Top Cannabis POS Systems 2023 | Best Dispensary POS Systems

Top Cannabis POS Systems 2023 | Best Dispensary POS Systems

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Published On 19-12-2022

Cannabis POS System

The support for legal cannabis has been growing over the years, and with it has come the rise of Cannabis Point of Sale System Companies. A recent YouGov survey reveals that 52 percent of Americans have tried marijuana. Forty-three percent of those who tried marijuana used it within the last year, and 72 percent used it within the last month. Hence, more cannabis dispensaries are opening due to rising support and more nations legalizing it. Currently, there are more than 7,000 cannabis stores across the country. 

Now that weed is becoming legal in several states across the USA, Cannabis Point of Sale Systems (Cannabis POS) for cannabis businesses are widely available. These systems aim to help increase revenue and keep the company legitimate, and adhering to local cannabis laws. The dispensary's operations will benefit greatly from a properly configured POS system, and having one selected is typically part of any dispensary business plan. From a cannabis POS system, you can manage your dispensary inventory, simplify compliance reports, and provide a better customer experience with the use of a customized cannabis POS. 

What is a Cannabis Point of Sale System

Cannabis Point of Sale Systems, or "Cannabis POS," are retail-focused software that aid companies in running their daily operations. This software can organize data for taxation, evaluate consumer trends, launch loyalty programs, and track sales and inventory.

Retail POS Systems and Cannabis Dispensary POS Systems are similar, except dispensary POS Systems are built specifically with extra functionality for those working in the cannabis sector. Most importantly, dispensary POS systems assist companies in adhering to local cannabis legislation. This program incorporates age verification scanners, tax reporting, and seed-to-sale tracking. Anyone can purchase POS systems as long as they are made for dispensaries in the cannabis industry. All Cannabis POS companies will not only keep up to speed with local cannabis laws, but it also makes life easier for budtenders to complete transactions.

There is no secret method for choosing the ideal dispensary POS system. Before looking at any business, every business owner must evaluate their needs, preferences, and budget. Compliance should be their main priority, regardless of the Cannabis POS they use.

How To Select a Cannabis Point of Sale System For My Cannabis Business

  1. Consider your Cannabis POS supplier's extra functionality and design.

  2. Consider whether the software products offered by the POS provider align with your store's goals.

  3. Ask for an in-store trial by contacting the POS company.

Cannabis POS Demos are an excellent method to test a POS system without committing to it. Additionally, it would help if you spoke with the customer service department of your POS supplier to see how simple it is to get in touch with someone. Ideally, it would be best to get in touch with customer care whenever you have a query. Ask about what will happen if there is a blackout or a bad Internet connection. Make sure your POS can continue operating even if the power goes out. 

Key Features of a Dispensary Point of Sale System 

Any dispensary POS system's compliance features are its most important components. The seed-to-sale tracking mechanism authorized by your state should be integrated with your POS system. Additionally, be sure your POS provider can manage inventory, taxes, and state-specific reporting requirements.

Of course, POS should make it simple, quick, and secure to make payments at your establishment. This entails utilizing ID scanners to confirm each customer's age and purchasing habits in the cannabis industry. Cannabis business operators need POS to ensure they're not selling too much pot to one buyer because each state has a distinct maximum purchase amount.

This client-tracking feature can help you stay compliant and guide your business decisions. Many POS systems come with built-in business analytics so you can keep tabs on your most productive workers, items, and promotions. Using this useful data, you may create and implement loyalty programs, sales, or adverts via your POS protocol.

Dispensary POS systems occasionally come with extra features like SMS texting, in-app queuing, and tracking of marijuana deliveries. Even some businesses offer Smart Screens for displaying menus in their store. Although neither necessary nor present in all software, these add-ons could distinguish your dispensary.

Best Dispensary Point of Sale Systems

The finest POS systems come with simple capabilities that make managing your dispensary or retail store, keeping track of inventory, staying in compliance with local and state laws, and rewarding repeat customers easier.

 Here is the list of the best Dispensary Point of Scales Systems in 2023.




Helix BioTrack Cannabis POS System is a Florida-based company, is one of the most experienced and well-known POS solutions for cannabis dispensaries. It might be the largest and well known Cannabis POS System in the USA. Most notably, this business oversaw 2013's first effective traceability system in Washington State. BioTrack has aided thousands of dispensaries for more than ten years with capabilities like automated data entry, CRM, and the development of personalized labels.

Some important notes about BioTrack Cannabis POS

  • BioTrack is a comprehensive point-of-sale (POS) system specifically designed for the cannabis industry.

  • It offers a range of features to help cannabis businesses manage their operations efficiently, including inventory tracking, sales reporting, customer management, and compliance with state regulations.

  • BioTrack Cannabis POS integrates with various industry-specific tools, such as seed-to-sale tracking systems, lab testing software, and payment processors, to provide a complete solution for cannabis businesses.

  • The BioTrack Cannabis POS system is secure and compliant with state and federal regulations, helping businesses stay compliant and avoid legal issues.

  • BioTrack offers excellent customer support and training resources, including a dedicated support team, online resources, and in-person training.

  • Using a specialized POS system like BioTrack can help cannabis businesses streamline their operations, reduce costs, and improve profitability.




COVA is your best option if you seek the most ornate dispensary POS. Because of its excellent customer service and software, this major POS provider has won numerous "critics’ choice awards." Customers can queue up using their mobile devices, and COVA also provides branded gift cards, alternative payment options, and on-demand product information.




Greenbits is, without a doubt, one of the market leaders in the dispensary POS market. It has yearly sales of almost $4 billion. This San Francisco-based business, founded in 2014, touts alliances with more than 1,200 dispensaries in at least 13 states. Customers who utilize Greenbits gush about its user-friendly interface, round-the-clock customer service, and 99.9 percent AWS uptime. Dutchie, a software provider for online cannabis orders, just bought it.




The Colorado-based POS service provider Flowhub has operated since 2015. This business has gained thousands of customers since its inception because of its slick Apple-like appearance and 99.9 percent uptime on AWS and Google Cloud. The seed-to-sale monitoring system Metrc was successfully integrated, according to Flowhub, for the first time.

MJ Platform



The first successful POS system in the world that is specifically geared toward dispensaries is MJ Freeway. With features including automated inventory reminders, data visualizations, and staff scheduling tools, MJ Freeway, a 2010 startup, heavily emphasizes each client's ROI. As a member of the Akerna corporation, MJ Freeway now seeks to broaden its influence in the cannabis supply chain.




Another well-known POS company, IndicaOnline, provides upscale extras like interactive TV menus, SMS marketing, and Weedmaps integration. Please be aware, though, that IndicaOnline offers a basic and premium subscription, each with a different set of features and costs. For interested dispensaries, IndicaOnline now offers a specialized delivery-tracking service.




A New York-based business called LeafLogix (recently acquired by Dutchie in May 2021) assists numerous customers on four continents in managing their cannabis inventory. The company's cashless LeafPay ATM, which enables customers to rapidly and securely pay for goods, is one of its distinctive features. LeafLogix is pleased to partner with organizations like Leafly and Metrc and integrate their APIs.



For cannabis shops looking to revamp their retail operations, SellTreez is the top Point of Sale system. It is packed with a full range of retail management features, including: 

  • increase transactions

  • controlling stock

  • Improve workflows

  • Consolidate omnichannel sales

Barnet POS 



Barnet's cannabis POS system connects everything from primary suppliers to online shopping. Utilize your system to manage your inventory, ordering/receiving, and web presence instead of paying for and utilizing a third party.

Viridian Sciences



From seed to sale, your business may be managed and made simpler with the help of Viridian Sciences. The foundation of Viridian Sciences is the safe and dependable SAP Business One, which powers over 60,000 companies globally and ensures compliance, tracking, automation, and scalability.

C-Trax Serv



C-Trax Serv pioneers the Point of Sale created specifically for franchising and CBD retailers. C-Trax is the leading CBD technology provider in the southeast and features built-in customer loyalty, inventory management, numerous payment provider options, and a team committed to assisting CBD retailers.




Cannabis retailers created a cannabis retail ecosystem called KlickTrack, a complete POS system designed with cannabis retailers in mind. Administration of loyalty programs to internet menus. Retailers may save time and money by having all orders flow directly into the KlickTrack POS, which supports full traceability, compliance, and inventory management. KlickTrack has built-in express pre-order, curbside, and delivery menu options.

Cannabis retail is expanding quickly, and shops need a solution to support their expansion. Cannabis retailers for cannabis shops created the potent all-in-one KlickTrack system.

Lightspeed Retail



Lightspeed Retail is a store management system that will assist you in managing every element of your retail business. It is more than just a retail POS program. Your single or multiple-location retail brick-and-mortar store can be managed with the help of Lightspeed's cloud-based POS software, which also helps with data analytics, sales processing, and employee management.



Cannabis growers, producers, distributors, and merchants will benefit the most from Flourish. By keeping track of inventories and utilizing the data required to enhance every element of your organization, the seed-to-sale solution gives you the means to stay in compliance. Instead of being constrained and only concentrating on production or culture, the solution offers greater capability to suit any needs from seed to sale.

Utilizing RFID technology, Flourish assists in monitoring the well-being, weight, and growth circumstances of plants. The software also integrates with scales, portals, and handheld scanners to record all data in your grow house. Finally, algorithms were incorporated into the design of the solution to notify you when something does not adhere to state regulations.




The cannabis seed-to-sale program, Trellis, helps you run your business more efficiently and in compliance with the standards. The solution improves your company's distribution, production, and cultivation procedures for cannabis. The program also features real-time dashboards for CRM and Analytics.



Cannabis brands may access data and insights with BrandTreez to maximize opportunities and make educated decisions. By adding your items to the only industry-wide Universal Product Catalog, you can quickly and easily get your Brand's products in front of every Treez merchant.

Keystroke Advanced POS


For serious merchants, small startup retail outlets, multi-location chains, and well-established distribution enterprises with retail and wholesale customers, Keystroke Advanced POS is a full-featured, versatile, powerful point of sale and inventory control system.

Keystroke Advanced POS is the greatest value retail system available because of its simplicity, simplified functionality, and extensive feature set. Keystroke Advanced POS is more adaptable than other POS software programs, including niche custom solutions that are thousands of dollars more expensive.

With Keystroke Advanced POS software, a company's workers and customers can rely on the experience and know-how of a local Authorized Keystroke Dealer, supported by Specialized Business Solutions' highly regarded technical support team.




Greenline positions itself as the top POS solution for cannabis shops in Canada. All of Greenline's systems have been integrated to comply with the current cannabis requirements in Canada. Greenline provides benefits, including digital menu boards, online ordering, and integration with Leafly or Marco, in addition to Canadian compliance.




GrowFlow, a well-known POS supplier with its main office in Seattle, currently collaborates with over 1,200 dispensaries. GrowFlow users benefit from simple-to-navigate displays, visible data points, and immediate staff and inventory performance alerts. The GrowFlow Live feature of this POS system is one special feature that enables retailers to communicate with wholesalers in real time.




Meadow may be the answer if cannabis delivery is your thing. It's interesting to note that this business started as a California-based cannabis delivery website. Over time, Meadow transformed into a complete POS solution for Californian dispensaries. The Meadow team still focuses on tracking and compliance reporting for CA dispensaries that offer delivery.




The iOS-enabled BLAZE POS, which is Metrc-compliant software with several features that make buying marijuana simple, may interest dispensaries that prefer utilizing Apple goods. For instance, your clients can self-check in using the BLAZE app rather than standing in line. BLAZE currently provides its exclusive BLAZEPAY debit and credit platform for quick transactions.

MJ Freeway



With its 2010 debut, MJ Freeway is one of the first dispensary Point of Sale systems. For business owners searching for a vertically integrated platform that prioritizes increasing each client's ROI, MJ Freeway is a wonderful option. Data visualizations and automated inventory reminders are a few of MJ Freeway's revenue-generating capabilities. MJ Freeway has solid financial support because it is a part of the Akerna organization




The industry's most well-known Dispensary Menu system is called Dutchie. Over 5,000 cannabis dispensaries and retail businesses may be found using the United States and Canada network.

Dutchie provides a user-friendly interface and simple integration, enhancing the client experience in-person and online. Dutchie's automated compliance and specialized location management are some of its standout features.

Benefits of Cannabis POS Systems

Cannabis businesses gain many advantages from using a POS system designed specifically for cannabis. Some of the top advantages of adopting a cannabis POS system are:

Hassle-free Compliance

Due to the complex cannabis laws, compliance is essential to any dispensary's operations. Cannabis POS systems monitor inventory, set purchase limits, check customers' ages, and check IDs in addition to handling payment issues. These built-in capabilities can help your business avoid common compliance infractions like failing to disclose inventory, selling to minors, and exceeding purchase limits, sparing you from many difficulties.


For any cannabis business to flourish and endure, it is essential to ensure that its products—from seeds to retail shelves—are secure. Your cannabis sales operations will be accurate thanks to a reliable POS system. Solutions for POS label printing improve the precision of the companies’ seed-to-sale tracking. They are not undervaluing or overvaluing trades.


Owners of businesses in the cannabis sector frequently own and run establishments in many cities. Retail locations can be managed by a cannabis POS system from a single location or device. This will save the expenditure of establishing separate audit and management systems in various locations and allow one to manage personnel, organize inventory, and track expenses uniformly across your entire business.

Simple to operate

Above all else, the POS system must be simple to use. When hiring staff to work for the company, they need to be aware of the POS system as they wait to be seated. If everyone is expected to pitch in, this is extremely useful. Even someone who hardly ever uses the POS should feel confident that they can enter. All the improvements should be equally simple to comprehend simultaneously. Find out if the POS company sends out regular updates with justifications.

Types of Cannabis Businesses That Need a Cannabis POS System

Cannabis POS systems have uses outside of dispensaries. Today's cannabis Point of Sale systems come with integrated capabilities that fully support the efficient management of marijuana from seed to sale. The implication is that, in addition to dispensaries, every company involved in any stage of the cannabis growing cycle would profit from having a cannabis POS system. Let us quickly go over the different cannabis companies that require POS systems.

Distributors or Dispensaries

A cannabis POS system guarantees that dispensary businesses comply with federal rules and pertinent municipal legislation. Distributors and dispensaries can also profit from better delivery inventory management, accurate accounting, personalized services, and effective marketing.


Through improved mechanisms for product conversion, arranged records, and transport and administration systems, a cannabis POS system can qualitatively revolutionize the cannabis manufacturing process. For example, a POS system can actively monitor the conversion of cannabis flower to oil, perform cost-per-gram calculations, recall bad items, and record product notification numbers.

Cultivators and Growers

Cannabis cultivation is a challenging procedure that needs accuracy to produce the best results. A POS system helps streamline the farming process by delivering more insightful analytical data.

Cannabis Point of Sale systems can increase the effectiveness and productivity of cannabis growers with features like yield forecasting, which can monitor and analyze harvest data to maximize yields, and genealogy monitoring, which keeps track of the results of clone potency tests, plant genetics, and cross-breeding.

Pain Points of Dispensary POS Systems 

Unreliable Business Partners

A dispensary is like any other business requiring outside aid from accountants, lawyers, or technology providers, aside from vendors, wholesalers, producers, and the customer. Any of these experts will assist your company in maintaining compliance. Nevertheless, the challenge may be locating a technology partner who is reliable and knowledgeable about the company's compliance challenges.

Adhering to Compliance

Businesses that fail to provide the state with the appropriate information about their operation risk steep fines and store closures. Every local government that has legalized cannabis has particular rules that are all on its own. As a result, adjusting a general POS to a local jurisdiction could be challenging. These reports offer accurate inventory management and on-demand sales reports. Businesses may be subject to fines and even closures if merchandise disappears due to staff theft, inadequate packaging, human mistake, a lack of quality assurance, or any of these factors.

Dispensary POS System Trends

Growing Branded Products

Sixty-three percent of all cannabis sales in 2014 were for marijuana flowers, most unbranded. As concentrates, edibles, and topicals (all sold under brand names) gained popularity, flower's market share fell to 43 percent in 2018, while that of these branded items rose sharply.

Rising Cannabis Consumers

Legal cannabis sales represent an $18.1 billion global market, of which $14.4 billion originates in the US.

Changing Buying Experience

Dispensaries are paying close attention to the kind of shopping experience customers seek. Some predict that the sector will adopt a three-tier structure like that of the adult beverage sector (producers, distributors, and retailers). Therefore, producers are limited to selling to wholesale distributors, who then sell to retailers and customers. It is believed that eliminating the stigma associated with acquiring cannabis will be easier the more this process blends into a conventional retail environment (much like buying alcohol).

Why Use a Cannabis Retail POS Software?

Owners of cannabis dispensaries and retailers, along with their staff, use cannabis POS software to streamline daily business operations. A cannabis business owner requires a solution that automates crucial aspects of the business. It should be the same way a shop in another market would utilize retail POS software. Other standalone software contains a wide variety of functionality. The fact that these functionalities are included in a single package makes a retail POS system advantageous.

Cannabis Point of Sale solutions perform the same functions as other retail POS programs. However, this software frequently has extra features that let firms monitor adherence to regional and national cannabis laws. The market for legal cannabis will continue to grow quickly as more countries legalize it. Thus, rules, laws, and commercial practices must change. Business owners can greatly benefit from having the ability to produce reports, especially in the growing cannabis market, both for compliance and analytics.

Employees can communicate with customers using technology that connects straight to tablets or mobile phones through cannabis retail POS systems. Also, employees may now handle payments and access helpful product information. Due to this flexibility, firms can conduct card sales remotely while traveling without interfering with gathering crucial data.

OK, I’ve Chosen My Dispensary Point of Sale System—Now What?

This program has no common setup guide because each cannabis POS system varies slightly. However, you must confirm that the cannabis POS provider's product integrates with your hardware and selected back-end systems. Fortunately, most POS vendors now provide in-person installation to lessen your strain. Your POS provider should offer strong customer support to assist you along the way, even if they do not install your system on-site.