Common Slang and Street Terms for Different Drugs and Alcohol

Common Slangs and Street Terms for Different Drugs and Alcohol

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Published On 20-01-2022

The truth about drug and alcohol lingo is it is continuously changing. The drug trade has its own vocabulary, in which seemingly common phrases can have very diverse meanings. Some street names disappear forever quite fast, while new terms are coined regularly. If the terminology is too well-known, a new one will be coined to mislead officers and the general public.

Slang words are created from a range of sources, such as the physical looks and active ingredient, geographic origin, user reaction, and form of packaging. Illegal substances are known by many different slang nicknames and street names. Some narcotic street slangs are simply intended to conceal the discussion point from probable observers or even police officers.


Marijuana or cannabis, the most trafficked narcotic in the United States, has numerous slang words or street names. The origin of the substance, the impact that marijuana has on consumers, and the form of the cultivated herb have all spawned lots of new words. Some odd terms for cannabis incorporate the geographical region with the looks of the packaged drug, or even relate to the drug by its brand name. It's a good thing cannabis has become legal in many states. If you're 21+ years of age check out a nearby dispensary and speak with a budtender about the products.


Acapulco Red, ashes, assassin of youth, asparagus, Aunt Mary, bars, broccoli, Bob's greens, boot, brownies, babysitter, bud, cabbage, chase, cluster, coco puff, crazy weed, crumpled grass, doobie, flower power, flower tops, genie, green goblin, green tea, hash, hashish, herb, hooter, hot stick, Jamaican Gold, Johnny, kush, laughing grass, leaf, magic smoke, Marley, Mary Jane, Megg, MJ, pot, puffs, roach, rope, skunk, spice, stash, stavia, tea, Texas Tea, weed

Marijuana Users and Addicts

Airhead, baker, Black Mamba, blasted, blower, bogart, booter, burnout, coco loco, flame-broiled, high, Joker, krunk, loco, pothead, sniffer, stinky, stoned, wasted, zombie, zoned

Marijuana Vape Paraphernalia

Bong, bubbler, container, doob, glass, hogger, jay, juice, oil burner, piece, pipe, rig, sparklers, vape, whistle

Marijuana-Use Activities

Blowing sticks, blow the roof, eat grass, fire in the hole, fire it up, fly high, get stoned, get wasted, going loco, grass mowing, hit the hay, tea party

Cocaine and Crack Cocaine

Cocaine is a potent stimulant commonly inhaled and combined with heroin for pleasure and adult-use. Cocaine addicts and dependents are at an increased risk of getting cardiac problems if they do not undergo care or rehab. Cocaine began to impact many parts of American society during its peak popularity in the 1970s and 1980s. Cocaine became an immensely popular psychoactive substance after being overly romanticized in music and films. Some of the monikers, colloquial phrases, and street slang given to cocaine have become a prominent part of the modern American vocabulary.

Cocaine and Crack Cocaine

Angel powder, Big C, big flake, bip, blizzard, blow, bump, C, candy, Charlie, coke, Coca-Cola, cola, crack, devil's dandruff, Devil Smoke, dust, dynamite, flake, heaven dust, Lady Caine, monster, nose candy, nose powder, paradise, pearl, rail, rock, sniff, snow, Snow White, soda cut, speedball, stone, toot, white, white dust

Cocaine-Use Activities

Bipping, blowing, blow coke, get coke, hit the rails, line up, smoking the glass pipe, sneeze coke, snorting, take flake, touching bong

Cocaine Paraphernalia

Crack bong, crack pipe, devil's pipe, dynamite container, glass, glass stem, rock pipe, whistle


The kind of heroin accessible on the markets largely depends on your location in the United States, and consumers use a variety of slang words to disguise the drug name. Some slang expressions for heroin depend on how the drug looks after being crushed, chopped, and packaged for market distribution. Meanwhile, some names are rooted in the drug's coloration, while others focus on its content and structure.


Big H, black tar, China white, cotton, dope, dragon, H, hell dust, galloping horse, he, hero, horse, jollies, junk, Negra, poison, sack, scat, smack, snow, thunder, white horse, white junk

Heroin Users

Blower, chipper, cotton shooter, dope man, jolly popper, junkie, junker, poison people, snot, smacker, schmecker, sleepwalker


Methamphetamine, sometimes known as meth, is a potent drug that doctors give at extremely low dosages to treat illnesses such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Because of methamphetamine's illegal nature, both traffickers and users have coined slang words for the drug itself, its purposes, and other parts of the community surrounding the culture. Since law regulators are well-versed in the terms "meth" and "black tar," methamphetamine users strive to create more street slang.


Beannies, black beauty, booger pipe, bubble, cinnamon, chalk, clouds, crank, crossles, crypto, devil, gak, geep, granules, load of laundry, meth, motorcycle crack, nazimeth, peezo, pink elephants, rock, schmiz, scoot, scootie, sketch, spackle, spoosh, tick tick, Tina, wash, working man's coke, yabba, yellow bam, yellow powder

Methamphetamine User

Cloud blower, cranker, geeter, jibber, jib head, meth blower, meth monster, meth person, oil burner, rain smoker, scooter, tweak, tweaking

Persons Associated with Illegal Drugs

When it comes to creating a list of drug slang words, those actively misusing prescription or abusing illegal drugs can get fairly inventive. The most prevalent street names appear here if you're seeking a different way of referring to anyone involved with illegal narcotics.

Drug Users, Abusers, and Addicts

Addict, airhead, blazer, bong user, boogahead, burnout, cokehead, coke hound, cokey, cooker, cuddle puddle, cuddler, dank, dope, dopehead, doper, druggie, hardliner, hash user, hash head, herbivore, junkie, smoker, snowblower, snowbird, snow bunny, stoner, cuddle puddle, peeper, pill face, pothead, thickface, user, weedhead, zombie

Illegal Drug Sellers

Cooker, dealer, dinosaur, dope peddler, drug mule, druggie, dummy man, hookup, hash seller, mad hatter, monster, motorcycle man, middleman, mule, peddler, pill lady, pill seller, potrepreneur, pump, pumper, pusher, source, street pusher


Hundreds of slang phrases are used to characterize alcohol and its mind- and behavior-altering consequences on individuals. While some terms are particularly prevalent, some are not, and you may be left wondering what your child, companion, or colleagues are chatting about. There are numerous slang terms that can be used to imply that someone is intoxicated or on the verge of becoming an addict. As previously said, alcohol consumption is a widespread problem in the United States and throughout the globe. Anyone can acquire an alcohol problem or alcohol use disorder (AUD) if they keep abusing the substance.


Adult beverage, adult drink, adult juice, booze, cocktails, bubbles, draft, energy booster, eye-opener, fancy drinks, firewater, hard stuff, hooch, juice, liquid courage, liquid junk, poison, sauce, spirit, giggle juice, giggle water, girls' drink (for wine and cocktails), liquid bread, moonshine, nightcap, three sheets to the wind, tipple, tummy buster, vino

Alcohol Drinkers and the Descriptive Words for them

Alcoholic, blasted man, boozer, buzzed, canned, dipsomaniac, drinker, drunk, drunkard, drunken, drunkie, hammered, heavy drinker, inebriate, jarred, junk, junkie, loaded gun, plastered, problem drinker, sloshed, spirituous, tanked, tippler, wasted