Learn Marijuana Slang Terms and Weed Street Names

Learn Marijuana Slang Terms and Weed Street Names

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Published On 05-09-2021

Everything about Marijuana Slang

Cannabis lovers always require some new terms or new ways to talk. Due to this reason, they need something new and various ways to interact about cannabis, its types, and consumption. From references to weed measurement, cultural as well as consumption slangs, it includes everything. Besides, you will find out about the different terms and phrases that are unique in the world of marijuana slang.

From chop, trate to terps, the world of marijuana is vast, and so is the collection of slangs that accompanies. Like every other cultural segment, cannabis is not different as it also contains a wide range of short words. Moreover, marijuana is still illegal in many countries. Due to this status, it is necessary to talk about it using different marijuana terms.

The marijuana slang helps in covering the words so that the users can stay safe. Hence, you can argue about the fact that the cannabis community no doubt has the biggest compilations. You will find out more in detail about the marijuana slang from the compilations.

You will be surprised to know that there are almost 1200 slang terms relating to cannabis. If you do not want to feel lost while talking about cannabis, then knowing the marijuana slang is necessary. When breaking down the marijuana slang, you will get a wide range of collections that can help you stick to the conversations.

Importance of marijuana slang

Before finding out in detail about marijuana slang, it is vital to understand the reasons behind its promulgation. Apart from that, it would help if you also found out extensively about the cannabis culture. The prohibition and the current illegal state of marijuana in many countries is the only reason behind the usage of marijuana slang.

Only a few countries gave access to the legal use of marijuana. As a result, many countries are already bringing up marijuana enthusiasts. But, the countries that did not legalize marijuana need a way that helps in communicating with each other. The slang weed phrase is just the perfect option since you can convey the message to the desired person.

As the demand for slang terms increased, cannabis enthusiasts discovered new terms for maintaining discretion. Thus, you can understand why a wide number of slang phrases increased, and new slang are coming up every day. Apart from that, using slang is no doubt fun, especially when you are in a group and enjoying a smoke session.

Since the beginning of the first rotation of cannabis, it became compulsory to discover unique words. Although not everyone understands the use of slang words, the awesome part is the culture behind the rise of slang usage. Besides, if you use marijuana slang inside your group, then it will become easy to make a special bond.

Probably, due to this reason, the cannabis community always shares a tight-knit culture. It is necessary to find out about the slang terms. From the below-listed marijuana slangs, you can know in detail about various cannabis slangs that are used.

Cannabis slang terms

Here are some of the everyday marijuana slang that you can use when involving the cannabis community. Using cannabis slang, you will be able to share discreet information without getting caught.


It refers to the premium cannabis or simply the 'nugs' of the cannabis plants. Nugs are the top most flowering buds present in the cannabis stalk. Besides, it also contains high concentrations of cannabinoids. This is one of the common slang that cannabis enthusiasts use for the plant itself.

Ditch Weed

Popularly known as 'feral cannabis' or 'schwag', ditch weed is yet another common marijuana slang you can use. It is one of the cannabis plants that grow in the wild. Ditch Weed is mainly the remnants of those days when the Midwest was the original place of the growing industrial hemp. Therefore, it contains almost little or no THC content. Moreover, these are not the best option for consumption. Although some entities put efforts into removing ditch weed, people do not give enough priority.


This slang began in 1970 by a few California teens. They needed covert ways to discuss after-school plans. The teens used the term as a shorthand to stay away from suspicion. Eventually, they decided to shorten the phrase to 4.20 pm. A few days later, they use 420 as a code to get high. Thus, 420 is still one of the most important marijuana slang and acquired a major place in the cannabis culture. You can use it as slang when communicating with other people.


Dank is yet another one of the commonly used cannabis slang. It is mostly used to describe wet and unpleasant areas. Apart from that, it is also commonly used for referring to premium cannabis. It is similar to skunky smells and is considered unpleasant for others, but it is desirable for cannabis aroma.


Herbs are natural plants that come with many healthy, medicinal, as well as nutritional properties. However, colloquially 'herbs' are mostly used for referring to different smoking products.


Flowers are cannabis but it is in a cured plant form. Most cannabis enthusiasts use flowers for smoking joints or vapes.

Bake Sale

The term bake sale is derived from the term 'baked', which means high. Bake sale often is known as the smoke session. Many people argue that bake sales must involve cannabis-laden baked goods. However, opinions mostly vary based on a few people. Keeping aside the meaning of the slang, involving in the bake sale means, you will end up getting stoned.


Bogart means selfishly keeping a joint to you without giving it to another person in the smoke circle. Originally, it came from keeping a cigarette between your lips while talking. The name originated from the classic actor Humphrey Bogart. After cannabis became popular, it began referring to the joints as well as blunts that you share between your friends.

Blunt Wrap

These are the specialty papers that are used particularly for rolling joints. The traditional blunts contain nicotine as the papers that are mostly used come from hollowed-out cigars. But, consumers these days have the option of choosing from a wide range of tobacco-free rolling papers. Out of the other options, hemp wraps are the most popular option. You can either get flavored or the terpenes-infused ones for a wonderful experience.


Popularly known as Dub or 20-sack, Grams is another commonly used marijuana slang for weed measurement. Although it is not an official unit for measuring weight; however, the metric system rules the cannabis world. Grams are used for measuring the smallest amount of cannabis when buying.

Steam Roller

It is mainly a smoking device, which is made out of glass. However, you can get them in acrylic, metal, or even wood. The name "Steam Roller" came from its round shape that looks similar to that of the front wheel of the steam roller. When it comes to cannabis, the bud is put on the top of the cylindrical smoking device. The smoker will hold his finger on the carb, on one end and light the herb on the other end. Once everything is ready, the smoker lets go off, the carb, and takes the smoke.


Commonly known as chillum , a chillum is an instrument for smoking weed. It is a conical pipe that mainly originated in the 18th century in India. You can use chillum for smoking ground and dried tobacco. However, people mostly use it for smoking cannabis. During 1960, chillum became popular in the US amongst smokers.

Jelly Hash

It is more like slang used for a mixture of cannabis water hash and cannabis hash oil. The reason behind naming it jelly is due to the oil not mixing with the water. Thus, it results in a jelly-like substance. Combining water hash and hash oil creates a strong potency. Besides, a jelly hash is no doubt uncomplicated.


When you are high and drunk as well, they are known as crossfaded. Alcohol comes with a depressant nature and when combined with THC, the psychoactive nature provides a strange feeling in the minds of people. As a result, your brain tries to combine unique sensations.


What is stoner slang?

People who usually remain high on drugs like marijuana, alcohol, or other drugs are known as stoners. Stoner is a common slang that people use to describe situations of any drinker or alcohol lover.

How to find out if someone is stoned?

Catching someone in a stoned condition is not tough. A whiff of alcohol smell or weed on someone's clothes or hair helps identify if he or she used drugs. Apart from that, there are many signs like panic, anxiety, initial liveliness, etc.

Can doctors tell if you are a stoner?

Unfortunately, doctors are experts, and through a detailed blood test, they can tell if you are a stoner. Besides, using a blood carbon monoxide detector can detect a chain smoker or an occasional one.