Reviews of Kaleafa Cannabis Company - Beaverton
3.8 (81 reviews)

E L. (Powered By Yelp)
06 Jan 2018

This place has been most helpful for me to find specific products to cure cancer of my family member. Whenever I emailed them to see if they have a certain oil, they never hesitant to order it for me. I tried other places. Don't bother. Go here!!

K. C. (Powered By Yelp)
30 Aug 2017

DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING HERE WITH A CREDIT CARD!!! They do not tell you this, but in addition to the service fee they charge ($2 added to your transaction) your bank will charge you $10 for a cash advance fee. I only found this out by checking my statement and calling my bank. So a $6 joint ended up costing me $18. I will never come here again, I can't believe they don't make people aware of this.

k b. (Powered By Yelp)
16 Jun 2018

I went in today and had a terrible experience. A fast talking girl I've  never seen before made it such  a frustrating experience I ended up leaving with nothing.

Lea H. (Powered By Yelp)
28 Sep 2016

This is the best weed store in Portland, for a number of reasons. First off, employees will make Step Brothers references to you. Can't beat that. For real though, incredible quality, selection and deals. Don't miss $1 gram/ $7 top shelf gram days, or 10% off edibles. Candy and Tv in the lobby is a plus for those long waits, and the receptionist is always willing to change the channel for you. The point system is rad too; I believe you get a dollar for every $10-15 you spend and I spend lots, so sometimes I unexpectedly get a gram for free! I really love these employees, too. Great guys/gal who never seem stressed or angry. Can't imagine why.

Izzy J. (Powered By Yelp)
08 Sep 2016

Conveniently located about a ten minute walk from my friend's place, I frequented Kaleafa several times during my stay in Portland this summer.  Though I am not a novice smoker by any means, this was the first dispensary I'd visited and I was not disappointed.  Other reviewers have complained of poor customer service but I did not experience that during any of my visits.  The budtenders were helpful with their suggestions without being pushy and seemed to know their product well.  The prices seemed pretty fair too.  I cannot comment as a local but definitely check it out and see for yourself if you're in the area.Also, shout out to the guy who gave me a roll of free stickers.  I've been spreadin' the love all over Ohio thanks to you sir, cheers!

Ryan B. (Powered By Yelp)
25 Apr 2017

My fav dispensary in Portland! I go here all the way from Oregon city but I heard they are opening a location up here next month! One dollar gram mondays are where it's at! Great selection of bud and the friendliest staff around!

Paul S. (Powered By Yelp)
01 Jun 2018

This review is for the new Kaleafa in Oregon City.  It's at 19197 S. Molalla Ave.. (next to O'Reilly's Auto Parts) Only been open a couple of weeks.  I went in on Thursday,Jan 4th at about 12:30.Everyone was very friendly and super helpful. I bought two pre-rolls.One they rolled on the spot.  I like their digital menu board. Very easy to check out their flower options and prices.  Have a lot of sale flower. They have a fireplace in the room too.  Too bad we don't have cannabis lounges. Great Place.

Max R. (Powered By Yelp)
22 Jun 2019

Amazing dispensary. Really love this place, lots of room, great bud, friendly staff.

Lori J. (Powered By Yelp)
19 Sep 2018

This is my favorite dispensary in town by far! My partner and I have been regulars at Kaleafa for at least 3 years now. I love the location and how professional they are, without feeling too pretentious. I've been to far too many dispensary that feel like a new car showroom and the staff is trying to sell me a lamborghini when all I asked for was something economic and mildy sporty. The staff at Kaleafa is friendly, knowledgeable and just the right amount of "weird" to make me feel at home.**Special shoutout to Anthony and his amazing high fives** The product is excellent, the deals are killer and there is literally something for everyone.

Jeff W. (Powered By Yelp)
09 Apr 2017

This is one of the nicer neighborhood dispensaries I've come across. They offer some great deals and handle a lot of people quickly without much hassle, even if it is an older house smack in the middle of a mixed use block on Woodstock. They have, however, added bike racks and a new sidewalk, so that's great.  I found them while looking for deals in the local area, and they offer a super special gram deal on mondays and Tuesday (currently 9/17). The options are decent, the pricing is great and one can often get out the door with several grams under $20. They did some great deals for 7/10 and you even get 'cash back' for every dollar you spend so, when you go back, you find out you get a couple dollars off your next purchase. YEA BOI! Nothing makes your day like walking out with three grams for $15 (cash back, cheap grams, and $1 gram special)  and they'll hustle you through or work with you to find the right nugz, no matter how busy they are. When they're busy and you've got to wait in the lobby they've got snacks, and even coffee and water, and the clerk usually tries to keep you distracted.  As for the product, you get what you pay for mostly but the deals are worth it. The various tiers usually work out in terms of quality, but $6 - 8 grams are solid. I've made it a regular trip down to Woodstock to enjoy some other local spots, if you're thinking of heading south make it an early week trip...

Sylvia L. (Powered By Yelp)
01 Sep 2017

This place is ALWAYS poppin'! The only complaint is that most of the time there is always a wait but that must be a good thing right?

Michael L. (Powered By Yelp)
22 Aug 2017

Came in with my mom and got great service in a good amount of time. The guy who helped me was knowledgeable and friendly.

Eli J. (Powered By Yelp)
01 Apr 2017

Will definitely come back here when I'm in PDX. Although the place was a bit of a mad house (just the busiest I've ever seen a cannabis club). The Kosher Diesel I got was by far the best grown Sour Diesel I've ever smoked. I was wide awake after a joint of that. Thanks guys!

Shawn S. (Powered By Yelp)
01 Sep 2016

Bad service... Made me wait 15 mins and then took next customer after me. Plenty of other places - go to them!!!

Brandon L. (Powered By Yelp)
30 Mar 2017

Knowledgeable and friendly staff, reasonable prices and a nice atmosphere. Only wish it was closer to my house.

Sparkle M. (Powered By Yelp)
01 Oct 2016

This is my neighborhood dispensary. I really like that medical patients do not have to wait. Because it is a busy space! So to stand and wait is not desirable. The costs for flower are great also.It kinda annoys me that you can't mix two different kind of flower into an eighth for the same discount but whatever. They have a great concentrate selection and medibles too!

Danielle M. (Powered By Yelp)
09 Dec 2017

We came here after reading reviews on Yelp and such a great place! Our second day here from San Diego California and we are extremely pleased:) the bud tenders are awesome!

Hayden W. (Powered By Yelp)
03 Apr 2017

Spencer helped me out and was amazing. Super friendly demeanor, really enjoyable to talk to, engaged and genuinely interested in customer interaction. I told him I'm not very experienced, I had a set budget and what my needs were. He pulled out a few he recommended and explained a little about each presented product. He seems very educated. He met my budget spot on and I'm definitely happy with this recommendations. As a whole, everyone was really nice from check in to check out. The atmosphere doesn't feel dismally institutional like some stores. I highly recommend this store if you want exceptional service from friendly and educated people in a welcoming environment.

Scott D. (Powered By Yelp)
31 Mar 2017

This is the #1 dispensary in all of PDX in my opinion. They have the absolute top of the line products for the best prices you will find anywhere, without a doubt. The staff are super friendly and helpful and always professional. They also have deals daily and a bunch of specials to take advantage of. If you havnt yet, I highly recommend you check Kaleafa out!

Janis W. (Powered By Yelp)
13 Jun 2017

Not only was I banned from the store for asking for a Veteran's Discount, but I found that they had eliminated my ability to review the store on Leafly.

Bobby P. (Powered By Yelp)
01 Mar 2016

Great shop, great selection and pretty good staff. I recommend anything these guys recommend. The Bruce Banner was amazing. Keep up the good work.

Jeremy N. (Powered By Yelp)
30 Aug 2016

I love this place. One of the few places left that actually pushes medical past all of these ravenous rec users. I get the help I need right awadeal  they show you the best they have got for the best price and it is always top of the line. I can comfortably buy a month or biweekly supply and not be overcharged. Tyler is very helpful and Shawn I think his name was very helpful. very good customer service the whole place. Very nice atmosphere. Great deals

Emanuel B. (Powered By Yelp)
17 Feb 2016

Ok place for concentrate, cheap, some flower on sale sometimes.  It's cool.  I will continue to come here if the prices stay cheap and in order.  It's a lot of competition out there right in the area.  This place do s well.

Daniel E. (Powered By Yelp)
28 Apr 2016

Great prices on top shelf.. usually a little bit of a wait.. the bud tenders are friendly

Jarrett C. (Powered By Yelp)
27 Feb 2016

So awesome! Tyler was super helpful and really knew his stuff. Also the pricing is ON POINT! #YasGawd

K M. (Powered By Yelp)
24 Feb 2016

Sweetest people, very knowledgeable, just a great business. Happy to have them in the neighborhood!

Garrett B. (Powered By Yelp)
06 Jan 2017

Showed up just before closing. I know it is not ideal to be there last minute but you are a service industry, that's your job. Wouldn't let me make a quick purchase even though it was before 10. I even called ahead. I'll never come back. Go to Natural Wonders. Better green and better customer service.

Miranda W. (Powered By Yelp)
02 Nov 2016

It's always so wonderful to go in and see Tyler, Kendra and Spencer. Tyler always knows how to educate me on the different products and the benefits of various strains. Such an awesome team! There really doesn't need to be any other stores in town. Best staff and purchase value hands down!

K N. (Powered By Yelp)
18 Nov 2017

I've been to this store only a couple of time before and each time the service was alright, pretty good would have given about a 3 to 4 star. However when I went last night I was helped by a very nice young gentleman by the name of Anthony. If I could have given the place a ten star review, I would have.  I had back surgery and was in a really bad car accident and still have pain. I've always just bought CBD stuff thinking that was the best for pain but Anthony gave a quick education on what was best to use to treat my pain. He was very patient with me since I had so many questions. He also gave me some pointers on leg exercises to do, strengthen my leg to help with the pain. When I went to check out I was short and he reached into his own pockets to makeup for the difference. He just said that he wanted to make sure that I able to try the stuff I had picked out to see if it would help my pain.Anthony went above and beyond to make sure I was educated, felt comfortable and happy customer. Kaleafa you have a star employee with Anthony.  I would not let him go anywhere else because it would be a loss for your establishment.  Anthony is extremely polite, upbeat and extremely educated in his line of work!Go to Kaleafa everyone, they are very knowledgeable and anyone is more than capable of helping you out but if you get Anthony he'll make you day!

Matthew M. (Powered By Yelp)
07 Jan 2018

After trying at least a half dozen other dispensaries in town, I can safely say that Kaleafa is my favorite. The staff are always friendly and helpful. Any kinks they may have had in their early days seem fully worked out now, and they help a steady stream of customers swiftly and courteously any time I'm in the shop. Their frequent buyer program is a huge bonus -- nothing better than "would you like to use your $X credit on your purchase today?" to round out a transaction, especially when combined with "Would you like to add the $1 gram special?" They have regular discounts different days of the week (visit their site to find out what's on sale each day) and if they don't have something I want, they're usually quick to recommend something comparable. Whether you're new to dispensaries or recreational cannabis or an experienced consumer, I highly recommend Kaleafa to anyone in SE Portland or beyond (worth the trek!).

Victoria E. (Powered By Yelp)
05 Oct 2020

My mother and I went here on Mother's Day. One of the employees decided to be extremely rude to my mother on this day. She asked him to read the product to her because she could not see it because of the six feet COVID-19 distancing rule and he refused. She asked him if she could see the product because she could not read it from where he was holding it and he would not hand it to her. He kept telling her to back up even though other clients were not keeping their distance from him. He decided to create a negative and belittling atmosphere. I don't recommend going here. The good thing is that there are so many other weed shops in Portland with a lot better service.

Lexie F. (Powered By Yelp)
12 Mar 2019

Just had the worst customer experience here I've had in years. I asked the dude if he could tell me about the cartridges I was deciding between, and he said, "uh, well..they're all gonna get you high. I dunno what else to say." He then proceeded to read the back of the box to me as though I'm an idiot. I finally told him I'd just look up the strains on Leafly, and he acted like I meant to steal them, pulling them away from me and standing guard over them. The price and selection is fine, but this guy was a real jerk. Just go to Brothers where they are all super nice and will chat with you about strains and effects for as long as you let them.

AJ D. (Powered By Yelp)
10 Jan 2018

Garbage. This place is overpriced and busy. I guess they call your name? That would've been good to know, because I thought somebody said my name but it was so loud that I couldn't be sure. I noticed that the woman behind me had her name called and was immediately served. I checked with the front desk person who told me that my name would be called. Fairly certain that ship already sailed there, Tamela (that's my name for people who are a little slow on the upswing, it's like Pamela and Tammy rolled into one. Feel free to use at your discretion). If you're going to call my name please let me know so I'm listening for it. Anyways, decent selection but don't waste your time with this chain, there are a million Kaleafa's in town and they're all overpriced. Go to Cannabis Corner at 72nd and Harold. Nicest, most helpful and knowledgeable staff AND they have all the licenses, so you won't ever pay too much. I love vape cartridges and am used to paying $35+tax for .5g. Cannabis Corner makes their own and they're only $25, tax already included for a FULL gram, and they taste better than any other brand I've come across. They literally grow their own flower, make edibles, cartridges, you name it. They even deliver! And they're right next to Flight, which is Oregon's first weed bar I guess. Support the small guys, and save some $.

Ben P. (Powered By Yelp)
07 Mar 2020

This is mostly about their adherence to covid social distancing, which I know is hard but still.  Last week I was there and an employee  was practically wearing his mask on his chin only.  Today I went and a customer was doing exactly the same thing, even talking loudly and projecting his voice across the room with the mask not covering his mouth.  The worst part is that an employee he was talking to was wearing a BANDANA, and constantly touching his face to keep it from falling down off his face, thereby touching his face constantly.  Worse still,  the bad customer handed the bad employee  cellphone to have him enter something into it.  The employee didn't have gloves on and didn't clean his hand afterwards, and cellphones are literally the dirtiest thing we carry on our bodies by a longshot!  Train your employees!  Fire them if they can't figure it out.  (Since the masks of the employees are so varied, I don't know if the business is providing them masks, because a bandana is ridiculous.)In terms of price, they are WAY overpriced, at least on bud.  I don't give them a one star because occasionally the employees are nice.  They are as a whole very young, and there is a lot of turnover amongst them, so sometimes they are not very well trained.

Ted B. (Powered By Yelp)
16 Jul 2019

Great place with good customer  service and selection. Pretty good place all around. High end all the way through budget. They've got it all.

Evan C. (Powered By Yelp)
06 Oct 2019

The dankest. Consistent quality at more reasonable prices. Deals for days. Daily specials including dollar grams BOGO etc. Incredible selection. Quite a wide variety of top shelf flower, with decent recommendations. 420 specials were off the charts. Only downside is parking. Can't really say I'd go anywhere else.

Twinka T. (Powered By Yelp)
04 Feb 2020

Never had anything but polite and helpful service here.One of the BEST varieties of edibles I've seen in Portland.Rarely have more than a 5 minute wait. Grateful for all who are putting themselves on the line during this virus horror show.

Kelsi M. (Powered By Yelp)
14 Sep 2021

Even tho they didn't have the strain in the cartridge (and they usually do) owner John and the fella Tom that helped me today were solid dudes. Totally appreciate their convo, recommendations & snarkiness right bacon at my gingy ass! I'll be back dudes, hopefully less exhausted and with better speaking skills!! A+ 1000/10 recommend

Brandon F. (Powered By Yelp)
30 May 2021

Should be zero. This USED to be one of the best dispensaries around. Quality has plummeted in step with the character of new management. I've spent quite a bit at this place, from day one. No longer. Good thing no one verifies fraudulent claims of 'Woman Owned' or 'family run'. They better hope not. Just another aspect of the slime that has enveloped this once fine establishment.Do yourself a favor and skip the disappointment. Plenty of fish in the dispensary sea...

Dan R. (Powered By Yelp)
21 Sep 2021

I grow my own but not that talented and good to get some variety, There's at least 7 dispensaries within a mile of home, and this is the one i go to. Wide variety of types, strengths and prices. But the best part is the service. Like today I'd found what looked like an excellent bargain but the budtender said, there's a reason it's that cheap, much sticks. And yeah they have all the other forms--edibles, oils, etc--but i'm just a flower child.

Breezy D. (Powered By Yelp)
25 Feb 2019

Usually my favorite place. Always helpful and accommodating and knowledgeable. Until tonight. Seemed bothered to help find a product, wouldn't let me smell the product or take out the display so I could see. I left without buying anything and I am there 2-4 times a week. Really bad experience.

Samantha Y. (Powered By Yelp)
30 Sep 2018

This place had a very warm welcoming into their dispensary & when you're a 1st time customer you get 10% discount.  I'll def be back! I wish I could of remembered my budtenders name cause he was very good looking

Daniel B. (Powered By Yelp)
12 Apr 2019

Excellent selection and super friendly budtenders! Love their huge concentrate selection over 100+ choices and huge selection of flower! You can find it all here and they have the best everyday deals on the feel right menu! Will be back A$AP!

Andrea Y. (Powered By Yelp)
12 Oct 2019

Great local spot to pick up good weed. Rewards program is nice, good specials and discounts. Love stopping by the Gresham location.

Taelor T. (Powered By Yelp)
16 Feb 2020

I really wish I could give them 5 stars. Staff is awesome, but they are always understaffed.No matter what time or day, there is always a 15-30 minute wait for customers.For someone that usually buys one thing every time I come in, it's frustrating. I wish they had a pick online service so I didn't have to wait so long every time. Prices are worth the wait.

Teresa F. (Powered By Yelp)
21 Feb 2021

I have been coming here quite awhile. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable. If you need something you can't quite get right, Joe who works there was able to find the best strain for me. Very knowledgeable and professional and kind! Thanks again everyone at Kaleafa!! And on my previous review it should be Joe!! Good job!!

Heather A. (Powered By Yelp)
31 Jul 2019

The service from the bud-tenders in here is excellent. They are always friendly and attentive and I have never found anything bad about the actual buds....this is the reason I am giving them 3 stars. However the reason I am not giving them 4 or 5 stars is because it is seemly impossible to find what you want, so you have to rely on them. They do not have a menu that includes pricing and percentages. The wall of bud jars do have the percentages listed but they are not in any specific order so you have to guess what tier you are on. There is no pre-roll pricing section and again no specific menu for edibles. I live only .2 miles away from this spot and still continue to make my way to cannabis nation for a less confusing visit.

Michael A. (Powered By Yelp)
17 Sep 2021

This location is awful. Do not go here. My last trip I purchased three cartridges as there was a 20% Labor Day sale. I should have known better. 2 cartridges never worked. When I contacted the store they said no returns. Don't waste your time going here

Big B. (Powered By Yelp)
24 Jun 2021

This place can kiss my big white rear. Anti American Nazis. Show your Certificate of Vaccination ID (COV-ID) or no bueno. Show your papers or no service for you.

Tom B. (Powered By Yelp)
11 Jul 2020

I've been a walk-in customer for quite a while and have had a generally good experience.  Today tried the online ordering. Worked great. Texted when the order was ready and I went to pick it up  When I got there the attendant said they had replaced my flower ordered with another. There was a big line so I said fine. Thinking they replaced it with an equal quality product I got home and opened the container and it was 90% shake. Almost budless.  This is supposedly top shelf priced product  I called and left a message to fix the issue. If this review stays on they did NOT make it right

Travis L. (Powered By Yelp)
13 Jul 2020

Highly recommended. Employees have great customer service and are super helpful. Positive upbeat environment.

Toni S. (Powered By Yelp)
28 May 2018

This is my favorite shop! I get a cup of fresh coffee and candy in the waiting room. I get my flower, oil, edibles, and glass! One stop shop! Great customer service and amazing prices!

Allen C. (Powered By Yelp)
08 Dec 2019

So I really liked this place as old friends worked there and it was convenient but I went in there today and made a purchase and they have the deal on Mondays get 2 of them for 1 so I say can I get another 2 for one and he says yes. I proceed to give him the money for 4 and get home and have 2. Well he is off by now and I speak with the manager who tells me no it's not 2 for one I its 2 for 2 after I explained what happened, even though the paper says 2 for 1 and people in front of me were buying it for 2 for 1. So I say so the paperwork is wrong and the other people selling it are wrong and you're the only one who knows that and he says yes. So I say can I speak with the manager after he already told he's not but then says he is. So I say whatever and he says you can call the other store so I check. So I do faster than he can text. LOL. Wait for it. I immediately ask for the deal and she tells me 2 for 1 then there's a pause and she corrects herself to 2 for 2. I say I know he just messaged you to say that and she says to call that store. I say no need I totally get it and am surprised you'd lose a customer over a simple mistake your employee made to save a dollar. I proceeded to ask her well you know what's really going on so person to person don't you think this is kinda bootleg and she says yes I just don't want to deal with this. You should call them. I said thank you and goodbye. Sad that's the work staff they have to deal with. But yeah not going back. Too many choices. Almost forgot. The "managers" name is Ryan at the Beaverton location

Jan B. (Powered By Yelp)
07 Dec 2018

Kaleafa has a chill, outdoorsy vibe, good prices and high quality flower. I now drive the 8 or so miles it is from my house instead of heading to the closer dispensaries. It's worth the small drive for sure.

Joanna M. (Powered By Yelp)
26 Jan 2018

Friendly staff, good prices for great products!  Pre-rolls are excellent and tend to have a nice, high THC option.  Lots of variety for every kind of person! I also got a great wooden pipe here and a Dragonball grinder! Excellent place.  Highly recommended!

Bradly M. (Powered By Yelp)
16 May 2019

Going in here is never a positive experience. Every employee seems stoned or acting "to cool" to give even standard customer service. These "deals" they have too aren't special and definitely wont keep me around. I'm a local and word is spreading fast about the very poor quality dispensary.

Allison R. (Powered By Yelp)
13 Dec 2018

I've been to a lot of dispensaries in the area and this Kaleafa location is hands down, my favorite. All the employees are super respectful and friendly. They are knowledgeable in their product and always have great sales / promotions.

Erica E. (Powered By Yelp)
03 Mar 2019

They have a huge variety of flower and great staff. But please please please order more orchid cartridges!!!

Savi A. (Powered By Yelp)
21 Jul 2019

Great variety Easy to read menu and view of products Dope deals Awesome budtenders , Jamal was super cool and helpful !

Arianna P. (Powered By Yelp)
04 Nov 2019

One of my favorite dispensaries to go to for cannabis extracts. They offer great product for an even greater price! I live in Hillsboro near the courthouse and I always go out of my way to come to Kaleafa's for all of my extract needs! They always provide excellent costumer service, never letting me leave unhappy! Today the man who helped me out was more than kind, he gave me a discount on the extracts I bought. I will definitely keep coming back! Thank you for your services!

Vicki C. (Powered By Yelp)
03 Aug 2018

This place does not need business. How do I know? They would not take my federally issued ID which is against the law. They would not take my tribal ID.They have an aggressive male staff who were rude and disrespectful.I recommend women avoid this place if you are alone, as I was.Jesse, the manager, be sure and avoid, Ladies.

A E. (Powered By Yelp)
07 May 2017

This is the only dispensary I will ever go to- every single person is amazing, so kind and knowledgeable, with zero judgment. There's a reason the tip jars are always full, these people actually care and help you. I've bought up most of their stock of cbd only oil (sorry guys ) and had to go to a few other places and every one has NOTHING on kaleafa, from the staff to the atmosphere AND prices. Kaleafa is the absolute best dispensary in the Beaverton/Portland area. And they cut the stems off the flower you buy, so you're not getting charged for the stuff you can't even smoke, unlike almost everywhere else!

Mandy H. (Powered By Yelp)
10 Sep 2018

My all time favorite dispensary. Always knowledgeable bud tenders and great deals fir every budget.

Dennis A. (Powered By Yelp)
21 Jul 2018

Paid $68 for for a Wineberry Farm cartridge and it failed less than a week, took it in said they can only give me 20% discount on a new one bad customer service won't be coming back.

Carlie P. (Powered By Yelp)
15 Sep 2017

The front desk is super nice, budtenders are always smiling and in a good mood, and always super helpful. Their prices for oil start at about $22 a gram with tax included - way better than most dispensaries. They have loyalty points that can save you a few bucks every other visit. Place is also super spacious and super clean with lots of overflow parking. I never go anywhere else

Samantha T. (Powered By Yelp)
24 Aug 2017

So I've been to dispensaries before but this place is so cute and nice. Everyone was so chill and helpful and non judgmental. I really love this place! They have a great selection and they have a really friendly staff. I would recommend this place for sure!

Dragon T. (Powered By Yelp)
06 Mar 2020

Worst experience ever!! I went in to the store as a new customer and was yelled at. My kids were outside with my dad, we were out for a walk and I decided to stop and try this store out. They stayed outside on a public sidewalk with an adult. Two of the workers were ok with it, but this one  lady who was the owner yelled at me!!! I have never been treated like that. She needs to have her employees be aware of the "rules" because all of them was ok with the situation. They also don't carry wyld edibles!! Bad bad bad place. Don't waste your time.

Tameka L. (Powered By Yelp)
29 Sep 2019

The shop was well stocked and they had a nice selection. However, I don't prefer the open wait style, I went in there after work to try it out (not my normal shop), so I was dressed nice, and I was the only woman in there with 12 other dudes, no female bud tenders, plenty of gawkers, it was uncomfortable to say the least AND I especially didn't appreciate my name being called out for everyone in the room to hear when it was my turn in the queue. That might not make some women uncomfortable but I surely wouldn't go back there in the evening, and with all the options around, I doubt I will be back.

Chelsea L. (Powered By Yelp)
13 Sep 2019

I wish I could give two separate reviews- one for my experience checking in and another while speaking with the bud tender. While checking in there was a young girl at the counter. She was really rude and overall terrible customer service and first impression of the place was a flop. It was actually uncomfortable to check in and my friends and I were really surprised by the unpleasant interaction. Front desk experience 1/5Talking to the budtenders inside was a different story. The guy who helped my friend was awesome. She was from out of state and really took the time to help her make the best purchases while also making us laugh. The guy who helped me was also phenomenal. He was a big guy, really friendly and quickly helped me pick what I needed. Solid prices, good quality. Inside experience was 5/5.

Cassidy K. (Powered By Yelp)
06 Jan 2020

After coming here for yrs the level of disrespect i felt in this location is unexcusable. Ive never once had an issue infact i quote liked most of the people working there. When i went in after waiting over an hour the man serving me made me feel very uncomfortable while asking to see different jars then proceeeded to tell me they couldnt give me the discount that i earned, i spend between 3 and 400 dollars a month there, a discount i earned along with 10% for what i was told i was givin becaise of my loyalty (which is still less than the medical discount)...so i wasnt happy to hear that but i wasnt about to make a big issue of it when another employee started to then butt into the coversation just to tell me all his reasoning why i couldnt get my discount which would have been fine if they actualy gave me a valid reason...there reasoning was if they give it to me they cant give it to everyone and noone will get a discount...i would have been alot more understanding had they not had the attitude first and if they said something along the lines of were changing our policy so for next time... but no just rude and unnappreciated was how i was made to feel ...and when i voiced it to them, the coworker decided im 86'd ...lol did i raise my voice at all? No.did i say anything disresepctful? No...after waiting an hour and loyal longtime customer i was sickened by the actions and took my money and left. Sad and dissapointed im taking my biz elsewhere.

Leslie R. (Powered By Yelp)
20 Aug 2020

I didn't realize I'd have to rope off an entire afternoon just to pick-up a joint. There are less lines at the DMV. The parking lot looked like they were giving out free beer. People standing everywhere in the hot sun. The line didn't move. Online order for faster service? Well that didn't work either because apparently mine didn't "go through"? You've got to be young, ambitious and have absolutely too much time on your hands for this place.

Nina M. (Powered By Yelp)
09 Dec 2020

The staff is so kind and knowledgeable. They really take the time to answer questions. They also have a point system for customers so there's always little discounts which makes their prices even more reasonable. They also have so many options to pick from. This is the only place I shop for cannabis from now on!

Maddy K. (Powered By Yelp)
27 Aug 2021

This review isn't for the store itself, but more for their receptionist Ariana. She was extremely rude and harsh to speak with. Gave extreme attitude and made me feel like I was putting her out for simply asking a question. The store itself is great. Ariana is NOT.

Mimi A. (Powered By Yelp)
03 Apr 2021

Kaleafa was recommended to us from a guy we met at the mall.  We were told they had a good Hawaiian strain.  Didn't find the strain.  The shop was nice, kind of interesting set up from the parking lot.  It's 2 separate buildings on one lot.  One's a smoke shop and the other is a dispensary.  The budtender was a young guy with a great personable personality.  We had a great experience.

Beav M. (Powered By Yelp)
30 Nov 2021

Kaleafa is my favorite place, hand me down. The bud tender's are all good, awesome selection, prices are great, love the specials, and the rewards system isn't crap. This is my go-to place.

John P. (Powered By Yelp)
21 Dec 2021

I have been blowing my dough, in a good and efficient way, at kaleafa since I moved to Beaverton. They always steer me the right way.They show me the dealsThey show me the good deals-Older guy with the George clooney buzz cut-manager with the long curly hair who was working this morning, and that whole crew, especially the guy that recommended the half o that I bought.The young guns that were a little frazzled by Mama dog,Anyone I forgot.

Spencer Worthington (Powered By Google)
06 Aug 2021

Was recommended Kaleafa by a friend and it did not disappoint. Keenan was our budtender and took fantastic care of my wife and I. Very courteous and high energy. The products were top notch with a great selection of gummies. Our new go to in the area.

REE Buffy3611 (Powered By Google)
08 Aug 2021

Very professional and very personable. Great prices. Great experience.

Osh Khatib (Powered By Google)
26 Aug 2021

The best service and prices! Stocked well too. I come here for the bubble hash good deals

Edith Dominguez (Powered By Google)
22 Jun 2021

Staff has changed over the years but they're super friendly and very helpful. Travis is by far one of our favorites. My boyfriend has been going there for so long and I've always gone with him so I've known Travis since... he's ALWAYS made us feel welcomed. Good vibes all around!

Leslie Shields (Powered By Google)
06 Jul 2021

I was in a couple of days ago. Keenan was my Amazing Budtender. I had a LOT of questions in which he answered professionally and he was so kind in not rushing me. I bought several grams of different strains which has taken me a couple of days to try. 2 days later and everything he'd said about each strain and what it would do was SPOT ON!! Just wanted to Thank you for a Great Employee !! Thanks Keenan!!!!!!! ?

About Kaleafa Cannabis Company - Beaverton

Kaleafa Cannabis Company strides to offer customers and patients a like the best customer experience highlighted by a wide range of Oregon's highest quality cannabis products for the best value.

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