Reviews of Bluepoint Wellness of Branford
4.7 (10 reviews)

Wayne B. (Powered By Yelp)
18 Dec 2017

Good selection; good service.  Never any problems.  This is the only dispensary that I have used; they have not given me any reason to switch.

Mike B. (Powered By Yelp)
05 May 2019

I recently became a medical marijuana patient in CT and chose Bluepoint Wellness as my dispensary. This place is pretty awesome. Very friendly staff and the pharmacists have all the answers for any questions. The quality of their flower is amazing and they have over a dozen or more strains always on the menu.

Ali C. (Powered By Yelp)
11 Oct 2020

This has evolved into one of the best Dispensaries on the Shoreline. When they first opened, I found issue with over dried products at a high price. I think they finally invested in a humidor to assist at keeping sellable product as fresh as possible. My only wish is CT starts producing better quality edible product that is more versatile, like butter and cooking oils. Purchasing anything made with eggs is not my thing because of a short shelf life. Although I am now making my own butter with what I can purchase, it costs me 50% more then what I can get when in CA. Bluepoint has doing better every year!!

Barbara L. (Powered By Yelp)
04 Jun 2021

By far, THE most compassionate, knowledgeable and all around AWESOME-est  people here!  Consistently helpful. Do not hesitate and please, no fears if you're like me and clueless about marijuana...They will hold your hand until your comfortable.

John B. (Powered By Yelp)
12 Jun 2019

I just got approved for medical marijuana and use Bluepoint as my place to go. Very convenient ordering online then just go pick it up. I like the appointment requirement and the staff is very friendly.

Ryan Papenthien (Powered By Google)
01 Jul 2021

Love it great place great menu great people can always call them if you need help with anything

dribble loves me (Powered By Google)
27 Jul 2021

Morgan.jessica and all the staff there are amazing..friendly kind loving ppl always ready to answer questions and help you

barbara ruys (Powered By Google)
03 Jul 2021

Love everything about this place! Been going for 3 yrs. Appointments are great! I'm always in and out. Friendly and very knowledgeable staff.

Bootzz28 gvgs3211 (Bootzz) (Powered By Google)
05 Aug 2021

Staff is always Pleasant. Always eager to answer questions. I've never had a bad experience to date. I've been a client since 2018! Thank You for your advice and suggestions when a new strain comes in that you know suits my needs ?‍♀️

Kesa Pitt (Powered By Google)
02 Aug 2021

First visit after transferring from another dispensary was great! The staff I worked with from my first intake phone call and in-person at my first appointment were super nice and extremely helpful. I love how modern the showroom is including the menu screens! It's nice to see what products they offer while there rather than going strictly from the website. The only thing I would like to note is that there needs to be a clear sign in the driveway going into the industrial park to show where their building is located. Because my GPS had me turn into the industrial park driveway, the front of their building is on the main road in front of the park so I couldn't see it from where I pulled in and had to drive around in circles until I finally called and then saw the side door. The side door entrance does have a sign on the glass, but again, when you are pulling in it's hard to see. Minor details! I give it 5 stars because I feel confident that they will always be there to help me with my medical needs.

About Bluepoint Wellness of Branford

Visit Bluepoint Wellness Dispensary in Branford, CT. Created by a pharmacist in 2013, Bluepoint Wellness of CT was founded on the principle and commitment to providing medication-related care for the purpose of achieving outcomes that improve patient’s quality of life. Our team of experts work together to ensure that you receive the best possible patient experience and treatment options. We listen to our patients, empathize with our patients, & educate our patients. Our MISSION is to enhance the quality of life of patients we serve with a commitment to excellence in a professional, safe and responsible clinical setting.

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