The Biggest Celebrities in the Cannabis Industry in 2022

The Biggest Celebrities in the Cannabis Industry

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Published On 20-01-2022

For quite some time ago, every famous personality aspired to create their own clothing brand. But, nowadays, having your own marijuana business is the biggest “flex” and a true mark of performance. Celebrities are venturing into the ever-growing marijuana industry. Stars are leveraging their talents, reputations, and names to promote their own cannabis companies, from CBD edibles to growing their unique varieties in states that have legalized the substance. In the US, 19 states have authorized recreational adult use of cannabis, and many other states are considering the legislation and have started the talks recently. But, for now, let's talk about the famous icons that entered the cannabis industry and are succeeding well with their new venture.

Justin Bieber


Image: Sami Drasin | Billboard

Seems like JB really got his weed from California! Justin Bieber teamed up with the cannabis business giant Palms to offer a limited edition cannabis catalog in honor of his successful track "Peaches" from the album "Justice," which was published in 2021. According to the company's Instagram post, the line of single strain indoor cannabis flower pre-rolls will be available in California, Nevada, Massachusetts, and Florida — where medical and recreational cannabis usage is authorized. In the same post, the business stated that their objective is to make marijuana more accessible and to further destigmatize its usage. Justin said in an interview with Vogue that he loves cannabis but that he feels like people are making him feel guilty about it. Find Peaches at a nearby dispensary in California.

Seth Rogen


Image: Rich Fury | Getty Images 2021

In 2019, Seth Rogen partnered with Evan Goldberg, his close friend and comrade, to launch a marijuana business in Canada. Seth Rogen's entry into the cannabis market may not have come as a great surprise to just about everyone. Since the beginning of his stellar career, the actor, writer, and filmmaker has been a genuine advocate for the product. Houseplant has just lately started operations in the US cannabis industry, at such a point while there is significant support for marijuana legalization across the nation. Along with the debut of their own varieties Diablo Wind (sativa), Pancake Ice (sativa), and Pink Moon (indica), the firm has released a sophisticated assortment of home goods. The pottery that he sells also distinguishes his company from everyone else. Seth's growing interest in ceramics led him to become more involved in the company, and he even designed the ashtray set in his catalog!

Trixie Garcia

“Garcia Handpicked”

Image: Danny Moloshok | Invision | AP

Trixie Garcia, Jerry Garcia's daughter, feels for his late dad's fans and that their family can connect them to Jerry Garcia's music and the kind of guy her dad was. She also wants to see the better off the society would be through her plans. Jerry Garcia, the Grateful Dead's frontman, passed away almost 25 years back, and with him carried a legend. Jerry's children were inspired by his memory and legacy to pursue marijuana licensing. Trixie revealed to have spoken with a significant number of Deadheads (Grateful Dead supporters and fans) and attested that her father's group had a great impact on their lives. As a result, they wish to carry what they have begun through their company. She has seen many individuals who have spent most of their lives in jail for marijuana use, and she believes that launching the business is the greatest endeavor they could think of. Garcia Handpicked, according to Trixie, bears honor to her father's history. The company is essentially doing what hipsters and cultural marijuana enthusiasts have been doing for the previous decades. To get their products, such as flowers, pre-rolls, and pick-shaped sweets to sell in California, they partnered with Holistic Industries.



Image: The CEO Magazine

Jay-Z revealed in October 2020 that he would be collaborating with marijuana firm Caliva to launch his own cannabis brand dubbed “Monogram.” The concept is that a monogram design is associated with high-end things, and the “gram” part also references the unit of measurement. As the company's creator, Jay-Z said that he would undoubtedly devote a significant amount of time and effort to the business as he tries to build it in the burgeoning and very competitive weed market. No. 88, No. 96, No. 70, and No. 01 are the four varieties available, with low, medium, and strong sensory characteristics. Jay-Z also shared upon the launch of his business, “I created Monogram to give cannabis the respect it deserves by showcasing the tremendous hard work, time, and care that goes into crafting a superior smoke. […] We're just getting started.”

Snoop Dogg

“Leafs by Snoop”

Image: Jemal Countess | FilmMagic 2020 | Getty Images

Leafs By Snoop is a weed brand created by Canopy Growth Corporation and founded and endorsed by musician Snoop Dogg. Snoop Dogg is no stranger to the cannabis industry. Snoop Dogg, a prominent pot supporter, started Merry Jane, a cannabis media firm, in September 2015. Only a few months after the webpage Merry Jane was unveiled, the brand was introduced in November 2015 in Denver, Colorado, at the residence of LivWell CEO John Lord. Bananas, Northern Lights, Moonbeam, Cali Kush, Purple Bush, Lemon Pie, Blueberry Dream, Tangerine Man, and the high-CBD variant 3D CBD are among the eight items offered by Leafs by Snoop, which includes Indica- and Sativa-dominant strains. Snoop's edible products, including chocolates blended with activated cannabis oil, fruit gummies, chewable, and even peanut butter chocolates, all have fully integrated cannabis shatter, wax, and concentrate ingredients, aiming to broaden his enhanced flavors. The flower is also available in eighth, quarter, and one-ounce containers. The vaping paraphernalia and equipment are also available at Colorado marijuana stores, packaged in child-resistant wrappers.

Jim Belushi

“Belushi's Farm”

Image: Gazette Review

Jim Belushi left Hollywood in 2016 to make a fresh start as a farm grower and cultivator for cannabis. The actor, singer, and now licensed cannabis grower unites his abilities to share his journey from actor to a farmer with the rest of the world. He's recognized for growing marijuana on 93 acres along the Rogue River in Southern Oregon's Banana Belt. During Oregon's medicinal cannabis initiative in 2015, Belushi's plantation started with 48 plants. He grows and sells marijuana plants and goods under the names The Blues Brothers, Captain Jack's, Good Ugly Weed, and Chasing Magic. Furthermore, it was recently announced that Glazed Edibles and Glacier Chocolate would collaborate with Oregon-based Belushi's Farm to introduce a new range of comprehensive, strain-specific candy or chocolate edibles under Belushi's top brand Chasing Magic. He claims that the initiatives he made supported him on his personal journey of recovery and moving on as he dealt with the tragedy and loss of his brother John.

Tommy Chong

“Tommy Chong's”

Image: Jason Kempin | Getty Images

Tommy Chong has spent several years advocating for the decriminalization of marijuana, and his movies and songs have helped bring marijuana heritage to the forefront. He thinks marijuana may assist with everything from muscular problems to getting into the artistic mood in fun pursuits, activities, and even sports. As a result, he created a company in the legal cannabis industry, developing various marijuana merchandise for the majority of marijuana users in the United States. Tommy Chong's CBD has remarkably minimal quantities, despite his reputation for consuming huge amounts of marijuana. Tommy Chong's CBD chews — like the rest of the quality CBD-based products currently in the industry — are made exclusively from hemp grown in the United States. Tommy Chong's CBD items and products also make a big fuss about their nano CBD innovation, which shrinks the size of the psychoactive chemical and makes them simpler to process for a user's body system.

Wiz Khalifa

“Khalifa Kush Enterprises Oil”

Image: Presley Ann / Patrick McMullan | 2018 Getty Images

In collaboration with Khalifa Kush Enterprises (KKE) Canada, Supreme Cannabis Company Inc. created a superior-quality cannabis oil. In December 2018, the two firms formed a partnership for the first time. KKE goods are now available in Canada, which is their first business outside of the United States. KKE Oil is a high-end recreational oil created for those seeking comfort, high THC strength, and accurate dosage that cannabis oil can provide. The Khalifa Kush cannabis strain was created in the early 2010s, modified exclusively for his own preferences, and kept in his secret stashes in Los Angeles, California. And in 2014, he felt the need to share what he'd discovered with the rest of the world. Every day, the KKE crew strives to deliver KK goods to consumers in the United States and throughout the world. They want to keep working toward their objective of making the planet an ideal place where everybody can “smoke like Wiz.”

The Game

“Trees By Game”

Image: Alberto E. Rodriguez | 2014 Getty Images

The Game, a known rapper and musician from the West Coast, is one of the most popular artists to make the crossover from music to the marijuana sector. In the fall of 2016, he started Trees By Game. Trees by Game aspires to provide marijuana enthusiasts and newbies alike with the opportunity to sample his potent marijuana, which is complemented by his strong and hard-hitting bars. Cannabis pre-rolls and flowers are available in the product catalog. The singer also stated that he expects TreesByGame to become the world's largest marijuana brand, which he plans to sell shares to investors. In 2018, Vertical, one of the world's world's biggest marijuana firms, reached a deal with the Californian rap legend and his collection of premium marijuana products, which would be sold in-store outlets around the state. Most cannabis users who have sampled his product agree that the glass flower containers in which Trees by Game is stored preserve the bud and keep the weed fresh for several days after it has been unwrapped. The majority of them also believe that the items are a great deal of money.

Mickey Hart

“Mind Your Head”

Image: Jambase

Mickey Hart introduced a new marijuana company, Mind Your Head, in 2019, representing his first move into the cannabis industry. For the company, he partnered with Left Coast Ventures in California. The Magic Minis 1/3-gram joints, which are sold at certain Northern California outlets and feature in collectible tins with the design by Mickey himself, are among the most well-known merchandise. These are made from cannabis flowers from the iconic Chemdog variety. Mickey's cannabis brand was influenced by his philosophy in enhanced discovery, as well as an emphasis on innovation, mindfulness, and wellness. According to the celebrity, “Exploring spiritual worlds using psychoactive substances worked the best for inspiring my creativity. […] cannabis makes the curious more curious, creating virtual worlds filled with new dimensions.”

Lil Wayne

“GKUA Ultra Premium”

Image: Erika Goldring | Getty Images

Lil Wayne, the legendary rapper and marijuana enthusiast, revealed in 2019 that he entered the sector with a new company called GKUA Ultra Premium. GKUA Ultra Premium products have a high concentration and are intended to give users the “best high of their lives.” GKUA's initial marijuana product category debuted in California in December 2019 and has since extended to Michigan and Colorado. The marijuana buds are supplied from competent farmers, and the business picks strains with the greatest THC content, allowing it to produce extremely strong goods. GKUA Ultra Premium Flower, GKUA Ultra Premium Battery Technology, GKUA THC Vape, and GKUA Ultra Premium Concentrates are the existing products in their stores. Many consumers enjoy their goods because they showcase the finest marijuana in the world, making use of most of the world's highest amounts of THC accessible. “Weed inspires me, and I'm all about spreading the love,” the singer says.

Shavo Odadjian of System of a Down


Image: Getty Images

With a nationwide rollout of marijuana shops in February 2020, System of a Down bassist Shavo Odadjian hoped to introduce his synesthesia-inspired 22Red marijuana enterprise to Arizona. With the decriminalization of adult-use cannabis in California in 2017 and time off from performing with his multi-awarded metal band, Odadjian saw a chance to create something he'd always wanted to accomplish. The brand's name is a tribute to Odadjian's favorite number, which appears on his significant dates, such as birthday, wedding date, and other occasions. 22Red is a high-end lifestyle company specializing in marijuana, clothing, music, and health. The artist admits to being a regular marijuana consumer, and his 22Red collection includes pre-rolls and vaporizers made from lab-tested compliant marijuana. Several items from the iconic bassist's popular marijuana business are offered in California, Nevada, and Arizona. He claims that he likes to share what he uses with other enthusiasts since he only uses the best and finest quality marijuana products. The firm is also doing well in side-merchandising with branded jackets, T-shirts, eyewear, and hemp oil vape products.

Al Harrington


Image: Viola

Al Harrington of the Denver Nuggets found his grandma Viola was taking different medicines for glaucoma and hypertension in 2011. He informed her that he had learned about marijuana being used to cure glaucoma. They were, however, in Colorado at the time, where medicinal cannabis has been authorized since 2000. He decided to name his new company like his grandma's, which is how the business got its name. He also established the Viola Cares division of his company to help areas that have been disproportionately affected by the drug war. They don't want to accomplish anything and earn all the money while others are still struggling, the athlete-businessman claims. “One community at a time, one flower at a time,” as the firm's motto goes. He even stated that in order to make his grandma proud, he would continue to create, innovate, improve, and sell his business' products.

Method Man

“Tical Official”

Image: Steven Ferdman | 2019 Getty Images

Method Man, based in State Island and Wu-Tang Clan veteran rapper, whose rhymes frequently mention marijuana, is named his marijuana company TICAL — Taking into Consideration All Lives — after his debut album as a solo. It is the title of his own first studio album, released in 1994 and now also a marijuana enterprise name, with four flower varieties (named Cake, Gelato, OG, and Punch) available at black-owned California outlets. FREE MAC, Orange Cookie Kush, Sweet Grease, Spazzola, CREAM, Gold Tang, and Crowd Walker are among the marijuana strains available at TICAL. The company officially started in California in June 2020, with four Black-owned shops. Since then, the company has expanded to 16 outlets and four courier services across the state. In 2014, Colorado became the first state in the region to legalize recreational adult use of marijuana, and the company is actively promoting its goods there. According to Method Man, his company attempts to counter racial inequality by providing employment options to citizens of places adversely affected by the drug war.

Juicy J


Image: Andrew Chin | Getty Images

Juicy J, a producer, composer, record executive, and entrepreneur, finally joins the list! In a 2020 interview with Forbes, Juicy J said, “The cannabis movement is growing and growing and getting big. I just heard that Jay-Z just jumped in.” He teamed up with social media mogul Gary Vaynerchuk to enter the marijuana sector in his latest endeavor. Asterisk*, a new marijuana label, is currently exclusive through MMD Dispensaries in Los Angeles. Juicy J revealed his idea with the marijuana label Asterisk* and his first two strains, Wildflower and Mystic Potion. Product lines, such as clothes and accessories, drums, and loop sets, are also available on their website. The company wants to expand across the globe. They would have started sooner, he claims, but because of the pandemic, all of it “slowed down.”

Jaleel White


Image: Getty Images

Recently in 2021, actor Jaleel White, who is well known for his portrayal as Steve Urkel in tv sitcom Family Matters, also entered the marijuana sector. Jaleel White is inspired to follow Seth Rogen's path and create his own marijuana company! He's teamed up with 710 Labs to launch ItsPurpl, a new marijuana company. Purple Urkle varieties would be sold in eighths, vape pens, and a novel joint dubbed a Noodle Doink, which employs fusilli noodles as a prop. Jaleel White wishes to see and witness more Blacks and Latinos in leadership positions in the marijuana market. “From ownership to employment opportunities,” he stated, “I'd like to see a true multicultural spectrum represented.” He also intends to refute myths about marijuana and praise its medicinal accomplishments. Soon outside of California, the business hopes to broaden its industry from clothing to marijuana consumables.

Melissa Etheridge

“Etheridge Botanicals”

Image: J. Merritt | Getty Images

Melissa Etheridge, a long-time supporter of legalizing cannabis and acknowledging its therapeutic advantages, created Etheridge Botanicals in 2020. She has always been an advocate of the legalization, especially after hearing about its potential to benefit women with breast cancer. She claims that marijuana helped her cope with the day-to-day and restore her energy. She has been engaged and interested in a few marijuana enterprises since then, including cannabis-infused drinks and wine, and she is now a huge part of a fresh business venture. Morning, Noon, and Night are the names given to sativa, hybrid, and indica flower strains sold in containers and pre-rolls in compostable casings. The goods are exclusively accessible at shops in California. She mentions that her CBD items may be purchased and delivered to 38 different states. The emerging healthy lifestyle business encourages wellness by caring for their collection of innovative cannabis items and spreading a sense of optimism. Etheridge Botanicals supports groups such as The Etheridge Foundation and The Last Prisoner Project, focusing on finding inner connection and recovery.

Jason Gann


Image: Wikimedia Commons

Jason Gann, an Australian national, was most known for inventing and directing the smash FX sitcom Wilfred, in which he co-starred with Elijah Wood, Fiona Gubelmann, and Robin Williams. Many of the segments and episodes dealt with mental wellbeing and marijuana use. However, like all good things, the show must come to an end, too. As a result of his dissatisfaction and disappointment, he took a major professional decision: he founded Wilfred CBD & Hemp, his own CBD company. According to him, he handles practically every aspect of the new business, including advertising, packaging, obtaining a California license, and even filming ads. He even proudly shared in an interview, “I feel like I'm better at this than what I was doing.” For his products, he mentioned that the business aspires to be at the top of what it does with pre-rolls. He also wants his products at the lowest possible cost. The cannabis pre-rolls come in indica, sativa, and hybrid strains and may be found at licensed shops in California.

Carlos Santana

“Mirayo by Santana”

Image: Omar Vega / Hublot | Handout | 2019 Getty Images

Carlos Santana, a multiple GRAMMY Award-winning musician and lifelong marijuana supporter, has introduced Mirayo by Santana, a superior cannabis product offering produced in collaboration with Left Coast Ventures. With Mirayo, Carlos wishes to help individuals use cannabis as a way to a more humanitarian attitude with love, empathy, and respect. He added that marijuana has particular ingredients that improve introspective meditation and creative expression. The name “Mirayo by Santana” is associated with the statement, “a sun-grown cannabis line that honors the spiritual and ancient Latin heritage of the plant.” The new business includes a five-pack of half-gram cannabis pre-rolls and a seven-gram jar of elite cannabis flower selection. Radiance (sativa), Symmetry (hybrid), and Centered (indica) are the three strains available in his stores. They also sell a product called Essence, which is a CBD-rich variant designed to counter mental and physical stress. The items are currently available in a limited number of outlets in the Bay Area and Southern California.

Willie Nelson

“Willie's Reserve”

Image: Forbes

GCH Inc., a marijuana consumer goods business created alongside Willie Nelson to establish a collection of marijuana products that fulfills a wide variety of consumer demands, is owned and operated as Willie's Reserve. Cannabis pre-rolls, vaporizer refills, and flowers from Willie's Reserve. He also adds “Last Man Standing,” his first trademark cannabis strain in California, to Willie's Reserve marijuana collection. However, expansion into new regions poses distinct hurdles for cannabis enterprises in the United States. It is challenging to develop a nationwide cannabis business since each area or state has its own set of laws. Multi-state development and operation, marijuana firms almost always have to team up with existing companies that already have state permits and licenses. Launched in 2016, Willie's Reserve uses a mixed approach, including distribution affiliates in Nevada and Oregon and its own distribution companies in another two states, Washington and Colorado. Willie shared in an interview, “Now that legalization is spreading across the country, there's a great opportunity to build a company that can help a lot of people.”


“Dr. Greenthumb's”

Image: Noel Vasquez | Getty Images

B-Real, the vocalist and rapper of Cypress Hill, opened Dr. Greenthumb's Dispensary in August 2018. The dispensary, launched in California, offers a wide range of marijuana products, as well as peripherals, merchandise, and souvenirs, such as clothing. Dr. Greenthumb has six outlets operational in California, with another one expected to open soon, as well as its premier out-of-state site in Tulsa, Okla. Since he sells a product range that includes cannabis strains, vaporizers, and G-pens, his business has both medicinal and adult recreational licenses. Dr. Greenthumb's distinguishes itself from other facilities by cultivating processes that produce high-quality marijuana products. B-Real reveals that he was a full-time cannabis grower, but he is now more of an enthusiast and spokesperson for the new business. “Cannabis works,” he claimed in an interview. He believes that the substance has the ability to heal and improve people's overall wellbeing. And he encourages people to “join the rest of us who saw the light.”

Bob Marley

“Marley Natural”

Image: David Burnett / Contact Press Images

Even after his passing in 1981, famous Jamaican singer-songwriter and reggae pioneer Bob Marley has always been linked to the marijuana business. Bob's family and Privateer Holdings launched a new business called Marley Natural, the world's first worldwide marijuana company, in 2014, as a tribute to him. Bob Marley's legendary identity and the iconic image will now appear on the packaging of a new product since it is the world's first international marijuana brand and thus deserves recognition along with his legacy. The Marley family and Docklight Brands Inc., which owns the exclusive international rights to Bob Marley's marijuana products, collaborated to create Marley Natural. Marley Natural is a superior-quality cannabis company inspired by Bob Marley's life and legacy, featuring ancestral Jamaican marijuana strains, cannabis-infused and hemp-infused topicals, and peripherals. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD) goods, as well as vape attachments, are available in the Marley Natural product portfolio. Cannabis flowers, pre-rolls, vaping paraphernalia, and edibles are examples of THC goods, whereas CBD products include drinks, topical creams, and confectioneries. Marley Natural, according to their website, respects Bob's mission to social equality and faith in the effects of marijuana.