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4.1 (12 reviews)

Christina F. (Powered By Yelp)
21 Aug 2016

Great place to walk into. Everyone is very kind and very knowledgeable. I would like to thank the staff for helping me taking a natural approach towards healing.

Leah G. (Powered By Yelp)
26 Sep 2014

This place was wonderful! You walk into a very clean, doctors office looking facility. The staff will talk to you at the window. The gentleman who helped me was wonderful! Very thorough. He really helped me decide what was best for my condition. I was their first appointment of the day. The owner, Geri Ann is a total sweetheart. Actually the entire staff was friendly and made me feel very welcomed and comfortable! I would have given 5 stars but something happened while I was there and it was not kosher. Me, being the first appointment, and actually HAD an appointment, made my selection. A gentleman came in, no appointment, and took the last item of what I had ordered. More bothersome because he was buddy buddy with the owner. That was a HUGE disappointment. I know they just finally got product in and were selling out fast... But to sell something from underneath a customer. Not ok.

J M. (Powered By Yelp)
30 Mar 2017

A pioneer in the subpar state of Connecticut.  There are only a handful of these businesses in the state and this one is great.

Jay D. (Powered By Yelp)
19 Jul 2020

This business must have changed hands or had a major policy change .The website looks like it was made for preteen children . It struck me wrong and geared towards teenagers. All the products have been given names like space blaster . Before it had an air of professionalism but to me it's gone.

Mel B. (Powered By Yelp)
01 Feb 2020

This is everything yet nothing I hoped for and expected from a dispensary!Driving past to The Healing Corner, the building looks extremely bland and inconspicuous, yet oddly busy with constant in and out traffic. It makes you wonder what's going on in there, but not in a sketchy way. Speaking of the parking situation, parking is plentiful here. There are approximately 15 spaces in the main lot, and about 10 in the side lot (which I think might actually be the next door business's spots but no one has ever bothered me about parking there). The building itself is also very secure. You can't just walk in- you have to be buzzed in by staff. Immediately upon entering, you're greeted by the security guard who makes sure you have the proper IDs to proceed. You then go to the front desk, where the super friendly reception staff checks your card and order history and will either welcome you back to fill out an order form or will tell you to head right in to the dispensary room to complete the purchase. The pharmacy techs in the dispensary room are super knowledgeable, quick moving, and super friendly. Literally every staff member treats every patient here like family. More often than not, patients leave the dispensary with a silly permagrin. Sometimes we will greet each other with phrases like "it's the happiest place on earth". I don't have exchanges like that with other customers anywhere, let alone at the actual supposed "Happiest Place on Earth", Disneyworld!  It's really no mistake why The Healing Corner is lovingly dubbed, "The Happiest Place on Earth". From the beautiful and comfortably furnished patient areas to the always helpful and enthusiastic staff, to the access to freebie gifts from the growers, to their compassionate care program for the needy, this place is really so perfect all around.The only thing that threw me off initially is that The Healing Corner, along with other CT dispensaries, do not operate like the ones on TV do. There is no budtender, there aren't shelves of cannabis in pretty jars that get packaged in front of you. All the products they sell are presealed by the growers. It actually makes for a quicker experience and greater quality control. However, it was a real shock how The Healing Corner experience is nothing like one would imagine it to be, based on seeing dispensaries online and on tv. If there ever is a problem, the staff is so ready and eager to help solve the issue. Any negatives with their return policy are due to the CT MMP program itself rather than the dispensary. All in all, I totally recommend this dispensary to any CT MMP patient that lives in or frequents the area. Even though I have the option to shop around, the folks here at The Healing Corner are so awesome that I don't feel the need to travel outside of town for my medicine.

Sarah F. (Powered By Yelp)
19 Jul 2019

A little bit of a weird experience as they made me leave and wait outdoors while my friend filled his prescription. I don't get it. Isn't that what a waiting room is for?

James C. (Powered By Yelp)
11 Feb 2020

Got my medical marijuana card for PTSD and went here for my first experience as an adult with marijuana. Found the staff to be very friendly abc helpful, even though I was a paramedic for years I didn't specialize in knowing about marijuana as it's a drug we really don't see any emergencies with....SO the pharmacist sat down and we had a consultation. Explained Indica, Sativa etc etc. Very good product from what I can tell. I use the vape and it definitely hits you, a but unnerving the first time but the stress, anxiety from PTSD and even chronic back pain from injuries over the years just melted away. Didn't feel like an idiot either. The problem they suffer from is one that is not their fault. It's he system in CT. Very complicated and ridiculous. Okay guess what? Here's a fact. People with PTSD, horrible Anxiety or depression, cancer etc etc figures out years ago medical marijuana is helpful. It also because of its recreational nature got names like "Bubba Kush". The whole word know what Bubba Kush is and how it affects you. But in CT they make the growers come up with a name that "sounds pharmaceutical". Why? No reason at al, it was a prude move bu the republicans because they can't stand the fact people might actually have relief from their illnesses. Seriously, I'm a mature adult and it comes down to a childish and ascinine  policy made as a "well I'm not happy, so I'll throw a temper tantrum" move. The one other thing again is not their fault. The prices are getting ridiculous. Quite frankly all the growers except Theraplant should be arrested, they're takin advantage of people with needs during a pandemic. But again, not the staff, their suppliers set the price.

Lisa Dumont (Powered By Google)
10 Aug 2020

Everything about this facility is exceptional. The staff, the products and the cleanliness. With all of the people that are in and out, Tim always addresses each patient/caregiver by name. Impressive!

Nate nate (Powered By Google)
28 Nov 2020

All other CT dispensary’s are open until At least 5 on Saturday’s this I’m switching. New management is not good and the place treats you like a mule for money.

Cara (Powered By Google)
11 Dec 2020

The staff are very friendly and the waits usually aren't too bad. I've been happy with the selections and the help the pharmacists have given me. For example, they recommended an oral oil be used topically for my psoriasis. Never would have thought to try that! It's cleared it up more than any medicated shampoo/cream ever has. I'm a believer!

Nicolas Biggar (Powered By Google)
12 Feb 2021

I recently became a member here, and let me tell you.... well worth it! They were really easy to get set up with, the pharmacist that took my initial consultation was very helpful and kind. Nate, is always friendly and willing to strike up a conversation with you while you wait at the door. Great guy! Paige, and the other ladies working the front have ALWAYS been super kind, informative, and inviting! Great staff, great business, and BEST product in the state!

Johnny Porter (Powered By Google)
02 Sep 2021

I’m done with this dispensary. We are in a pandemic and the security guards do not wear masks or social distance. This is supposed to be a pharmacy. Those of use with underlying health conditions can not get covid or we will die. The actions of this facility have shown that they do not care about their clientele and only care about the money they are making. This place was a lot better when it was the healing corner before it was bought out by trulieve. If you care about your health and don’t want covid, stay away.

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