Reviews of Minerva Canna Group - Bernalillo
3.4 (15 reviews)

Karol V. (Powered By Yelp)
09 Feb 2018

There is a wide selection of dispensaries to frequent in our area and the product selection - and prices - are quite similar. I chose Minerva because of the great staff. They are always on top of their games when it comes to patient services, product knowledge, and they've helped me hone in on the products that help me the most with my severe, full-body neuropathy. I was blown away when I visited the first time because in my former home state where medical use is legal there is no quality control. You usually get a totally different strain of bud even if you buy it on consecutive days. New Mexico has taken this science and truly made it science-based. And the Minerva staff adds a whopping dose of smiles, integrity, and simple, honest humanity. Stop by and give them a chance to help you, too!

Lisa H. (Powered By Yelp)
20 Sep 2019

I live in Southern NM and my kids live in Rio Rancho and I absolutely love Minerva! I hardly go at home because I love Minerva so much! They have a good assortment of items and I love their brownies! The staff is so polite and helpful. They will answer questions and make suggestions without making you feel silly! Also just FYI the brownies freeze amazingly

Jason V. (Powered By Yelp)
15 Sep 2018

This place is mediocre at best, nothing I've felt like going back for. My wife wanted to have a look at what they had today, not a car in the parking lot, not a patient in the store, however the lady working here took issue with the location I parked in a 100% empty lot, barely looking up from her smart phone to complain... So I opted to just wait in the truck for her to browse rather than give the rude woman a piece of my mind. low brow medicine and a bad attitude, I see no reason to ever return.

Latisha D. (Powered By Yelp)
23 May 2020

The staff here is always friendly. Their edibles are tasty but their drinks are amazing! I never have to wait long and they make it a nice, easy experience for me. The only reason I can't give 5 stars is because their flower selection is not too big. Some good days though! I do think their prices are more reasonable than most places too. I love this place!

Marcy B. (Powered By Yelp)
11 May 2020

Horrible company, does not back up their warranties, lies to customers and misrepresents their product. Will not give a refund on a battery in which they warrantied. Say they changed their rules. I have been a devout customer since they opened and I will no longer enter their building recommend Pur Life or Urban Wellness. Much better flower, much better service. When I walked in, three employees sitting around with absolutely nothing to do. I can see why, they provide crappy customer service and crappy products that don't work and or low grade flower. I think the owner (s) got carried away with themselves. Do not go to Minerva, there are so many other great options and better pricing. I also haven't experienced any rule changes much less a rule change every other week.

Leeann S. (Powered By Yelp)
15 Jun 2021

I was told that Rosin was the same as hash by a very young and inexperienced budtender.  Minerva should consider hiring people who have been around a minute and know the product.  All 3 budtenders were in their 20s.  Need more knowledgeable sales force.

Carol U. (Powered By Yelp)
07 Aug 2021

Haven't been there for a while.   But,  they seemed to focus on smokes and were out of humid and salves I wanted.

Misty M. (Powered By Yelp)
16 Apr 2021

Amanda as well as manager, the worst   Go to one of the friendly stores. Try Cottonwood area one, they are terrific. The Gibson one is friendly, helpful and great as well someone please, remind this business it is for medicinal purposes. They should NOT act like they are the guy on the corner from the 80's. We have a card with a prescription. CAN YOU IMAGINE WHEN IT IS RECREATIONAL? They act like it now. If you are there to save product for your buddies only, it explains your attitude. I hope the owner realizes you guys are late and unprofessional on weekend mornings.

David D. (Powered By Yelp)
05 Jan 2021

I like this dispensary because they usually have plants and/or seeds for those of us with producers licenses. Not as good a selection of bud, though, as my regular dispensary.

Demetris A. (Powered By Yelp)
30 Oct 2021

Let's keep this real!  I am a military veteran medical cannabis user.  Enough said...  Great customer service.  Location is near VA Medical Center and veterans get a discount on purchases (have your VA ID ready).  Minerva  offers specials during the weekday. They also now have Happy Hour from 4-6p EVERYDAY for those of you who can't get the military discount. I don't do flower or vape so I can't review those items.  Try the canna desserts too.  My favorite is Red Velvet cake and vanilla cake. Strawberry lemonade, lemonade and Arnold Palmer teas are so yummy, but sweet.Definitely Recommend

Matthew Armstrong (Powered By Google)
12 May 2021

I been to every dispensary in Sandoval County. This is the best. No gimmick. No bs. Just great meds!

Arturo Crespin (Powered By Google)
16 Aug 2021

Fabulous service & even better medicine

Don Lee (Powered By Google)
17 Jun 2021

I'm out of state medical card holder and they where extremely helpful in getting my med.

Juliandra Ivie (Powered By Google)
05 Jul 2021

Shelly was super nice and informative! Very clean and calming atmosphere, quick service, friendly people. Great selection of edibles.

Misty Payne (Powered By Google)
17 Apr 2021

I will be honest, this is not a place for someone not feeling well and needing medicine. Not only did they watch me sitting outside waiting to open, they opened 10 minutes late. I was then waiting on girl (Amanda, I believe is her name) leaving me to talk on her phone or chat w/guy working w/her. I am over 50 and work hard for my money. It is hard enough insurance wont3cover medicine, I have to be treated like me or my money does NOT matter. I have found Minerva at Cottonwood Area or on Gibson understand this is medicine and patients want to be treated w/respect and like they matter.

About Minerva Canna Group - Bernalillo

At Minerva Canna, we believe that nature provides the best medicine, we are a medicinal cannabis dispensary with a wide range of medicines. We have everything from Minerva Canna made edibles, to delivery systems, to high grade potent flower, and more! As always, A knowledgable budtender will be there to greet and help you find the right medicine for you! Hope to see you soon!

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