotten his name. I never left a dispensary in 5 years feeling the way I did. He needs some training.And, I still believe I was overcharged!!!!

Marie F. (Powered By Yelp)
12 Sep 2021

My husband and I were in here last night looking for a solution to my sleeplessness. We usually go to the Zen Leaf in Naperville, which we love, but thought that we would give Aurora a shot cuz we were shopping right next to it. The cashier named Jory (the name was on her receipt printer) was literally the biggest know-it-all bitch we've ever encountered in our lives. Every question we had was met with so much attitude and negativity, it was almost unbelievable, but definitely extremely uncomfortable. She was such the antithesis of good, helpful customer service that, at best, she should be working security at Zen Leaf, or working with product by herself in a back room, and should in NO WAY be interacting with customers. We will never be back to this location as long as Satan's spawn is in there. Upper management at Zen Leaf should absolutely monitor this representative. She is as toxic as they come.

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