Reviews of Berkshire Roots Adult Use - Boston
3.8 (14 reviews)

Jack M. (Powered By Yelp)
16 Dec 2020

Great experience here! Awesome selection of inventory. The employees are super friendly & knowledgeable about the products. Masks required, hand sanitizer is provided. I was in & out in 5 minutes with everything I needed. If I wasn't from out of state, this would be my go-to spot. 5 stars all around!

Gregg H. (Powered By Yelp)
23 May 2021

Racist.. Treats individuals of color rude...condescending attitude and always watching.

Ashley P. (Powered By Yelp)
23 Jan 2021

Concentrates look like I took a shit in a jar. Joints don't burn evenly and don't stay lit. I would not suggest buying their products,

Jesus C. (Powered By Yelp)
11 Aug 2020

Been going here for the past two months already. If you really want your money worth in flower I would 100% recommend this dispensary plus they have great customer service. I would advise you to order online because of Covid.

Matt O. (Powered By Yelp)
02 Jan 2021

Easy online ordering system and easy pick-up, friendly staff, good selection - great place!

Eric D. (Powered By Yelp)
09 Nov 2020

Great customer service great in and out experience for my first time. They were very professional and knowledgeable and happy to help with any questions I had. It's nice to know a company can exist with fair sensible pricing and large variety of products. They have numerous edibles in many forms, thc /cbd pills and flowers, generic weed, and a ton more. They've even got hot sauce apparently lol. Cool place I'll be back during my next visit to Boston!

Taj P. (Powered By Yelp)
23 Mar 2021

This dispensary is in a very busy location so parking can be a bit of a hassle ... Products are ok and it's generally fully staffed ... My only problem is some of the ppl employed here ! For example, I was there two weeks ago and one of the female employees was just awful! She was very rude and unpleasant to deal with ! I haven't been back since ... I now go to the dispensary in Chelsea which is wayyyyy better ! I'm kind of glad that I got terrible treatment from their employee because I never would had stumbled across the dispensary in Chelsea!! Check them out instead and save yourself the terrible treatment :)))

Cynthia C. (Powered By Yelp)
20 May 2021

Wow. Really wanted to write something great.. let me start off by saying , the best person working there is the person in the front,  that takes your iD! Yes this is convenient shop but very overpriced.. and no the quality doesn't match the price.. the best thing I've gotten from this place is the fernway carts ... and they are decent... I've shopped here over ten times and spent a lot of money here , I've tried flower and wasn't that impressed.... if you are from out of town ... shop around before settling....

Griffon B. (Powered By Yelp)
26 Dec 2021

"Hands down the dopest dope I've ever smoked"Good selection, fair pricing and quality staff.

Laura McCormick (Powered By Google)
02 Apr 2021

Awesome. The staff was super helpful, knew their stuff, and even used their shop demo to show me how to put together. Great first experience with Boston dispensaries. Thanks!

James Sevier (Powered By Google)
31 Jul 2021

Knowledgeable friendly staff supporting a wonderful environment made my experience a breeze. Professional but not clinical or cheezy, they really nailed the atmosphere and service was exemplary. As I was guided through the entire buying all questions were answered and every need fulfilled. I look forward to my next trip to the boutique.

andrew makoid (Powered By Google)
21 Jun 2021

Visited while I was in Boston a few weeks ago. I visited twice first time my weedologist was amazing. Super friendly and helped me get what I wanted. Second time I visited the young lady helping me was super rude. Acted like she hated working there. I would have spent way more money but I just wanted to get out of the store. So two completely opposite experiences based on who served me. The products were good however and everyone enjoyed the seltzer water. Would visit again just hope the workers are in a good mood. I mean how can you be angry working at a weed store???

Tania Campos (Powered By Google)
12 Feb 2021

My first time here, wish I had a more friendlier experience. I’m sure this place is great since the employee next to me was being nice to every customer that walked in. The Hawaiian shirt employee “helping” us seemed over it. A very lousy attitude. Would have been nice if he had given us some recommendations or at least asked what we were looking for. As I’m not too knowledgeable on this. After I was done paying, I literally got my change thrown into my hand. His hand didn’t even come to a complete stop, he literally threw my change into my hand mid air. It even scattered as well. I was lost for words, still trying to progress everything. I just took my order and left.

Bridget Marie (Powered By Google)
02 Aug 2021

My forever #1 dispensary! Everyone is so friendly and knowledgeable of the products. I’ve never had a bad experience there or with anything I’ve bought. Oakley helped me get some gnarly things. 11/10.

About Berkshire Roots Adult Use - Boston

We are now open! Bringing the Berkshires to East Boston , Berkshire Roots has award winning products, customer service and a unique experience. We look forward to serving our newest community in East Boston!

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