Still High After Eating Edibles Hours or Days Later? Read This

Proper Actions to Take If You are Still High for Days from Edibles Consumption

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Published On 20-01-2022

If you are still high for so long after consuming edibles, then, of course, you may have taken too much. Depending on how your body reacts, some mild side effects might occur. It is also possible that some of you may not even reach the second paragraph of this article. Or the opposite may happen as well, depending on the intensity of the effect. Be sure to speak with a budtender from a nearby dispensary to learn how about edible consumption amounts.

Today, Cannabis can be consumed in many forms like edibles, unlike way back then. People can only consume them as-is and from smoking. While edibles are a great alternative to other known Cannabis consumption methods, there are risks involving them as well. However, those risks are minimal and pretty much the same as the known after-effects of Marijuana consumption.

Steps You Should Take to Ease your High Sensation

It might not be a pleasant experience if you are stuck at being high, especially for beginners. Still, you have to know that there are very slim chances that you may die from it. Follow these quick steps and tips so you can return to normal as quickly as possible.

  1. Try to Relax and Stay Calm

It is a 'technique' used by many stoners to ease the sensation whenever they want. First, you have to go to the quietest place that you know. Then, make sure that you can relax in the place that you choose. It can be your bedroom, living room, or even the comfort room where the air supply is sufficient — the most recommended among the places in the bedroom where you can fall asleep. If you can't relax, then you may try other methods instead. Many edibles consumers also find this method difficult, especially when the edibles' effect is strong. Still, any activities or places you know will help you relax is the way to go.

  1. Get some Lemon

Aside from trying to relax, consuming some lemon is the most common calming method after getting high. If you wonder why lemon helps, it is because of the terpene limonene. Limonene is a chemical compound active in lemon, especially in the lemon skin where the oils can be extracted. It also contains antioxidants and can relieve stress. If you want to consume lemon, you must include most of the lemon zest in it. You may also try making warm lemonade with lemon zest.

  1. Consider the Pepper

There's a common way to consume pepper when high, especially if increased anxiety is how you feel. As unpleasant as it may sound, you have to chew 3-5 black peppercorns. The reason why it is effective is because of how the terpenes work differently with Marijuana and pepper. For example, you consume fruit with similar terpene compounds with Marijuana. The effects of the Marijuana terpenes on your body will last even longer. You may think of it as a 'boost.' As for pepper, they have strong terpenes that are not present in most Marijuana edibles. It means that it 'counters' some of the effects of the Marijuana edibles. The method will become much more effective, especially when you grind them with your teeth before consuming them. The terpenes active in pepper will basically make your 'high' sensation subside faster, but not instantly.

  1. Move your Body

Some experienced edibles consumers have been doing light exercises to the point where they are sweating. They said that moving around and sweating reduces the negative effects of consuming too many edibles. Even though they said it is not as effective as consuming pepper, the activity is still as effective as expected. However, you should be aware that there are no scientific studies to back it up. Also, if you are attempting to do this, make sure that you are in the proper condition first. It means that your body coordination should be fine first, and your balance must be good as well. Alternatively, you can try walking for 8-10 minutes, and you have to do it calmly.

  1. Drink water ONLY

Drinking water has many benefits for the body that is rarely talked about. Simply drinking water increases the chance of 'flushing out' the external chemicals like THC in your bloodstream. Water consumption may also provide a calming effect on the body. And to make sure that the effect of edibles doesn't go even stronger or longer, you should stick to water instead. Consuming other types of beverages when you are high can also give you unknown side effects. It would be best to skip on juices, coffee, and alcoholic drinks for now.

  1. Combat THC with CBD

Again, there's no solid proof that it will work every time, but you can proceed at your own risk. It may also sound odd because CBD products are Marijuana-based as well. The real thing is, THC is the one that is responsible for making people feel stoned. CBD is only present in mostly Sativa plants. It means that CBD will only help you calm down and will not contribute to your high sensation even further. Some users that consulted with various dispensaries even said that CBD edibles could counter the strong effects of THC.

  1. Wait a Little Longer

This section will be the route for you if you are unwilling to try any of the methods above or if nothing else works for you. The high feeling that you get from consuming Cannabis products will eventually go away on its own, even if they last for days. As long as you don't worsen it any further, then it will go away even faster than you may think it will. You still have to stay away from other marijuana-related products, alcoholic beverages, and anything that is not water. Also, be wary of what you will eat because it can be a huge factor whether you can get back to normal quickly or not.

The takeaway from this section is that everything that can help you calm down and relax can help subside the effects of too much consumption of edibles. Although most of the tips above are proven to work, it would still be best if you sought help from professionals. Experts will provide you with the best solution for your condition most of the time. Also, don't forget to tell your friends and loved ones about what you feel, especially if you know that they can help you a lot.

And after you have sobered up, careful planning of what you will do next is a must. Some individuals who experienced the effects of too many edibles may have never consumed one ever again. If it is also the same case with you, then you don't have to plan for it much. On the other hand, if you are still willing to consume edibles, knowing what went wrong and adjusting is a must.

Recommended Intake of Edibles

Before consuming any edibles, you must be familiarized with most things about them first. Generally, there are amounts of edibles everyone should take measured in milligrams. Also, even though the recommendations exist, the effects are not absolute, and each consumer will not experience the same thing every time. There are very useful websites like that can give you an idea about the correct doses.

First, you have to know a bit about THC. THC is an abbreviation for tetrahydrocannabinol. It is one of the chemical compounds that are present in Marijuana. They are also to blame for making users feel 'high.' THC is also used to treat many diseases and muscular pain. Also, they are known to reduce nausea, anxiety, and even glaucoma, according to some medical experts. Another good thing about THC is that it helps individuals increase their appetite if they already have a low one.

THC users may experience some temporary side effects like redness of the eyes, short-term memory loss, anxiety, dryness of mouth, and body coordination problems because of the high effect. Most experienced users and sellers would recommend 1-2 mg of THC in a dose for beginners. Again, it depends on the user's THC tolerance, and some may say that 1-2 mg is too weak. Then you can increase the dose by another 1mg if that's the case. Then, the pain and stress relieving effects can be felt, but not that effective compared with higher doses. Also, it can improve your alertness and focus. Some artists also try to consume edibles within this THC dose to boost their creativity and productivity before doing their artwork.

On the other hand, you may slowly increase your edibles' dosage if you take it further. You can try 2.5mg slowly up to 10 or 15 mg of THC if you can already handle the effects of smaller doses. Do not try to consume more edibles when the first one you ate is already in effect. After the effects are gone, then try increasing the dosage. And with a higher dosage of THC, of course, the effects on the whole body will be stronger. It is also the range where you can feel the high sensation.

It is also known to aid an individual with insomnia or sleep-related problems. Doses within 2.5 mg to 15 mg are also good for recreational purposes. However, some unpleasant effects might appear later on as well. Your sense of balance may decrease as well, along with your perception. Some users have gotten a little dizzy as well, but it is mild.

Next is the doses by experienced consumers of edibles. Most of them consume edibles with 15 up to 30 mg of THC. This is where the effects of getting high get intense. Still, even if it is not recommended for newer users, some medical patients consume amounts within the range. Also, some experienced users of this THC range consume them whenever they can't sleep well at night.

Then there's the 30 mg up to 50 mg. These are extremely high dosages for the common person. It is commonly described with the effect of very strong euphoria. It is also when your perception of your surroundings gets poorer. However, some individuals can reach this level of dosages while only feeling the effects of 1-2.5 mg of THC from beginners. It means that they have a considerably high tolerance to THC.

And finally, the largest dose of THC that anyone can take in edibles is 50 up to 100 mg. Only seasoned consumers are recommended to take such high amounts. These amounts of THC can be dangerous because they can cause many negative effects like increased anxiety, heart rate, nausea, vomiting, and more.

About THC Tolerance

High tolerance to THC is often the result of continuous exposure to the human body. THC tolerance usually happens when the higher dosage of THC doesn't affect its user that much anymore. And also, the dosage taken is directly proportional to the possible tolerance of the consumer. It means that the higher concentration of THC you consume, the faster you'll get THC tolerance, and even worse, higher tolerance.

It can be harmful more than beneficial because your body can no longer tell what dosages are enough. It means that they will eventually experience the worst side effects of edibles consumption. It can also be more costly because you will probably buy more edibles than before.

The good news is, there are ways to reset THC tolerance. Depending on how high a person's tolerance is, you can try to stay away from Cannabis products from 2 days up to a week. It is the recommended period when your body will flush out the THC from your bloodstream. Then, you can enjoy the sensation once again even when consuming edibles, not as much as you would do.

Frequently Asked Questions by Beginners

How long does it take to feel high from edibles?

  • The common waiting time for most users is about an hour. It can be earlier if the dosage is more because of the THC absorption process of the human body. Our systems don't instantly absorb the substance in our bloodstream.

Do edibles last for days in the bloodstream?

  • Yes. But only for hours. It will depend on how your whole body system processes it.

How long is the shelf life of edibles?

  • If you open the packaging of your edibles, it may last 3 to 7 days before they go bad. You can refrigerate them also to extend their shelf life. It is also why edibles are sometimes mixed with sweets to make them last longer.

How many hours does edibles' effect last?

  • The effect of edibles can last up to 12 hours. However, there can still be residuals for another 12 hours. It means that you can still feel high for a bit the following day, and of course, depending on the amount of dose that you took.

How does it feel to consume edibles?

  • You can feel a lot of things after the edibles take effect. You will feel really happy, relaxed, and sometimes hungry. There will also be times when you will talk too much and laugh or giggle every now and then. The whole experience is said to be a positive one. That's why some individuals will crave the feeling and experience after using one. However, the side effects can be present too. It can increase a person's anxiety if they go overboard. To be safe, smaller doses are recommended to be taken first.

What to do when consuming edibles first time

  • The things you should do are quite simple. Take a small amount, and do some other activities first. Wait for 1-2 hours for the edibles to take effect. If you don't feel anything after waiting, you can consume a little more. You can start consuming 2-5 mg of edibles with THC. Then add 2.5 mg of dose if you still don't feel a thing. You can stop at 11-12 mg of THC per edible if you are a beginner.

Do edibles taste good?

  • Edibles can taste bad or good, depending on the consumer. Edibles have different flavors that manufacturers infuse most of the time.

Can you taste the marijuana in edibles?

  • You can sometimes taste them, and it depends on how well the manufacturers infuse additional flavors in them. Sometimes, the flavor will completely mask the taste of marijuana. And also, you can still taste marijuana's most flavored edibles, but the taste is somewhat faint. It is better to ask someone you know about the taste of edibles so you can choose and buy the one for you.

Can you drive after eating edibles?

  • It is not recommended to drive after eating edibles. Wait for it to subside within 10 to 12 hours first. It would be best if you prolonged your life so you could enjoy more edibles. Don't waste it on an accident that can be avoided easily by waiting.

Will taking a shower reduce the high feeling?

  • Many consumers have tried showering after feeling high. Most of them say that it definitely helps reduce the feeling, but not entirely.

Is it safe to eat edibles on an empty stomach?

  • Yes, but for beginners, it is not recommended to do. When you eat Edibles on an empty stomach, the effects will be stronger, and you can feel them faster. On the other hand, if you ate something beforehand, the effects will be felt slower, but the intensity is still the same.

What is the age when edibles are legal to consume?

  • Most countries that legalize the consumption of Cannabis restrict the age to 21 years old.