Reviews of D & B Wellness (Compassionate Care Center) - Connecticut
3.7 (18 reviews)

Joe M. (Powered By Yelp)
07 Nov 2015

Wonderful location. Staff is very helpful. I have stage four brain cancer and don't know how if get along without this place.

Emily R. (Powered By Yelp)
23 Dec 2015

Only reason I gave it 4 stars is because of the wait. Every person I meet there has a story, though, and I've met some fascinating, no longer suffering as they were before, people who wait with me. The staff is exceptional; Judy is a hoot and Brian is so educated and Sam, well, he's just a big old teddy bear. The product, once you find what you need, what works for you in different situations, is pretty great. Been smoking for 30 years and I've never been happier. Nice job, guys (and I would have given you a 4.9 if that were an option).

Maura-Joy P. (Powered By Yelp)
03 Jan 2017

Wonderful place with a kind and compassionate staff from front desk to pharmacy.

Al H. (Powered By Yelp)
07 Nov 2019

I'm new at this and decided to try it at my Dr's request.  The facility was nice when I walked in, completed the paperwork while I waited for the pharmacist.  I met a nice man, who explained the products but seemed uncertain as to what products would be best for my condition. I also explained that I has asthma and did not want to smoke anything.  so I was sent home with some oil in a dropper bottle and a metal cigarette looking thing that you put a cartridge on.  I was told it was not like smoking. Well guess what it is!..  Ended up hacking my lungs out for 20 minutes and felt like crap.  So I tried it a few more times very gingerly with the same reaction.  No smoking means no smoking.  I'm switching to another dispensary with more confident pharmacists and will actually listen to their clients.  After meeting with the pharmacist I went back to the waiting room while the staff prepared my order.  There were three people in there, one of who appeared drunk talking about his weed another client and a staff member encouraging the drunk man to try some specific  type of marijuana.  Talk about inappropriate, unprofessional, and uncomfortable.

Katerina P. (Powered By Yelp)
29 Aug 2015

This place is wonderful. The owner is very kind and sweet. The staff is kind and intelligent. My wife has stage 4 breast cancer and is in the middle of her 3rd  recurrence. With product high in CBDs from here as her only treatment, the tumors in her lymph nodes have disappeared. We will be checking her lungs in a few weeks, and are hoping for the same result. I am beyond thankful!!!!! You guys are the best! THANK YOU

Tom M. (Powered By Yelp)
11 Jan 2015

This dispensary has the highest prices in CT and not just by a little. It is very crowded and waiting an hour to be served is common. Once you do get served the staff are in a hurry (probably understandably) to have you make a decision and get out the door. There was one person (Brian who does the initial visit) who took time to explain and talk to the patient. This dispensary also claims to offer a chair massage for 15 minutes and another massage lasting longer than don't seem to really exist. When I tried to make an appt. for tthe chair massage on the phone (as per the website) I was told the "she doesn't do massages any more." The she being the owner. It is my experience that those services do not exist. The lack of competition for this dispensary is probably the biggest reason why they can charge so much more for their products. The sooner this changes the better for the medical marijuana consumer.I urge the prospective MM card holder to research all the dispensaries in CT. It may be a longer drive to another but the savings should more than make up for your time and gas.

Sofia C. (Powered By Yelp)
21 Aug 2016

Great fast service in and out in less than 1 hour staff is very knowledgeable and will take there time explaining any questions friendly and clean.

Kim H. (Powered By Yelp)
26 Oct 2018

I like CCC ok, and it is really my only choice in the area.  The staff is friendly and answers questions patiently.  The order ahead system is good to avoid long wait times.  However, I am very disappointed to see them taking away their price matching program.  I get it that it is expensive to operate in Fairfield County.  But it is expensive to live here too!  Having to pay a premium for medicine because of where I live doesn't seem right.  Price matching allowed me to try new meds to make me feel the best I can.  Without it, I will be forced to select medicine based on price, not desired effect.  That doesn't seem fair to me or appropriate for a healthcare facility.  Fingers crossed this new loyalty program will help alleviate some of the frustration I am feeling about the situation.  We'll see.

Barbara B. (Powered By Yelp)
21 Sep 2017

They charge higher prices to help cover those in need. Great program but What if you can barely afford your meds and do not qualify for help. I get to pay for other people? I thought when a business offered help to others it came out of their profits not my pocket. Do I get a tax write off for those I am helping?

April M. (Powered By Yelp)
12 Jun 2019

They, Take my insurance and are a supportive open-minded staff.  They communicate effectively with a well-rounded approach.  They support you to have a positive attitude towards your own health management.  I enjoy the professional and kind atmosphere.

Rachel R. (Powered By Yelp)
15 Apr 2020

My visits to Compassionate Care Center are always enjoyable! The staff are so friendly, calling me by my first name, as well as extremely helpful, kind & knowledgeable about their product! Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, CCC has taken every precaution they can to ensure client and employee safety making it easy to get my medicine when I need it. I appreciate everyone on the staff immensely for always being so kind and smiley despite the situation. You put yourselves at risk daily to make it possible for me and many others to receive something essential to our well-being and it does not go unnoticed. Thank you so very much

Hannah A. (Powered By Yelp)
28 Jul 2020

Price are higher than at other locations to account for helping the less fortunate reap the benefits of cannabis, which is nice, and the location is accessible and convenient but the high turnover rate of staff is incredible. Makes me wonder why.

Brooke S. (Powered By Yelp)
28 May 2020

They have been so very kind and helpful whenever I need something.  They answer my questions and never rush me.  Everyone here genuinely care and take the time to go above and beyond to help their patients.  I am so glad I found this place here and I can't thank the staff enough for all their help and kindness.

Mary Chinault (Powered By Google)
20 Mar 2021

Very knowledgeable staff and pharmacists. Alternative Medicine may not be for everyone. However, for those of us who have exhausted all other options (surgery, physical therapy, pain management, mind over matter, meditation, losing weight) there is this method. There are choices... I am glad my PCP referred me to an alternative pain management doctor. This doctor sent me to "Compassionate Care Center". There is still hope; don't give up or give in. You are worth it... Thank you Sharon... Mary C

Kay Hill (Powered By Google)
08 Jun 2021

i have been apart of compassionate care for about 5 years now and i love this place, always walking into the door and everyone is so happy and friendly.

Holly (Powered By Google)
18 Jul 2021

People are friendly enough, but I had a Major problem there. I had radiation and surgery in my lower abdomen, so I have a problem holding when I have to use the bathroom. I drove an hour from Stamford and really had to go badly. There is a bathroom that I used in the past before the place changed hands, right behind the door in the waiting room. I asked to use it, and was refused. The guy at the reception desk told me it was broken, but didn't seem convincing. I told him about my problem, and he said there is a porta-potty outside in the parking lot. A porta potty? Really? This is a pharmacy, in a pandemic, directing patients with compromised immune systems to a porta-potty in 100 degree heat! Disgusting, unsanitary, putting patients at risk, inexcusable. I was appalled. When I got in the pharmacy, I figured I'd ask the pharmacist about the bathroom and told her about my quandary. She said that they only use the "upstairs one", some kind of policy. (At least get your lies straight!) Completely different story than the receptionist gave me, and she also directed me to the parking lot. I told her I needed to go very badly and can't use a Porta potty out of fear of getting god-knows-what or I'd probably pee myself. She basically shrugged and said "sorry". Result? I had a bad accident in my car which now smells like urine. Shame on you guys! Bathroom access is a medical issue! I am switching my pharmacy to Stamford. Also will be filing complaint with DCP and CT Health Care Advocates office.

alejandro rebello (Powered By Google)
03 Jul 2021

The man at the welcome desk gave me an terrible attitude when I asked if my order was being made. Then he goes in the back and lies saying I was rushing him, so the rest of the staff starting giving me attitude since they were busy. I understand it’s the weekend and it’s busy but that doesn’t warrant having a bad attitude and taking it out on the customer, especially one who’s spending $500+ At a time in there! I been going to this dispensary since 2015 but ever since it’s been under new ownership, the attitude and atmosphere are trash. Definitely transferring dispensary and never giving them a $ again!!!

peter pan (Powered By Google)
19 Aug 2021

I am a new medical certificate holder and the first time visit went very smooth. Erin did the intake interview and was extremely helpful in locating strains and products to address my medical conditions. Inside everyone was professional, friendly, and helpful.

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